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Chinese Horoscopes



 If you were born between the following dates, you are a TIGER in Chinese Astrology.

Jan 31, 1938 to Feb 18, 1939
Feb 17, 1950 to Feb 5, 1951
Feb 5, 1962 to Jan 24, 1963
Jan 23, 1974 to Feb 10, 1975
Feb 9, 1986 to Jan 28, 1987



Tigers can be cunning, bold, quick and dangerous. They can be quite rebellious, colourful and quite unpredictable in character. Heaven help anyone who annoys or provokes a Tiger. They are fearless and fiery fighters. Tigers have power, passion and daring and arouse energy sort of emotion in people. Restless and reckless by nature, the Tiger can be impatient and ready for action at all times. Tigers usually love children, animals or the countryside. No matter how down and out the Tiger is, there is always faith and strength in their spirit, to start living again. Tigers are fashion-conscious, gifted and enjoy music, theatre, love stories and having fun. They can be the most charming host and terribly romantic, but their life are always filled with laughter, tears, pain, joy and emotion and never seem to run smoothly in the normal fashion. No matter how down and out a Tiger is they have the fortitude to recover from any loss or disappointment throughout their lifetime. Tigers match well with the Pig and Dog.



You may wish to break from your usual routine and methods, and try something out of the ordinary or different. You are in the mood to experiment and learn something new. Offbeat or original ideas excite you and you may seek out people who can offer you a different way at looking at things.

Discovery, inventiveness and spontaneity are major themes now. This year you will feel the need for greater freedom of thought in your personal relationships, your moods are showing again, the need for change and variety also will be strong.

Expect many gains and losses to occur throughout the year progress will be steady at times complicated. Career could encounter entanglements and care should be taken with any business decisions, do not let your emotions dominate.

This is a year to take the occasional step backwards and view all the situations at hand before you leap. Impulsiveness and rash decision making should be avoided. Watch for the sudden or unexpected.

Famous Tigers

Giscard Destaing, Sir Alec Guinness, Mike Walsh, Bert Newton, Don Dunstan, Al Grassby, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Anne, Dawn Lake, Betty Cuthbert, Diana Rigg, Marilyn Monroe


What is my Chinese Sign?

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