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Chinese Horoscopes



 If you were born between the following dates, you are an OX in Chinese Astrology.

Feb 11, 1937 to Jan 30, 1938
Jan 29, 1949 to Feb 16, 1950
Feb 15, 1961 to Feb 4, 1962
Feb 3, 1973 to Jan 22, 1974
Feb 20, 1985 to Feb 8, 1986
Feb 7, 1997 to Jan 27, 1998



Ox people are hard workers, dependable, calm and methodical. They certainly like to stick to their daily routine and can be rather conventional in their ways. Ox are good listeners, however, it is difficult for others to change the Ox's views once they have made up their mind. Stubbornness makes up a great percentage of their personality and they don't like to be told. With their logical mind many Ox people tend to become introvert, yet forceful when they speak or carry out their duties and responsibilities. In love matters, Ox people tend to be a little nave and are not really romantics at heart and they often find experimental love making rather difficult. Ox people are not usually showy people and tend to be very practical when it comes to material things, yet they ensure their bills are paid on time and never like owing others anything. Oxen make reliable marriage partners and excellent parents and distain any form of weakness in others. Being extremely careful and conscientious, Ox people like to build things to last and it is due to their leadership and discipline. Ox people usually mate well with the Rooster, Rat and Snake.



This will be a hard working year but a good year to make money and improve your material security. All manner of things are within your reach if you put your mind to it. Investments and hard work will definitely pay off and romance and friendships will be successful.

This is a year full of discussions meetings get-togethers and some of your hopes wishes and desires will pay dividends. You may throw a special party to celebrate something special that could prove expensive, stick to a budget. 

News may reach you from someone who’ll assist you, or an elderly person may require your help.  Be careful not to skip details over important business matters, you may be the eventual loser.

An exciting journey brings happiness, but don’t mix money with friendship. Avoid those who wish you to stand guarantor for a loan. A joint family investment may need to be scrapped, or re-thought. Sport or outdoor activities bring luck and satisfaction.

Famous Ox

Peter Sellers, Walt Disney, Sammy Davis Jnr., Carlo Ponti, Robert Redford, Don Chip, Twiggy, Julie Anthony, Vanessa Redgrave, Clare Dunne, Gypsy Rose Lee, Mary Martin.


What is my Chinese Sign?

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