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Chinese Horoscopes



 If you were born between the following dates, you are a BOAR in Chinese Astrology.

Feb 4, 1935 to Jan 23, 1936
Jan 22, 1947 to Feb 9, 1948
Feb 8, 1959 to Jan 27, 1960
Jan 27, 1971 to Feb 15, 1972
Feb 13, 1983 to Feb 1, 1984
Jan 31, 1995 to Feb 18, 1996



The Boar seeks universal harmony, prefers not to hold grudges. A good organiser and makes an excellent president, club captain or secretary of an association. Boars when provoked have quick tempers, but since they hate quarrels, they end up giving his opponents the benefit of their doubt. The Boar doesn't mind getting involved with lots of added responsibilities or duties, as they are great problem solvers. When your friends comes calling, they may help themselves to your food, wine, make-up, car and tennis gear and criticising them could be a problem for you. Boars are either clean fastidious people or terribly untidy. Boars like to trust everyone and usually get hurt in doing so. They make friends easily and usually good with strangers. The boar appears gullible, but is smarter than you think. Boars love food and usually have problems with diet. Sex is very important to the Boar and they can love their partner with equal doses of physical expression. Boars mate well with Sheep and Rabbits.



Expect a very hectic and unusual year full of surprises and opportunity for advancement. Travel, speculation, and joint ventures are favoured and you could profit considerably. Your career, reputation, and most important personal goals including money receive a boost now, primarily through your own initiative and willingness to assert yourself.

You are now entering into a very important cycle of growth with long-term opportunities and good fortune and many of your hopes, wishes and desires will be fufilled. 

You will be charged with energy that will make an impression on others, business associates will be strongly influenced by your ideas and profits can be made.

Family and loved ones may take up much of your time throughout the year and be careful money does not slip through your fingers through travel and all the good things in life.


Famous Boars

Hillary Clinton, Ronald Regan, Helen Morse, David Letterman, Julie Andrews, Henry Kissinger, Lucille Ball, Duke Ellington, Maria Callas, Barry Crocker, Rosalind Russell, John Laws, Patty Duke.


What is my Chinese Sign?

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