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Chinese Horoscopes



 If you were born between the following dates, you are a HORSE in Chinese Astrology.

Jan 30, 1930 to Feb 16, 1931
Feb 15, 1942 to Feb 4, 1943
Feb 3, 1954 to Feb 23, 1955
Jan 21, 1966 to Feb 8, 1967
Feb 7, 1978 to Jan 27, 1979
Jan 27 1990 to Feb 14, 1991



A Horse is usually cheerful, popular, with a good sense of humour. Horses seem to have difficulty in love affairs, sometimes too impulsive or adventurous for their own good. They handle money well and can be quite frugal and always looking for a better investment. Horses do "horse around" they love exercise, sport, or mental games and sometimes they make decisions to quickly, or regret going overboard in some way. Horses demand a great deal from their partner, friends or acquaintances and a good life with lots of happiness is very important to a Horse. Their biggest problem is inconsistency due to various moods. They do not like limitation or strict routines. Horses will never stop sowing their oats, security comes a good second in their list of priorities, even when they marry it is hard for them to settle down completely. Stamina, strength and speed make it difficult to keep up with a Horse. They must learn to be honest with their emotions. Tigers and Dogs make good partners for Horses.



This will be a very busy and demanding year for the galloping horse and major changes in career or residence is possible. Difficulties may arise with partners and family possibly caused by unforeseen obstacles. Partnerships or marriages may need re-adjustment, either you or your partner are not fulfilling each other’s desires.

Both friendship and material benefits may very well attract to you at this time. Joint finances seem to improve, your need for material security is becoming stronger. Avoid any stubborn and selfish attitude throughout the year and seek good advice before making major decisions.

Your psychic sensitivity and intuition are heightened at this time. You are more impressionable and open, but somewhat less precise and clear in your mental thinking.

You may be offered a new career opportunity or you could take on extra responsibility with your present job. Do not let one opportunity pass you by as this is a year to prepare for your future with greater happiness and material security.


Famous Horses

Lord Snowden, Rembrandt, Billy Graham, Mike Willesee, Rolf Harris, Malcolm Fraser, Princess Margaret,
Lady McMahon, Pearl Bailey, Chris Evert, Raquel Welsh, Barbara Streisand


What is my Chinese Sign?

[ Boar ] [ Rat ] [ Ox ] [ Tiger ] [ Rabbit ] [ Dragon ] [ Snake ] [ Horse ] [ Sheep ] [ Monkey ] [ Rooster ] [ Dog ]


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