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Chinese Horoscopes



 If you were born between the following dates you are a DRAGON in Chinese Astrology.

Feb 8, 1940 to Jan 26, 1941
Jan 27, 1952 to Feb 13, 1953
Feb 13, 1964 to Feb 1, 1965
Jan 31, 1976 to Feb 17, 1977
Feb 17, 1988 to Feb 5, 1989



The Dragon is full of vitality, personality and strength, always on the go. -They have the ability to draw from their inner resources and have the ability to transform from the lowest into the highest. Dragons like to perform on a grand scale, but can burn themselves out. Dragons can be impossible to deal with at times, they "huff and puff" with all their might. Instead of sniffing around situation, they prefer to plunge head on into battle, refusing to retreat, as they are proud and disdain any all for assistance. Not a spend thrift nor a miser, Dragons can always find a dollar when they need it. Dragons maintain an interest in sport or outdoor activities, and are great travel buffs. Super sales people, they are always promoting something or doing deals. Dragons can be their own worst enemy - and will always get the last word in, whatever the conversation is all about. They are compatible with Monkey's and Snakes.



This will be a lucky year for Dragons and opportunities may come suddenly and unexpectedly. You may be very secretive in regards to your personal plans and this could make you a little unpredictable. Do not take this year for granted and watch for the sudden and unexpected.

Your ability to concentrate on mundane concerns and problems will assist you in the solving of any problems that you encounter. The world of imagination, fantasy, entertainment, art and creative activities, holds more attraction for you.

Social activities and plenty of domestic communication and chores will keep you busy. Career and property gains can be expected and long distant travel may be on your agenda. You may wish to be in familiar surroundings, and your personal life and family interests will take preference over career matters.

Study or hobbies may take your interest and the purchase of new motor transport is favoured. People will assist you with many requests if you care to ask, others see you as a person who will succeed in your endeavours.

Famous Dragons

Oscar Wilde, Bing Crosby, Gough Whitlam, Tony Barber, Anthony Quinn, Betty Grable, Shirley Temple-Black, Mae West, Marlene Dietrich, Rex Mossop, Julie Christie.


What is my Chinese Sign?

[ Boar ] [ Rat ] [ Ox ] [ Tiger ] [ Rabbit ] [ Dragon ] [ Snake ] [ Horse ] [ Sheep ] [ Monkey ] [ Rooster ] [ Dog ]


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