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Chinese Horoscopes



 If you were born between the following dates, you are a MONKEY in Chinese Astrology.

Feb 6, 1932 to Jan 25, 1933
Jan 25, 1944 to Feb 12, 1945
Feb 12, 1956 to Jan 30, 1957
Jan 30, 1968 to Feb 16, 1969
Feb 16, 1980 to Feb 7, 1981
Feb 4, 1992 to Jan 22, 1993



Both intelligent and deceitful, Monkey's are full of tricks. Sometimes they are overcritical, selfish, egotistical and vain. Monkeys are very competitive and very good at hiding things. They match cunning with cunning. Monkeys make good writers, editors, teachers, bankers and diplomats. Monkeys have many sides to their personality and don't be fooled by their outside appearance. Monkeys love recreation, sport or the outdoors and travel. When dealing with a monkey - be honest and factual, otherwise you will lose their respect. They dress fashionable and always vain about their hair. Monkeys are shrewd; they make excellent public relation officers or organisers. They are guided by security and incentives - don't ask a monkey to work for no reward - you wont hear the last of it. A monkey is a born strategist and researcher. Snakes, Rats and Rabbits enchant monkeys. They have great determination to get what they want. Monkeys have a great sense of humour and are selective in their friendships.




A much more settled year is in store and this will prove fortunate for the monkey. This is not a year to be involved in confrontations otherwise your health may suffer.

Outdoor interests and activities may interest you and you may decide to travel or catch up with family and friends who will bring a lot of enjoyment into your life. Creative activities will take up much of your time, or you may wish to get away from it all and catch up on some rest and relaxation. Holidays are favoured and this is a year for having a good time with family and friends.

Love and relationships expand during this year and you may start or renew and old or new friendship. Children or younger people attract to you for your knowledge and skills, give them all the assistance you can. You may hold a dinner party for VIPs or a special person.

Keep a look out for good investments, gains can be made. Money improves and this is a good year for savings and getting ahead with material security.


Famous Monkeys

Harold Holt, Sir William McMahon, John Newcombe, Sir Mick Jagger, John Milton, Nelson Rockerfeller,
Joan Crawford, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Petula Clark, Duchess of Windsor, Mariel Hemingway.


What is my Chinese Sign?

[ Boar ] [ Rat ] [ Ox ] [ Tiger ] [ Rabbit ] [ Dragon ] [ Snake ] [ Horse ] [ Sheep ] [ Monkey ] [ Rooster ] [ Dog ]


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