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Chinese Horoscopes



 If you were born between the following dates, you are a RAT in Chinese Astrology.

Jan 24, 1936 to Feb 10, 1937
Feb 10, 1948 to Jan 28, 1949
Jan 28, 1960 to Feb 14, 1961
Feb 16, 1972 to Feb 2, 1973
Feb 2, 1984 to Jan 19, 1985
Jan 19, 1996 to Feb 6, 1997



Rats are very fun loving, bright, sociable and remarkably easy to get along with. They love honesty and sincerity from others. Rats are extremely hard working, thrifty but also generous to those they are fond of. On the surface the rat appears quiet, reserved and shy at times, but this is not so, the Rodent has a remarkable way of being able to cut you down to size in a very self controlled manner. Rats enjoy social activities, parties and other large gatherings. They cherish their friends and family relations. Rats make good bosses; they are always concerned about the welfare of their employees. Rats are crafty, sometimes suspicious, and love to hear a bit of "good gossip" occasionally and they can also spread it around. Charity has its limits with Rats, if you stay with one you will earn your keep. Rats are excellent writers; they criticise, compare, carp and bargain well. Rats make a point of practically knowing everything about everyone in town. Rats mate well with OX, Monkey's and Tigers.



You will be very clear and perceptive in all business and personal matters, it is a good time to come to an agreement, negotiate, exchange your views with others and present your case. Added responsibilities will leave little time for pleasure this year so expect an increase in your daily routine.

Your career and professional dealings with others is favoured, this is a very productive time for you. Friends will surprise you by their impulsive actions and your own emotional situation needs attention. Expect this year to be full of mixed fortunes and care should be taken with joint investments, stocks and shares.

Family matters will be very important to you and they could make enormous demands of your time this is not a lucky year for rats, at times there will be certain struggles however by the end of the year there is a positive note of success and happiness is assured.

Famous Rats

William Shakespeare, Marlon Brando, Bobby Limb, Garry McDonald, Dave Allen, Prince Charles, Doris Day,
Maggie Tabberer, Vanessa Redgrave, Peggy Lee, Margaret O'Brien, Anne-Maria Alberghetti


What is my Chinese Sign?

[ Boar ] [ Rat ] [ Ox ] [ Tiger ] [ Rabbit ] [ Dragon ] [ Snake ] [ Horse ] [ Sheep ] [ Monkey ] [ Rooster ] [ Dog ]


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