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Chinese Horoscopes



 If you were born between the following dates, you are a RABBIT in Chinese Astrology.

Feb 19, 1939 to Feb 7, 1940
Feb 6, 1950 to Jan 26, 1952
Jan 25, 1952 to Feb 12 1964
Feb 11, 1975 to Jan 30, 1976
Jan 29, 1987 to Feb 16, 1988



The Rabbit possesses one of the most fortunate traits in the zodiac, as it is the emblem of longevity, luck and good fortune. Rabbits are kind, sensitive, gracious and love beautiful peaceful surroundings. There is an artistic ability about them, and they possess good judgement. Rabbits are extremely lucky in business, and all forms of communication type industries. Rabbits are very thick skinned, when danger threatens, they don't make waves they skip out the backdoor quietly or show their formidable negotiating ability. Rabbits love shopping, and tracking down bargains. If you have a problem, Rabbits are the most considerate and understanding, they will make you a "cuppa" and help you forget about those "blues". In any situation Rabbits will be in control. They have a good memory and make few enemies. Rabbits are bored with routine and are experts at passing the "buck". Rabbits are compatible with Sheep or the Rat.



Unless a positive attitude is conducted, you may find this year a very unproductive one. However tangible results can be obtained if you plan carefully. This is a good year for real estate and property matters and you may decide to change residence or refurbished your present dwelling.

Spend as much time as possible with loved ones as love matters will be important to you during the year of the snake. You may have a strong desire to start a new relationship, or spend more time with younger people. 

Care should be taken with anything electrical or mechanical, don’t put off repairs or inspections.  You may become more security-conscious, purchasing better locks for your doors and windows.

Career matters improve; you may be offered a better position or a new job. Try speculating in the fields of stocks and shares, not only will you enjoy the experience but gains are indicated.

Famous Rabbits

Rudolf Nureyev, Harry Belafonte, George C. Scott, Bart Cummings, David Frost, Queen Victoria, Barbara Eden, Judy Collins, Patti Page, Janet Leigh.

What is my Chinese Sign?

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