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May 2021 Astrological Forecast

From the 1st, with the Sun (achievement) cojoining positively with Uranus (advanced ideas), together with Mercury (announcements) cojoining Venus (balance) in the financial sign of Taurus, expect to witness the beginning of an exciting and challenging cycle within the global economy. To add to the rousing new developments will be the Lunar Eclipse at 9:14 pm AEST, 26 May, stimulating the signs of Gemini (trade communications) and Sagittarius (new dimensions) and signifying a substantial rebuilding of banking, global trade, industries, business, and general work force. Throughout May the WTO (World Trade Organization) can expect an encouraging month of smoother and predictable free trade negotiations, additional business improvements, lowering of global unemployment numbers, advanced job opportunities and selective countries opening travel borders.

From May 4, Mercury, planet of communication, meetings, and negotiations, will commence the transit of Gemini (news, environment, and communication with groups) for the remainder of the month. Expect a surprising, industrious period ahead, filled with important zoom economic conferences, seminars, workshops, learning opportunities, endless networking moments and interactive group sessions, and the gathering of professionals, service providers, government leaders, buyers, and sellers. Much can be achieved during this month through structured communications and new business prospects.

This month, and into June, is predicted to swamp the globe with new successful trade ideas, electronic and media exhibitions, corporate meetings, conventions, special events, and thriving incentive travel opportunities for exhibitors, businesses, educators, and all types of service providers who have something to offer governments, commerce, and industries. Many trades, manufactures, business and investment houses that have been crippled by the Covid-19 pandemic can now expect a turnaround during this May/June cycle onward, creating a new economic progression through to the last Solar Eclipse for 2021 on December 4, 5:43 pm, AEST in the independence, opportunity, and travel sign of Sagittarius.

With variable and important planetary aspects predicted for this month, these overall features should also increase the average person’s inner spiritual awareness and ideas into a more harmonious communications fine-tuning cycle with daily needs. Hence the global population should have a greater understanding of consciousness, togetherness, financial and general security. With four planets in the financial sector, expect an increased demand for bank loans, construction approvals, new business applications, personal credit borrowing, property renovations and improved personal possessions. Real estate and property prices will continue to escalate throughout May. For those interested in stocks, bonds, investment and savings, the planetary influences of May show greater concentration in this area as the general population begins to change their financial ways of investing and future living standards.

From the 9th, Venus, planet of pleasure, will enter Gemini (versatility), influencing a flurry of travel bookings for those wishing to holiday or swap/share their residence for a more suitable climate location. Jupiter, planet of expansion, law and order, will also open a window of opportunity in the zodiac sign of Pisces (first time for 12 years) from May 14 to July 28, influencing a period of expansion or improvement for those associated with hospitality, breweries, wineries, charities, relief agencies, public service, social work, hospitals, hospice, correctional institutions, aged care, rest homes, religious organisations, schools, colleges, and universities. Throughout the next three months, planetary aspects influencing Jupiter (rule of law) will favour important activities for government planning, specialised negotiations, police, the legal profession, defence forces, intelligence agencies, media, and diplomatic personnel. Expect a spike in news gathering, reporting, investigations, commissions, court proceedings, intelligence gathering, and diplomatic solutions. Suitable organ donors could also be on the increase during May, July, and December, giving relief to those awaiting transplants.

Jupiter (expand) and Neptune (health) in the sign of Pisces (medical institutions) will influence health care, complacency, and confusion. Daily work routines and leisure activities should not be taken for granted. New strains of Covid will continue to be present throughout May-July and vaccination roll out programs will also have their problems keeping up with demand. With Neptune (viruses) in Pisces (medical), the Covid strains will continue to be rife in some countries and vaccinations together with astute health care are recommended before contemplating any overseas travel. Jupiter, entering the sign of Pisces for this short period, will tend to expand the vaccination manufacturing program as virus cases increase, particularly in Third World countries. The good news: from May to December, Covid will be under greater control in most countries around the globe.

During the next three months, expect some inflationary trends and, although interest rates will continue to remain low, banks and lending institutions will be considering how to increase their capital by introducing new or added credit charges to compensate for loss of reserves as people begin to draw on their savings and spend more. Banks will be encouraging “payment by card transaction” and by May 2024, when Jupiter moves into the financial sign of Taurus, governments and banks will endeavour to commence a system of eliminating cash as a means of personal payment, leading toward a cashless society in the future.

This month of May also indicates several planetary warnings leading up to the Lunar Eclipse trigger on May 26th, 9:14 pm AEST.  Saturn, planet of conservatism and limitation, will slip quietly into retrograde (negative slow down) as from the 23rd and, this being a sleepy weekend, nobody will notice the critical economic ammunition being slowly loaded into the weeks of May 24 to the June 10, when a Solar Eclipse in the communications sign of Gemini at 8:52 pm AEST takes place. Extreme care should be taken with all financial investments and speculative trading over the next six months, due to unexpected disarray created by Saturn (rigidity) and Uranus (drastic change) colliding in the commercial, investment, asset, and financial sectors of the global horoscope. Expect to witness a perplexing six-month monetary cycle ahead, finishing on a high-level crescendo by December 31, 2021. Believe it or not, it was the same type of planetary aspects that burst the Dot Com bubble, so care should be taken with all Bitcoin and crypto deals, and NASDAQ trading, as there may be some startling adjustments especially around June 1, 10, 15 and 26, and December 16 and 24. Much political, economic and market confusion may also be caused by the following issues:

  • Covid-19 new strains, slow inoculations and health programs in countries that allow free travel and ignore shut-downs, mandatory periods of quarantine or isolation in “hot spots”, and those returning from overseas travel testing positive and spreading the disease.
  • Public dishonesty, avoiding social distancing and isolation, neglectful health habits, and a shortage of local government funding for medical facilities and supplies to cope with various uncontrolled virus situations in less developed countries.
  • Countries in dispute, being non-cooperative, displaying aggravation, and threats of conflict. The main players during this cycle will be Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Israel, Kashmir, Pakistan, China, the US, Turkey, South Africa, and North Korea, triggering many surprise incidents, skirmishes, financial and economic crises, including taxes and climate change demands.

Fortunately, this will not be an absolute disaster period ahead; however, these two planets, when they clash, will undo much of the good work and progress many governments have made securing some form of economic and health stability during the Covid-19 pandemic. Let us review important past events that occurred during this similar combination of Saturn and Uranus when they collided and made an indelible mark in our history.

1930-1931: The Great Depression, the Communist Party of Vietnam established, the Salmas earthquake in Iran – 3000 killed, conscription comes into force in France, Turkish troops move into Persia, global economic crises, millions unemployed, inferior industrial manufacturing and production, major earthquakes in Nicaragua and New Zealand, Austria’s largest bank “Creditanstalt” bankrupted, banking collapse in Central Europe caused a financial meltdown, China Floods causing deaths of up to 4 million, Japanese invasion of Manchuria in China, United Kingdom abandons the gold standard, the Chinese Soviet Republic established by Mao Zedong. 

1951-1952: The Korean War, the first thermonuclear weapon tested in the Marshall Islands, the military coup in Bolivia, King Abdullah of Jordan assassinated, the United States, Australia and New Zealand sign the mutual defence pact ANZUS, the Japan-US Security Treaty, Malayan Emergency Communist insurgents, 6000 British troops flown into Egypt to quell unrest in the Suez Canal zone, Elizabeth II is proclaimed Queen throughout the Commonwealth, the Republic of China seizes Nanri Island from the Peoples Liberation Army, first British nuclear weapon test detonated in Australia, the US hydrogen bomb tests in the Marshall Islands.

1975-1976: North Vietnam’s politburo approves the final military offensive against South Vietnam, the fall of Saigon, Colonel Richard Ratsimandrava, President of Madagascar, is assassinated, the Watergate scandal, King Faisal of Saudi Arabia is shot dead by his nephew, a coup d’état in Chad kills President Tombalbaye, the Khmer Rouge commits genocide, the Cambodian–Vietnamese War, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declares a State of Emergency in India, a terrorist attack in Jerusalem, Turkish earthquake kills 2085, South African defence forces invade Angola.

1999-2000: Commencement of the Anti-Globalisation movement, the Dotcom bubble bursts, the Euro is established, global terrorism, the White Supremacy movement, NATO air strikes against Yugoslavia, the Kosovo war, US high school massacre, India-Pakistan attack in Kashmir, Turkey earthquakes with 17,000 deaths, Athens earthquake with 143 deaths and 1600 injured, 50,000 homeless. Taiwan earthquake with 2,400 deaths, a cyclonic storm in India kills 10,000, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closes at 11,722.98 at the peak of the Dotcom bubble, the Chechen War, earthquakes in Indonesia and Iceland, a Greek shipping disaster kills 500, a catastrophic landslide in Log pod Mangartom, Slovenia, kills seven and causes millions of dollars' damage – one of the worst catastrophes in Slovenia in the past 100 years.

The last time these two planets were influenced together by other planetary aspects was amid the Global Financial Crisis, influencing an international recession.

Do not panic – the cycle immediately ahead is not the commencement of World War III, or a major breakdown of the global economy, however the planetary table is looking a little unstable during the months ahead. The globe is becoming warmer and warmer month by month and it is not because of so-called climate change. China is becoming extremely impatient with the world and wants to become the future global economic power with or without war. With the US demanding greater and more stringent emission targets and funding from 2021 to 2030, China’s CCP (according to their horoscope) is not going to be happy. It will want the US to do the heavy lifting first and China’s emissions target will shoot for 2050, not 2030. China wants to continue manufacturing, increase armaments, and advance their defence capabilities. The CCP is not worried about Biden and his climate change policies; they will continue with their own plan.

However, viewing China’s horoscope, 2024 will be a critical year of rhetoric and global negotiations between the CCP and the West, and on July 8, 2025, when Uranus enters Gemini, China will consider the first stage of their long march. Will we be ready? That is the question. Astrologically the immediate answer for peace is positive forward planning and preparedness with increased storage of reliable supplies of energy, water, fuel, infrastructure, manufacturing, defence, and nutrition in the locker, ready for any future action. Unfortunately, with Neptune (climate change) in Pisces (restrictiveness), Western countries will be so full of disillusionment over the next four years with “Global Warming” innuendos, and threats of the world collapsing due to “Climate Change”, the preparedness of necessities for economic and defence use will be given a lesser priority. From May 2021 to December 2024, planetary movements will leave a lot to be desired, regarding the world’s sovereignty and security. The governments of the world must become more serious about China, otherwise expect the eastern power to deal an economic winning hand that could change the world.

Viewing Australia’s horoscope, on Tuesday 11 May 2021 Treasurer Josh Frydenberg (Cancer), will hand down the 2021-22 Federal Budget. The Budget will outline the Government's economic forecasts as the country emerges from the COVID impacts of 2020 and will set out the next phase of the Government's plans for stimulus and reform. At budget time the Sun, Moon and Uranus (positive) will be in transit through the financial sign of Taurus, and Mercury and Venus will enter the news and communication sign of Gemini. This combination supports an encouraging aspect in Australia’s chart for the announcement of future business incentives and employment opportunities. However, Mars (aggression) clashes with Pluto (breakdown- rebuild) in the business, employment, home, and security sectors of the horoscope. Well, what does all this mean? Firstly, the Budget will be an optimistic financial plan that will surprise many financial pundits, as it is predicted to enhance and stimulate the business and employment sectors of Australia over the next 18 months with commercial and tax inducements to re-build businesses and create jobs. The building industry will also be winners in the 2021-22 Budget due to possible Commonwealth land releases, and advanced apprenticeship training schemes. The Budget will also provide improved health, education, and aged care entitlements. The arts have done it hard during the pandemic, and the Budget is predicted to lift opportunities and create tax incentives for new productions and film making. The 2021-22 Budget will be a pleaser for most.

Secondly, an economic cash deficit of around $800 billion-plus is forecast and, with a rapid recovery rate predicted due to further government incentives, new infrastructure announcements and increased export markets, this will increase the Coalition's popularity for the 2022 Federal Election. Australia should see the unemployment rate drop to a low 5.1% by July 2022.

During May 13 to July 28, Jupiter (development) will travel through the zodiac sign of Pisces (fuel) and then return to the zodiac sign of Aquarius (new methods) until December 29, 2021. From December 30, 2021 to May 10, 2022, Jupiter will return to the zodiac sign of Pisces (gas). Jupiter (expansion) will then spend 12 months in the construction and development sign of Aries and Australia is predicted to become a world leader in the manufacturing of hydrogen fuel (blue gas). As previously predicted, blue gas will be the big investment and global fuel frontrunner for industry and transport, and will devastate the electric car market. With Uranus (industrial change) in the financial sign of Taurus until April 2026, Australia will be on a winner as the government budgets for emissions lowering through future technology, development and use of hydrogen plants, without raising commercial and personal taxation.

Prime Minister Morrison (Taurus) will prove to be a winner over the next three years, with the Coalition government’s independent control over emissions not dominated by world powers. By the Climate Change conference in Scotland this November, Morrison is predicted to stand his ground regarding Australia’s global warming and emissions policies. It is predicted the international conference will not be as successful as many enthusiasts imagine. Coal mining and usage is here to stay for this century, especially with China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Turkey, Australia, Vietnam, Philippines, North and South Korea, and Poland determined to rely on baseload coal power stations for heavy industry. 

With continuous demands and high iron-ore export prices forecast, together with an increased export of coal and natural gas, and the rise of exported nutritional goods and automated services, Australia will surprise the world with a better than average economic recovery. Unfortunately for “Climate Change” followers, zero emissions by 2050 will not be visualized around the globe, immaterial of the new climate technology and energy methods that will be developed in the future. Of course, wars will be another interruption during the next decade. According to the global horoscope, by the year 3000 it is predicted the world’s power and transportation will be energised by clean nuclear, hydrogen, and electro-gravitic magnetic propulsion.

Countries' horoscopes heading for astrologically extreme situations over the next nine months due to Covid-19, social media regulations, political disruptions, right wing extremism, economic and natural disasters, terrorism, riots, corruption, human rights, health emergencies, juntas, military skirmishes, piracy, major crime, human trafficking, electoral fraud, and possible assassinations: Zimbabwe, the UK, the US, Poland, Djibouti, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Grenada, Belize, Iraq, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, South Africa, Eritrea, Vatican City, China, Iceland, Jordon, Eire, Israel, Russia, Argentina, Slovenia, Croatia, St-Vincent-Grenadine, Swaziland, Japan, Myanmar, Ecuador, Khalistan, United Kingdom, Dagestan, India, Australia, Italy, France, Sudan, Brazil, Bahrain, Canada, Nigeria, Mexico, Mozambique, Mali, Chad, Bhutan, Sierra-Leone, Uganda, Albania, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore.

May will be an interesting month for investors. With President Biden (Scorpio) threatening US tax hikes and Uranus (sudden change) in the financial sign of Taurus, Wall Street will have the jitters throughout May. Markets over the next two months will continue to be difficult to follow as conditions will be changing minute by minute, making it challenging for traders to make a solid profit throughout May/June. However, Wall Street investors' apprehensiveness may play into the hands of the ASX as stakeholders decide to build on Australian securities, bumping up the market. Remember, electric vehicles are not predicted to be the big future sellers due to the rising cost of materials and battery problems. Blue Gas (hydrogen) is the big winner for the motor vehicle industry in the future. Elon Musk’s horoscope is looking very serious and leading to a downward trend for Musk from 2022 onward and especially 2023-2024. Tesla stocks could take a beating during that cycle and Space X could have some serious problems. Good profits in May for semi-conductors, biotech and healthcare stocks, mining, banks, solar energy. Industrials should pick up from the 12th, gold will drop.

The consolidated Green Climate Fund $100 billion dollars per year collected from all financial countries, will cause BIG problems in the future. Have you ever wondered who collects and invests the money? Where are the funds now and what are the total funds in the money pot? Who audits the accounts? Who decides where the money is distributed and how much? Where are the records of account for where that money goes? Where are the public accounts for general viewing? Who is dipping their finger in the honey pot and reinvesting? Who regulates the corruption? This is what the world will be asking as the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Uranus transit the financial sector of the global horoscope in May/June.

The following days may assist investors. Using the plus and minus system overall for trading days. Care should be taken with minus days as they will fluctuate hourly on a positive and possibly end up slight minus at closing. The month could bring some surprises, the ASX seems to hold its own in May, especially after the Federal Budget. Watch communications, media and transport on the 3rd, 4th, 5th, Oil, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 21st, 23rd, 27th, 28th, 29th, 31st; the dollar on 15th, 16th, 28th, 29; property on the 20th, 21st, 24th, 25th; transport and communications on 30th 31st.

Trading Days: 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+, 6+, 9+, 10+, 11+, 12-, 13-, 16+, 17+, 18-, 19+, 20-, 23-, 24+, 25-, 26-, 27-, 30+, 31-.

Best Days: 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 18, 21, 29, 30, 31.

Cautious Days: 3, 7, 8, 12, 15, 17, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28.


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