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July 2022 Astrological Forecast

Throughout 2020-22 an extended combination of planetary aspects linking Jupiter (law and order), Saturn (restriction), Uranus (catastrophes), Neptune (confusion) and Pluto (destruction) have resulted in a disturbing series of political, economic, fiscal and wellbeing events that have forced world governments, global authorities, and populations to take momentous action cautiously and financially. With this present combination of planets now commencing a gradual break-up of alignment that will not repeat in concert again until 2040, the world is now beginning to reset in a way that is foreign to all. Jupiter (expansion), for the first time in 12 years, is now starting an initial 12-month internal restructuring of this new 12-year redevelopment phase, with an emphasis on sovereignty, security, fiscal, trade and industry through the feisty zodiac sign of Aries (military-security-manufacturing-advancement).

This planetary cycle will slowly and gradually build global confidence over the next twelve months and alleviate a great deal of the past and present disruption that has created instability both economically and fiscally. There's a light at the end of the tunnel from Monday 23 January 2023, when Uranus (fortunate change) begins a slow direct cycle movement through the financial sign of Taurus, until Tuesday 29 August 2023, before the planet retrogrades again causing the global population to undergo a temporary spendthrift period until Saturday 27 January 2024 when precipitous inflation may show signs of greater stabilisation.

With the continuing introduction of higher bank interest rates and tough economic measures to lower inflation from July 2022 to May 2023, expect great difficulty and financial disappointment for those in small businesses and most home mortgage holders. However, the good news is that you can expect an opening of controlled financial opportunities for monetary and economic building from May 17, 2023 onward when Jupiter (achievements) moves into Taurus (financial and economic security) for a twelve-month cycle to May 23, 2024. Bank interest rates will be showing signs of leveling from May 2023 and global inflation should also be showing signs of economic control. But first, we must accept this final stage of transition and resetting of these critical planetary adjustments the world is going through at present.

However, do not become complacent from July to December 2022, with a huge number of serious assorted planetary aspects ahead in the next six months; varied surprises are in store for the global economy and security. Astrologically, stand by for an upsetting onslaught period regarding international spot wars, earthquakes, storms, floods, sanctions, food supply and labour shortages, economic disarray, inflation, financial hardship, extreme costs of living, higher energy and fuel costs, increased bank interest rates, reduced real estate prices, medical virus variants and mental health influx, and a devaluation of global stocks and currencies. Planets Mars (aggression) and Pluto (destruction) clashing during the first week of July, followed by a bunch of mixed adverse planetary aspects in transit throughout this month, so there is, unfortunately, little good news on the astrological scene for July. It's a month of cutbacks and belt tightening.

The global horoscope planetary aspects indicate a severe recession ahead, with extreme adverse economic disruption building from July 2, 2022 to May 18, 2023. Reason? Saturn, the planet of limitation, restriction, and bankruptcies is about to clash with Uranus, planet of abnormal situations, sudden changes and disruptions, in this final 2020-22 cosmic wave. This combination of planetary aspects occurs every 45 years and usually creates startling events globally. However, do not be alarmed, beneficial future times are ahead and the world must be patient during this once-in-a-lifetime planetary combination and connection in this critical cycle.

From Sunday 22 January 2023, expect a gradual constructive turning point as Uranus begins a positive forward change of direction (from retrograde) to ease a certain amount of economic pain. It is during the January – May 2023 cycle that Jupiter will be in full force through the manufacturing sign of Aries, assisting business and employment opportunities due to slightly improved trade and economic conditions. 

However, the most critical period of financial and economic impairment will be from August 24, 2022 to January 23, 2023, with a dynamite period of unexpected financial crises during September 12 to December 2 and especially throughout the month of October. Expect banks and financial institutions to be restrictive and costly with lending policies, and global stock exchanges to be volatile, mainly due to the Russian/Ukraine theatre, inflation, and energy crises.

The most critical economic period will take place in October with a possible financial disruption, a stock market crash or major adjustment in the week of Tuesday 11 to Monday 24. Astrologically, one should observe care with all financial dealings and stock market transactions during this period. Precious metals and gold prices could rise during this period.

If you are thinking of hedging funds in the cryptocurrency market, then think again. Past valuations have dropped throughout 2022 and the worst is still to come. Unfortunately, with Jupiter in Aries (impulsive) and Mercury (transactions) clashing with the illusional planet Neptune, greed, corruption, and senseless speculation will capture the minds of a minority as they invest into the world of crypto mining. Remember, the world is now on the way to a financial reset and big crypto investors will be disappointed, as large financial losses appear absolute.  With all world currencies under fire and the introduction of higher monetary interest rates during July 2022 to May 26, 2024, the cryptocurrency market will falter. With Mercury (transactions) linking with Jupiter (extravagance), together with Venus (money) and Neptune (illusion) all forming a disruptive aspect for July, do not think for one moment that investing in the cryptocurrency market is a haven against inflation and bank interest rates. Investors will find the opposite and will lose significantly in the months ahead.

Remember everything in this world is cyclic. If we indulge in the recent past and view the adverse (square) pattern of these two planets that occurred in the past cycles: 1909-10, the first signs of war in Europe, the Bosnian crisis, unrest in the Balkans; 1929-32, global economic crises, Great Britain abandoning the gold standard, eleven million unemployed in the US, industrial production almost ceased; 1950-52, the Korean war, US and China intervention, disturbances in Iran and Egypt; 1975-76, flawed US governments after Watergate, the Ford/Carter presidencies cause the US to encounter a slowdown, caused by inflation, and a large trade deficit, USSR invested heavily in Africa.

1976 was a critical parliamentary year for the Australian Federal Government led by Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, after the dismissal of the Whitlam Labor government in 1975. World finances were tight and that created economic disruption for most countries.

The Argentinian peso, the British pound, and the Italian lira all lost value against the US dollar. An earthquake in Tangshan China on July 28, 1976 killed 655,000, causing havoc with the economy. An earthquake measuring 6.5 on the Richter scale struck north-eastern Italy. In Guatemala and Honduras an earthquake killed more than 22,000. A tidal wave in the Philippines killed 5,000. The worst drought on record hit Britain. Legionnaires Disease affected 4,000 in Pennsylvania on July 23, 1976. Soweto riots in South Africa marked the end of apartheid. In New York City, the "Son of Sam" pulled a gun during July 29, 1976 and began a series of attacks that terrorised the city for 12 months. Three gunmen abducted 26 children and the driver of a school bus near Chowchilla, California; all children and the driver were saved after they dug a tunnel out of the quarry they were buried in.

Rioting broke out at the Notting Hill Carnival in London. Two passenger jets collided over Zagreb, Yugoslavia due to air traffic controller errors. The end of the world's longest pier (Southern Pier in Britain) was destroyed by fire. The world’s first recorded Ebola virus epidemic began in Sudan on June 27, 1976. Palestinian extremists hijacked an Air France plane in Greece with 246 passengers and 12 crew. They diverted the aircraft to Entebbe, Uganda, where Israeli commandos stormed the plane, freeing the hostages. Another hijacked Sabena Boeing aircraft was stormed by Israeli soldiers, releasing one hundred hostages. Hurricane Belle hit the US east coast, creating mass damage. A total of 32 Black African nations boycotted the Montreal Olympics in protest to continued sporting links between New Zealand and South Africa. Astrologically, 1976 was heavily affected by the Saturn/Uranus cycle. Presently, there have been mass shootings globally with more diabolical issues predicted during July to December.

With Mars and Jupiter in transit through the zodiac sign Aries (military), July 2022 will be a month of deliberating, building, and securing sovereignty for all nations. Viewing China’s horoscope, Pluto (breaking down and rebuilding) is now beginning to conjoin Uranus (advanced ideas and major change) until May 12, 2026, for the first time in 248 years. This will be a serious and concerning period for western countries, due to China’s determination to override any opposition that confronts their economic and military plans. China’s President Xi Jinping (Gemini) and the CCP hierarchy will endeavour to break away from opposing diplomatic circumstances that are presently holding China back from their proposed foreign military plans, and Belt and Road strategies, especially in the Asia-Pacific area.
During July, according to their horoscopes, President Xi (Gemini) and his foreign minister Wang Yi (Libra) may decide to push ahead with negotiations that have been previously delayed or opposed by certain countries. Viewing both horoscopes, there appears to be rivalry or discontent between these two due to differences of opinion in foreign policy and military strategy.

According to China’s horoscope there will be further offers to Asian/South Pacific countries for both financial, military, and authoritative assistance. China is determined to open land and port bases in the Asia/Pacific area, and, according to its horoscope, July 2022 to April 2023 are serious months for negotiations regarding proposed military interests, together with pecuniary assistance regarding infrastructure, food processing and climate change projects.

During July, as Mars (action) moves away from the zodiac sign of Aries (armament) and cojoins China’s natal Saturn, Moon, and Mars in the zodiac sign of Taurus (economic development) the Chinese economy will encounter another financial setback. Uranus (change) in transit will adversely affect China’s natal planets, causing a twelve-month critical financial and economic phase due to new Covid variants, adverse weather conditions, loss of production, manufacturing, infrastructure, trade, and income. According to its horoscope, China is presently slipping backwards as a global economic power, causing members of the CCP hierarchy much concern and disarray over where the country is heading.

President Xi Jinping’s horoscope indicates that with Jupiter (expansion) linking with his natal Sun (control), expect a series of major military plans and exercises off the China coast and in the South China Sea area near Taiwan between August 22, 2022 and March 25, 2023, as Mars transits the joint activity zodiac sign of Gemini. President Xi (Gemini) has previously signed legal orders allowing major trials of military operations beyond China’s borders amid heightened tensions over claims by China’s foreign ministry that the Taiwan Strait is Chinese territorial water.
President Xi has released written orders outlining any military operations other than war in the form of exercise by the CCP military. This action would be a deliberate test for Taiwan, the US, and allied forces. Do not be surprised to witness the UK, Japan, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and European navies also exercising in the Far East and temporarily using Singapore for coordination. With Mercury (direction) and Mars (action) clashing with Uranus (unexpected) and the Moon’s Node during July/August, care should be taken that military training exercises or movements do not accidently clash with Chinese forces and create an incident.

Russia/Ukraine horoscopes see no major change in the war for July, except with Mars (action) moving out of Aries (equipment) into Taurus (finances) from the 5th, Ukraine will receive the military hardware and ammunition they requested. With Venus (excitement) moving in transit through the zodiac sign of Cancer (home) from the 20th, Ukraine forces with new missiles and armament may be semi-jubilant as they take back certain Ukraine territory they have been defending or lost. July does show Russian forward movement, but also favours Ukraine forces defending against Russia throughout July.

Viewing Lithuania’s horoscope, Pluto (defiance), in transit, is about to cojoin the country’s natal Mars (threats) and Saturn (afflictions). Putin (Libra), presently paranoid to travel anywhere, has sent his right-hand henchman Nikolai Patrushev (Cancer), secretary of the security council of the Russian federation, to the Kaliningrad region to attend a security meeting and warn Lithuania that Russia will respond if Lithuania blocks access of the Suwalki Gap, a passage between the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad and Belarus that services Russian troops. Putin (Libra) and Patrushev (Cancer) will have to watch their threats and actions toward Lithuania, otherwise Russia will come off second best. If Putin and Patrushev declare war, they will be engaging NATO.

When Putin commenced the war on Ukraine during the last quarter of the Moon, it was a disaster waiting to happen. One never commences a new direction or business on the last quarter of the moon; it usually ends up a catastrophe or a misfortune. Watch for an escalation of Russian troop movement and armament during July 5 – August 20, 2022. Putin/Patrushev will threaten nuclear arsenal from July 21, 2022 – March 25, 2023 – this is an extremely dangerous period for the European theatre, an escalation of war is predicted during this phase and Poland may also be under threat, but no direct action.

If you are intelligent, computer-literate, adventurous and looking for a career, government opportunities await you. Mercury (communications) is moving into Cancer (home security) from July 5, so cybersecurity employment, recruitment and expansion will be a major priority for the horoscopes of the US, the UK, Australia, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and South Pacific countries. Building defences against Russian, Chinese and North Korean cybercrime will begin to expand from July onward. More so, with Uranus (electronics) entering the communications sign of Gemini from Tuesday 8, July 2025 to 23 May 2033, modern electronics, programs, and methods will play a major role in all forms of government security control, cybersecurity, espionage, and modern warfare.

According to Kim Jong-Un’s horoscope, Pluto (fanaticism) is presently clashing with his natal Mars (challengers) regarding relationships with China over nuclear tests. It is predicted the joint relationship will get worse with North Korea reaching out to Russia rather than China for economic and military support. Kim Jong-Un will have to be careful with his decision-making, as he has relied on China and China’s influence has grown over the years. There is still great economic difficulty and apprehensiveness with Pyongyang over Covid, medical supplies, food shortages, and sanctions that, according to their horoscope, will continue through to January 22, 2024. That is when Pluto (purification) begins its long transit through the zodiac sign of Aquarius until January 20, 2044. Interesting to note, after 5 November 2024 the new, predicted Republican President of the US will re-negotiate relations with Kim Jong -Un and some sanctions will be reconsidered. The future renegotiations between the US and Pyongyang will anger Chinese president Xi Jing Ping and Putin. North and South Korea are destined to become a one-country, efficient, profitable economy. North Korea is predicted to never use nuclear weapons for defence purposes, only for show to deter.

Viewing Prime Minister Albanese's horoscope (Pisces), he is now commencing his new astrological 12-year cycle. With Venus (agreeable) in transit in July through Gemini (overseas negotiations), he is entering a positive month of international contact, communications, movement, and changes. His self-respect, pride, vitality, and sense of power will increase during this month. One of his fundamental goals will be to define his place in the world, and for this he will work with more energy, enthusiasm, and authority. His popularity with the Australian public will increase due to his leadership abilities, together with his new Labor platform of ideals.

Albanese’s emotions will fluctuate during July, and he will need to speak, to be heard, and to learn. Overseas travel and negotiations with international dignitaries will be successful and his impression on others, particularly French President Emmanuel Macron (Sagittarius), will do a great deal for the strengthening of international relationships between France and Australia.

July will be a time of new ambitions and new enterprises for Albanese and success for his leadership and direction will be complemented by the Australian public. He will want to start something new or to become more independent. Mars clashing with his natal Moon will make the opening of the Federal Parliament extremely lively – he can expect extreme opposition from crossbench members for his decision to cut their individual advisory staff members.

Independents are independents and not a political party, and a high tax-payers wage bill paid to four members of advisory staff, together with their four electoral paid staff for each independent is debatable. Albanese will receive much support from the public regarding this matter, after all a staff of four for one independent is extreme, together with high individual salaries, when the average Australian and economy are doing it tough. Independents will just have to work a little harder, that is what they are elected to do.

With Mars in Taurus from July 6 to August 20, 2022, independents may decide to group together and threaten the government to prevent bills from passing through the Senate. If independents decided to hold up government proceedings and business throughout the next two years, the Prime Minister’s horoscope indicates he would call an early election for both houses and he would win with a greater majority, with some independents losing their seats. Anthony Albanese’s horoscope indicates a possible three-year term as Prime Minister with a strong majority, due to an improved economy from 2024-2027.

From July 6, real estate prices should start to level through to December as bank interest rates begin to take hold. The market still has until October before values depreciate. Regional real estate should hold value compared to city values, as people decide to move and work from home, or change their lifestyle.

Mars in Taurus should assist with the availability of building materials, production and infrastructure, and housing should move forward in July.

With Venus in the travel sign of Gemini until the 19th, travel will be hectic due to people wanting to travel to overseas and on domestic routes.  Amazing how people want to spend money on travel, when a recession is just around the corner. From the 20th, job opportunities in the travel industry will be available to those who wish to work.

New motor vehicles will continue to be high in price and slow in delivery until August 21 when Mars (action) moves into Gemini (travel) through to March 2023.

July is a month for new beginnings, to start a new career, a project, an association, interest, idea, trend, or condition. It's also a suitable month for weddings, celebrations, partnership agreements, starting a family, legal contracts, higher education, dealing with government departments, police, and people in power.

Employment opportunities for July show a variety of new positions in trade and administration, as Venus transits through Gemini and Cancer. Aged care, home care, nursing, cooks, service personal, bar staff, cafes, restaurants, general hospitality, and retail will have jobs available.

The arts, music, and theatre can expect a period of opportunity, new productions, group gatherings, concerts, and employment opportunities for teaching or coaching.

July is a month to stock up with home needs and utilities. Prices will rise when Mars moves into Taurus from the 5th. Prices for all food and consumer goods will jump in July and inflation will be running rife for the next six months.

Unfortunately, the world is continuing to attract adversity during these challenging times. The following countries are heading into astrologically extreme situations over the next six months due to wars, Covid-19, economic and financial changes, social media regulations, political disruptions, elections, right wing extremism, natural disasters, terrorism, riots, corruption, human rights abuses, health emergencies, juntas, military skirmishes, piracy, major crime, human trafficking, electoral fraud and possible assassinations: Sri Lanka, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Belarus, Odesa, Moldova, Zimbabwe, USA, Djibouti, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Grenada, Belize, Iraq, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Qatar, Afghanistan,  Bahrain, Canada, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Romania, Congo, South Africa, Eritrea, Vatican City, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Iceland, Jordon, Eire, Israel, Hungary, Argentina, Slovenia, Croatia, St-Vincent-Grenadine, Swaziland, Myanmar, Ecuador, Khalistan, Dagestan, India, Italy, France, Sudan, Brazil, Peru, Bahrain, Jordan, Nigeria, Mexico, NicaraguaUganda, Albania, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, Mozambique, Mali, Chad, Bhutan, Sierra-Leone, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Hati, Kosovo, Morocco, Bahamas, St Martin.

With such a volatile market month ahead, I have decided to skip this month’s possible daily + or – days, due to a variety of daily planetary aspects changing every second of the day. However, I have listed the basic favorable days and unfavorable days for the month. Absolute caution should be observed at the marketplace during July; as mentioned previously we are heading into a recession and times will be tough. Commodities should still feature well over July and currencies could see a shift from the 6th onward. Major market shifts this month are on the 5th, 6th, 19th, 20th, 26th, 27th. Take care with all investments during these days.

Best days for doing things: 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15, 17, 19, 23, 24, 30, 31.

Cautious days for doing things: 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 8, 13, 16, 18, 20, 21, 22, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.



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