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September 2021 Astrological Forecast

With an astrological “splash” type cluster of planets in the global horoscope, opening the “cosmic” door from September 1, 2021, the planetary aspects in transit are spread all over the twelve sectors of the chart, making this month a surprising, unsettled, disruptive and uncertain period for many important strategies and negotiations. Many administrative, economic and wellbeing decisions on the global political, military, health, business, and personal home fronts will make September an historical month in many ways. Be prepared, if necessary, to make important transformations or alter a chosen course of action throughout September, as this month will be a challenging and extreme cycle for many.

If the general population does not adhere to the rules of behaviour, lockdowns, and social distancing, then expect a flare in the pandemic. Unfortunately, with Saturn (stubborn) in Aquarius (individuality) and Jupiter (illegal) both in negative retrograde, there will always be a percentage of the global population who think they know better and will ignore any official authority and limitation over freedom. The Sun (energy), transiting the medical sign of Virgo until the 23rd, followed by Mars (challenges) also in Virgo until the 15th, will fortunately link constructively with the planet Uranus (drastic change) and should influence an acceleration with the public vaccination rollout. Throughout the next two months, government’s health primacies, medical practice inoculation programs, and public cooperation, should be able to contain much of this present pandemic setback that is causing massive economic adversity, restrictions and mental anguish for a large percentage of the global population.

With Uranus (change) in the financial sign of Taurus, the reopening of many small businesses will be an absolute must over the September/October period for various business owners to survive. With Neptune (confusion) in Pisces (emotional), many business owners and employees are continuing to suffer incredible stress through forced restrictions, lockdowns, debt, bankruptcies, family mental health problems and personal relationship breakdowns.  The sooner everyone is vaccinated, the sooner everyone can get back to work. Until then, this pandemic will cause a massive loss of income and employment redundancies.

However, do not despair, be patient; many small businesses will be re-opening, and selective employment opportunities from September 23 to December 14 should begin to show an increase, generating improved working conditions and restored financial security for many, especially when Mars (excitement) enters the financial sign of Scorpio from October 31 to December 13.

Mercury (assessment) will transit Libra (harmony) throughout September, followed by Venus (obliging) until the 10th, joined by Mars (energetic expression) entering Libra (peace) from the 16th. This month’s planetary movements should witness many changing conditions, so be on the alert. By the Full Moon in Virgo/Pisces, September 21, 9:54 am AEST, common sense will also prevail for many who have previously demonstrated a “buck the system” attitude, not adhered to rules of social behaviour or participated with a negative display of objection over rules, demonstrations, and the anti-vaccination campaign.

Although many will be losing their cool over the next four months, patience will continue to be the name of the game until the solar eclipse, 5:43 pm AEST, December 4, 2021, in the independent, assertive, zodiac sign of Sagittarius. Greater global pandemic control should be guaranteed from this date onward, although not completely back to normal. However, as previously predicted, care should be taken from December 26, 2021, to May 9, 2022, when Jupiter (expansion) moves from Aquarius (inoculations) into Pisces (pandemics). Many may be required to have a booster jab due to new Covid strains. From May 10, 2022, Jupiter (auspicious) moves into the zodiac sign of Aries (freedom) and this new 12-year Jupiter transit should assist the population to move back into normal routines for the remainder of 2022. This of course, will only occur if the population continues to co-operate with vaccinations and health habits during the December 2021 – April 2022 period.

The Kabul collapse has left a lot of fingers pointing at President Biden’s (Scorpio) exit plan, including strong debate by government figures around the world on Biden’s handling of the refugee situation. At the time of the Taliban occupation takeover of Afghanistan at 8:30 am, Afghanistan time, UTC/GMT +4:30 Hours, August 15, 2021, a bloodless overthrow of the country was predestined due to the Sun (energy) being in Leo (achievement), a rising positive Moon in the self-freedom sign of Sagittarius, and the ascendant of Libra (peace) connecting the Taliban-Afghan founding day horoscope. Interesting to note, this surprising day was close to the anniversary day of Afghanistan’s end of the Third Anglo-Afghan War and the signing of the Treaty of Rawalpindi on August 19, 1919, the day King Amanullah Khan declared Afghanistan a sovereign and fully independent state.

Afghanistan has been a theatre of numerous wars since Alexander the Great and his Macedonian forces, Genghis Khan and his Mongol army, through to the Anglo-Afghan wars, Russia, the US and its allies. According to the Taliban-Afghan 2021 naissance horoscope – Uranus (drastic change) in the economy sign of Taurus and linking favourably with dynamic Mars, and Venus (cooperation) in Libra (balance) – expect to witness a surprising variety of new monetary standards, economic reforms, trade policies, deals, pre-government restructurings and sharia laws with the Taliban in power.

It is predicted that when the new Taliban regime establishes a recognised government in Afghanistan, it will have little resemblance to the past Taliban, mujahideen and al-Qaeda factions of the 1990s. The Taliban are known for their previous terrorist activities, intense fighting capabilities and religious disciplines, and they appear to possess the courage of their own convictions. The Russians, US and coalition forces have met with considerable adversity and hardship fighting the Taliban during the combined period of thirty years of war.

With Neptune (exaggeration) connecting favourably with Pluto (terrorists), this is a long-term positive planetary aspect for the Taliban. Immaterial of what the international media may report, any future government or corporate corruption, drug trafficking, major internal violence, mass murder, extortion, kidnapping and the rape of women, will not be seen as it once was with earlier Taliban terrorists. Quite on the contrary, with the Sun in the zodiac sign of Leo (reproductive) opposite Jupiter (law), the future selective Taliban government is predicted to be a mixture of Aldermen and Alderwomen (some from previous Afghan public service and military) working with clerics to reshape a new Afghanistan.

There is predicted to be no further cooperation between the Taliban and past al-Qaeda-mujahideen factions and no establishment of terrorist training camps, only continuous training of their new official Taliban military. The Taliban is predicted to observe agreements with Islamic and Communists governments and avoid another major war with the west. However, with Saturn (boundaries) clashing with Uranus (brotherhood), there is predicted to be continued adversity and skirmishes between the Taliban, ISIS, pro-Afghanistan factions and Islamic militant organisations operating out of Pakistan. Astrologically, it also appears the future Taliban government may not side with Pakistan over Indian conflicts. Pakistan will continue to harbour arch enemies of the Taliban.

Examining the past, the Taliban played no role in the 9/11 attacks, had no prior knowledge of the strikes, publicly condemned the attacks, and provided many different options and intelligence to the US to try Osama bin Laden for his crimes. The Taliban and al Qaeda are distinct organisations and have very different goals, ideologies, and sources of recruits. However, viewing and comparing the Iran horoscope, a greater association of political, trade and military cooperation will be seen in the future between these two countries, together with financial and infrastructure backing, including military hardware supply from Iran, China, and Russia. This joint build-up could be a worry for Israel over the next five years.

People of Afghanistan have for the past 20 years been living in a country full of extreme government disarray and corruption, war profitability, demolished infrastructure, financial greed, drug trading, poor living standards, confusion, and hope. You cannot blame the Afghans wanting to leave their country as refugees and take up a new lifestyle in Western countries. With Uranus (change) in the financial sign of Taurus, Mars (independence) in transit through the legal sign of Libra and the secretive sign of Scorpio from September 16 to December 13, 2021, the Taliban is predicted to use force when necessary to rid ISIS terrorist groups, control crowds, remove internal corruption, halt anti-Taliban demonstrations, and uphold sharia law with some compromising exceptions for women. All in the name of transformation.

When Jupiter moves back into the religious sign of Pisces from December 29, 2021, it may take from January to May 2022 for the Taliban to officially and completely take over and control Afghan banks, their global financial assets, recommence the national economy, agriculture, education and media, and lead the country into a new age. This may seem hard to believe for many political onlookers, nor will it be believed by Western governments due to the Taliban’s appalling history. However, with Venus (peace) presently the ruling planet on the founding Taliban-Afghan horoscope, expect to witness a variety of surprising events for the Afghan population as new laws are introduced, perhaps resembling strict clerical authority like Iran. Afghans will also witness the Taliban turn from terrorist fighters to military throughout 2022-23.

China and Russia will retain diplomatic status with Afghanistan and resilient relations with the Taliban regime. These two countries can perceive the opportunities for future financial, infrastructure and military placement, investment, mining, local farming production, manufacturing, and trade. Viewing the horoscope of China and Russia, the communists will not have a laydown misère by any means with their negotiations and diplomacies. With many adverse planetary aspects ahead on the two countries' horoscopes, there will be tough negotiations between all parties, especially regarding China’s proposed multibillion-dollar Belt and Road projects linking Afghanistan with new rail, road and infrastructure links with Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

Due to the massive natural resources of copper and gold, rare earth (lithium), uranium, and vast untapped oil and gas reserves, together with adequate hydropower, Afghanis can be assured of reasonable self-sufficiency over a moderate period. Afghanis should think twice before leaving their country, for opportunities will abound in the future as the country re-develops its immense future wealth.

Astrologically, it appears the Taliban would prefer Afghanis to participate in developing the country for a profitable existence to benefit the whole population.  Once the Taliban government is officially formed and recognised, the Afghan political horoscope will then be set at that time and viewed in greater detail, including long-term dates and events to be predicted. During September 1-14, don’t be at all surprised to witness problem-solving situations, compromises, and renegotiations of previous arrangements between US forces and the Taliban. Delays and mobilisation of US troops and personnel out of Afghanistan will be solved without conflict.

Unfortunately, the world is continuing to attract adversity during these difficult times. The following countries will experience astrologically extreme situations over the next six months due to Covid-19, social media regulations, political disruptions, right-wing extremism, economic and natural disasters, terrorism, riots, corruption, human rights abuses, health emergencies, juntas, military skirmishes, piracy, major crime, human trafficking, electoral fraud and possible assassinations: Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Belarus, Zimbabwe, USA, Poland, Djibouti, Cuba, Germany, Italy, Grenada, Belize, Iraq, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Qatar, Afghanistan,  Bahrain, Canada, Bulgaria, Lebanon, Romania, Congo, South Africa, Eritrea, Vatican City, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Iceland, Jordon, Eire, Israel, Russia, Argentina, Slovenia, Croatia, St-Vincent-Grenadine, Swaziland, Myanmar, Ecuador, Khalistan, Dagestan, India, Italy, France, Sudan, Brazil, Peru, Bahrain, Jordan, Nigeria, Mexico, NicaraguaUganda, Albania, Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore, Mozambique, Mali, Chad, Bhutan, Sierra-Leone, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Hati, Kosovo, Morocco, Bahamas, St Martin.

With the downfall of Afghanistan and the exit of US and coalition forces, Xi Jinping and the CCP, together with Russia, could be clapping their hands with glee. The door is now open for China to move forward. China believes the US with Biden at the helm is vulnerable with his defence polices, decisions and budget. With billions of US dollars’ worth of equipment left for the disbanded Afghan forces, the Taliban will now use this equipment to their advantage. This means the US needs to manufacture more to replace what they have disposed of, escalating the national debt again. It's presently around US$25 trillion, never to be repaid?

China’s horoscope presently shows critical aspects of Uranus (electronics) slowly meeting with China’s natal Saturn (building) the Moon (shipping) and Mars (military). At the same time Pluto (nuclear) is presently cojoining China’s natal Uranus (explosive) and will influence this one-off combination until November 2024. China desperately wants nuclear superiority and a global edge over Western countries with military, political and economic impetus. The Chinese Communist Party wants to rule the world economically and politically, and to control personnel security over all nations. With these serious planetary aspects in progress, there is no doubt China is presently either considering or partaking in the manufacturing and assembling of modern nuclear arsenal supply for CCP naval ships, air defence and land missiles divisions. The race is now on with the US and its allies, who will need to counter this Chinese action with the replacement of modern nuclear armaments and disposal of old stock before Uranus (change) moves into Gemini (inconsistent) by April 27, 2026, otherwise the US could end up the second world power with China running first. President Biden (Scorpio) is losing popularity with a great percentage of the American electorate. If he and the Democratic Party do not cease implementing their spendthrift economic policies of spending borrowed money on woke projects, then, as Saturn (limitation), crashes with Uranus (unexpected) in Taurus (finances) over the next three years, the US and the world can expect a credit squeeze. When that happens, the military budget shrinks, leaving China as the major military player.

Interesting to note: the last time the planet Uranus (rules sudden, unexcepted happenings) was in transit through Taurus and Gemini was during March 29, 1935, to June 10, 1949, the build-up, beginning and ending of the Second World War and the commencement of the Cold War in 1947. We live in interesting times.


The Legislative elections will be held in Russia on 19 September 2021. There are 450 seats in the State Duma lower house of the Federal Assembly up for election. Presently, the United Russia party is the ruling party of the house with 54% of the vote and holding 343 seats. Viewing the horoscope of the leader and front runner of the United Russian Party, Sergey Shoigu (Taurus) is  certain to be returned as leader with a slightly reduced majority. Shoigu is an extremely wilful person who believes in authority and order; he has built a career as a general in the army as well as a politician. He can be unpredictable and very much an enigma to those he has a close working relationship with, including Putin. Shoigu has throughout his life had high expectations for his future. He can also be money-hungry and a perfectionist in everything he does. Although he is impatient with his and Russia’s political past, he never fails to derive benefit from its lessons. Out of the many questionable Russian politicians in the State Duma, you could class Shoigu as a rare honest one in comparison, who has a long future in politics. During the years 2025-26, Shoigu will make a major change in his political career, so watch out Vladimir Putin. Russian opposition leader Aleksei Navalny (Gemini) will also be in the running for major political changes during this period. Russia is predicted during 2026-27 to enter a major cycle of transformation, which may surprise the world.

Love her or hate her, Annastacia Palaszczuk (Leo) is the controversial Queensland State Premier who has recently represented Australia and the Queensland state in Tokyo to win the bid to host the Olympic Games in Queensland in 2032. Viewing her horoscope, she appears to be a very forthright and ambitious lady who is suited for politics as Leos do show leadership abilities. She certainly shows dynamic energy and is very action-orientated when it comes to challenges, excitement, and thrills. Her childlike exuberance and sense of humour brings out the best in her when she needs to impress people, and she appears outgoing, talkative, and friendly to most people she deals with.

Her biggest problem is learning to kerb her emotional anxiety, argumentativeness, and impatience. She is independent and has difficulty following orders and regulations. Underneath that outgoing, verbal, happy personality, she does tend to be a loner and follows her own instincts. Her two failed marriages can be put down to her strong feelings – always in turmoil. Unfortunately, not being able to produce children has been her biggest emotional downfall; astrologically, she would have been a good mother. Annastacia desperately wants to establish close relationships, but, unfortunately, does not know how to cope with them when she does.

Palaszczuk needs love, and can assert herself in extreme ways to satisfy her emotional needs. However, she is thin-skinned; even the most minor criticism is enough to set her off in a tantrum and she can become vindictive. Her political and personal life brings her more problems than satisfaction. Compromise is something she expects from others, but she fails to see any reason to make compromises herself. All throughout her political and private life, she appears to have experienced much difficulty with her feelings. What she wants, she cannot have, or when she does eventually get what she wants, she becomes disinterested with what she has. Although she is extremely romantic, it is truly difficult for anyone to measure up to her expectations. A little compromise would go a long way for greater personal happiness.

During the next three years Palaszczuk will turn 55 and will plan her next destiny voyage. Unless the Queensland LNP Opposition can find a stronger leader, can improve local representation and presentation to the Queensland electorate, Palaszczuk could win another term as Premier of Queensland, immaterial of the present tourist and financial loss the state has encountered through Covid lockdowns.

She will consider opening the Queensland borders for tourists and trade by October, as November and December look promising for income production for Queenslanders during these months. According to Palaszczuk's horoscope, from age 56 to 60 years is her settling-down time, away from the political scene into business life. It is predicted another marriage or permanency may take place during this cycle and she will receive federal honours.

During the 1st-21st September, retrograde planets will create changes, delays, or frustration over many personal, employment, business, and state legislative matters, so much patience will be required as confusion and disruption will be happening. Saturn (restriction) will continue to clash with Uranus (change) until December 2022, so economic progress is certain, but unfortunately slow. It will not be until Saturn (structure) moves into Pisces (security) from March 8, 2023, to February 14, 2026, that the people of the world will experience greater financial security, so expect a little apprehensiveness and hard work until then. Fortunately, Jupiter (expansion) has now moved back into the zodiac sign of Aquarius (independence) until December 29, 2021, and this should ease some limitations, reopen borders, and relax selective travel opportunities.

Throughout September, with Mercury (communications) in Libra (quality and enterprise) and Venus (spending) moving into Scorpio (money) on the 11th, online shopping websites and businesses should receive a massive win from consumers, with postal authorities, couriers, and delivery services being extremely busy. September would be a positive month to consider planning early festive season shopping during October-December. 

Be extra careful in September, with Mars (action) active in Libra (spontaneity) from the 16th – people will be restless and argumentative, especially with domestic matters. Care should be taken with communications, as domestic violence, alcohol abuse, drug addiction and mental illness could increase. Throughout September, some property damage, arson, robberies, burglary, theft, internet, telephone and banking scams could be rife. A little compromise, patience and moderation may be necessary in all communications, including the reading of fine print in all agreements, contracts, and legal matters.

For those who have been postponing engagements, weddings, business partnerships, cooperative arrangements, and special events, after September 21 new opportunities may open. Business that may pick up pace in September includes building trades, architects, journalists, landscapers, hairdressers, funeral directors, professional sports people, referees, sculptors, painters, website and clothing designers, laundromats, food outlets, restaurants, cafés, doctors, pharmacies, health workers, aged care, public servants, legal profession, police, military, adult shops, surrogate mothers. Courts may also be busy during September to October settling crime charges and financial claims.

Weather conditions in the Southern Hemisphere will be variable throughout September, together with good spring rains, some late snowfalls, and a mixture of cool and warm spring days, giving farmers a welcoming spring. The Northern Hemisphere can expect warm to hot weather to continue with some spot fires, together with some strong windy conditions, heavy thunderstorms and flooding inland. Coastal areas can expect gusty wind bursts and possible hurricane aspects in the far south. Expect some seismic activity and storms, especially in the afternoons and evenings on the east coastal areas. Overall, weather for September both north and south should be moderate, apart from occasional strong wind gusts, especially during 21st-30th.

Mars (energy) has been zooming through the financial sector of the New York exchange over the past couple of weeks, pushing some advantageous days and record highs. This should continue until September 18, then Mars will push the transport, commodities, NASDAQ, communications and media, and online shopping should boost e-commerce for the next two months when it moves into the balanced sign of Libra from the 16th onward.  Could also see the airlines pick up during this period. With Venus (money) in Scorpio (finances), expect banks, pension funds, bonds, financial institutions to boost during 10th- 30th. Overall, September could be a surprising month at the marketplace and good profits can be made. Oil and gas stocks are set to drop throughout September as production increases.

I will have the first number of selective companies’ horoscopes published as a guide in October. It has taken some time to make the astrological calculations of each company's chart, regarding dates of their future performance.

Below is the possible predicted astrological final bell, plus or minus days, for each trading day in September.

The New York Stock Exchange horoscope:
Trading days: 1+, 2-, 3-, 6-, 7+, 8+, 9+, 10+, 13+, 14+, 15+, 16-, 17-, 20+, 21-, 22-, 23+, 24-, 27+, 28+, 29+, 30-.

ASX horoscope:
Trading days: 1-, 2-, 3+, 6-, 7-, 8+, 9+, 10+, 13+, 14+, 15+, 16-, 17+, 20+, 21-, 22+, 23+, 24+, 27-, 28-, 29+, 30-.

Best days for doing things: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 15, 19, 20, 23, 25, 27, 28.

Cautious days for doing things: 1, 7, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 24, 26, 29, 30.





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