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November 2020 Astrological Forecast

You could say November is an extremely surprising month in many ways, with two Full Moons this month (a rare occurrence), with the second Full Moon in a month usually called a “Blue Moon”. The first Full Moon rises on the 1st November 12:49 am AEST in the zodiac sign of Taurus (money, stock markets, global economy). This will influence hesitation and cautiousness with global security, markets and overall investments up to the New Moon in the financial sign of Scorpio (money) on the 15th. The second Full Moon rising also incorporates a Lunar Eclipse (important change) on the 30th November, 7:30 pm AEST in the zodiac sign of Gemini (announcements and surprises).

Astrologically speaking, during this Moon combination, together with the monthly planetary transits, this overall combination will trigger a variety of astonishing and unexpected news and events throughout November regarding the US presidential elections, Covid-19, a turning point for the global economic recession, China's economy, international trade, global warming, climate change, military and naval placements, political corruption, international money laundering, gambling, taxation, banking, credit, insurances, amended infrastructure and building regulations, drugs and rehabilitation, ship building, hydrographic and ocean surveys, and global weather patterns.

The US federal election's outcome for President and Vice President will be closer than many people have anticipated. Biden (Scorpio) and Trump (Gemini) both have favourable planetary aspects on November 3, hence the world will be in suspense until the Electoral College finally choose the President and Vice President. Mercury (communication) will meet with Saturn (responsibility) during the first week of November, influencing a record number of voters coming forward.

Interesting to note, Mercury, planet of media, news and meddling, will move from retrograde (negative) into a direct motion (positive) on November 3, US Federal Election day, and at the same time clash with Saturn (voters' apprehensiveness) causing many voters throughout the day to have a last-minute change of mind whilst filling in their electoral forms. The Moon on Election Day will also transit the zodiac sign of Gemini (Trump’s sign) linking with his natal Moon node and Sun (positive). At the same time, these aspects will link favourably with his natal Mars (energy), perhaps giving Trump an edge over Biden on the day with personal preferences. However, Mars, planet of action and competition, will transit in retrograde (delay) until November 14 in the zodiac sign of Aries (civil disturbances), casting exasperation and impatience amongst members of the US Congress and general public, whilst awaiting the Electoral College, who will meet on December 8 (Moon in Virgo - precise) to elect and confirm a President and Vice President.

The electoral results will then be counted and certified by a joint session of Congress, held on January 6 of the year succeeding the election. A majority total of electoral votes (currently 270 of 538) is required to win. Congress then certifies the results in early January, and the presidential term begins on Inauguration Day, which since the passage of the Twentieth Amendment has been set at January 20.

The Moon on that day (20 January 2021) will be in Aries at 29 degrees, linking positively with Trump's natal Sun and Mars until 2:02 pm Washington time, then the Moon will enter and transit Taurus, linking with Biden’s natal Moon. The college vote may just favour Trump, who could hold the next term of President. Admittedly, Biden does have a positive horoscope on Election Day. However, the College count will have the final say in January.

History has witnessed, since federation, only three elected Gemini presidents in the USA: John F Kennedy, George H.W. Bush and Donald Trump. The elected Scorpio presidents total five: John Adams, James K. Polk, James A. Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt and Warren G. Harding. Interesting to note, over the past years, all these elected presidents encountered some form of major scandal, a short term in office or assassination.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (Leo) has been re-elected (as predicted) with a landslide win. Her planetary aspects overall generally favour her parliamentary term of three years. For the first time in 49 years, since the Norman Kirk (Capricorn) Labour prime minister years, Ardern’s Labour party will be able to govern fully without the assistance of a coalition partner. Her past Deputy and coalition leader of the New Zealand First party, Winston Peters (Aries), did not receive enough voting percentage to continue in politics. In the 2017 election, Peters jumped from backing the National Party of New Zealand for re-election to support Ardern’s Labour party. With Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto clashing with Mars (aggression) viewing his horoscope, this combination of planets has caused him to cook his own goose for the 2020 elections, as the electorate has rebelled and given him payback from relinquishing National for Labour.

Prime Minister Ardern (Leo) will encounter a demanding three years in government, as Uranus (change) will link favourably with her natal Moon (people) and Jupiter (laws-infrastructure), assisting her with restructuring the New Zealand economy. With adverse planetary aspects continuing to display difficult times for New Zealand’s horoscope, Ardern’s only problem will be, apart from national debt reduction and unexpected seismic activity, to keep China at bay, as China will have its sights set on New Zealand strategically, including corporate intelligence, financial investment and trade.

New Zealand National Party opposition leader Judith Collins (Pisces) is predicted not to outlast Ardern during this three-year parliamentary period. Collins will encounter much opposition as the National Party leader throughout 2021 and will be under pressure from May 14, 2021 onward. There will be a leadership challenge and from February 2022, it appears, Collins will not lead the Nationals to the 2023 federal election. A name to watch for future National leadership – Christopher Luxon, future prime minister material.


With the Covid-19 pandemic showing growing infection rates for many countries around the globe, together with moderate signs of control in certain other countries, it will not be until the Lunar eclipse in Gemini, November 30, 7:30 pm AEST through to the Solar eclipse in Sagittarius, December 15, 2:16 am AEST that Covid-19 issues begin to show positive control for active countries through personal hygiene, new vaccines and health alternatives. However, Mars (aggression) will continue to clash with Jupiter (expansion) in Saturn (limitation) and Pluto (virus) throughout those countries, with high case numbers until January 2021. Horoscopes of the UK, the US, Spain, Italy, Russia, India, France, Belgium and Brazil will still have to maintain some form of shut-down, restriction and preventative measures, to maintain an equilibrium against the virus until January 6, 2021, when Mars/Jupiter/Saturn begin to break away from the deadlock formed since January 2020. With the Sun now in the zodiac sign of Scorpio (investigation) until 21st, and Mars (action) in Aries until January 6, 2021, a variety of new vaccines and preventative drugs will be discovered, tested, manufactured and distributed for the global market.

Astrologically, the following countries are now commencing their long, troubled, political, economic, health, corruption, intense weather and natural disaster cycle for 2021: Madagascar, Monaco, Somalia, Zaire, Saotome-Principe, Serbia, Zimbabwe, United Kingdom, Poland, Djibouti, Uruguay, Columbia, Nicaragua, Iraq, Switzerland, Cuba, China, Belize, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Romania, South Africa, Eritrea, Vatican City, Iceland, Jordon, Norway, Liechtenstein, Turkey, Tuvalu, Belaurus, Japan, Ecuador, Khalistan, Iran, Saudi-Arabia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Qatar, Bahrain, Russia, Lebanon, Mongolia, Denmark, Portugal, New Zealand, Pakistan, India, Spain, Egypt, Angola, Nigeria, Chile, Trinidad, Tobago, Buganda, Scotland, Sri Lanka, Buganda, Malaysia, Brazil, North Korea, Lithuania, Namibia, Canada. Expect to witness an array of strikes, demonstrations, and law and order problems at their fullest throughout November.

Fortunately, throughout this month, together with a variety of planetary aspects in transit, and Mars (action) moving into a direct motion from the 14th, the global population can be assured of a major turning point during November 2020 to February 2021, with the present pandemic showing greater controlled and improved health standards. The eclipse on the 30th will open the door for local travel, with some short distance international travel set for the first quarter of 2021. The last solar eclipse for the year, December 15, 2:16 am AEST, in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius (travel, expansion), will see many families reunite for the festive season. Open borders and travel between Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific islands could be seen.  European countries will continue to be under restriction but easing after the 30th.

With Jupiter (improvements) linking with Pluto (recuperation) from November 6, and the Sun in the zodiac sign of Scorpio until November 22, an increased demand for hospital and dental surgery could be seen, especially for those wishing to improve their personal features and those who have been awaiting postponed major eye, ear, nose and throat, prostrate, or genital surgery due to Covid-19 issues. Both private and public hospitals, dental surgeries and front-line medical staff can expect a busy month. For those who own household pets, horses, alpacas and goats, November could also be an expensive month for veterinary expenses.

The Sun (expansion) will also link with Neptune (fluids) from the 9th, influencing an increased flow for beverages. November will show an escalation in production for brewers, wine makers, spirit and soft drink industries and ice cream manufactures. The re-opening of hotels, restaurants, cafes and clubs will be a welcome sight. Escalated sales for liquor shops, bottled water sales, fast food outlets, bakers, butchers, caterers, seafood suppliers, fresh food markets, poultry sales, health food outlets, drug and chemical manufactures will bring much relief for many who have been in lockdown.

Jobs, jobs, jobs will be the name of the game for many retail and business outlets from November through to December. For those who have been unemployed, Jupiter (expansion) in Capricorn (employment) will guarantee many new job opportunities from November and into 2021. The economy for November is on the turn for the better, with 2021 showing fortitude.

Job opportunities this month will continue to be available for retail, hotels, cafes, restaurants, chefs, cooks, waitresses, dish-washers, builders, accountants, book-keepers, statisticians, trades people, apprenticeships, cleaners, computer programmers and operators, contractors, public service, labourers, housekeepers and domestic services, health, dieticians, dental, nursing, child care, pharmaceutical, optometrist, therapists, emergency workers, supermarket staff, airline and airport ground staff, hotels, valet,  motels, porters, waitress, mechanical engineers, police, military, farm and agriculture labour, sanitation workers, veterinarians, teachers, seamstresses, repairers, television technicians, proof readers, night watchmen and security, roadworks and patrol people, bakers, butchers, taxis, Uber drivers, delivery truck, bus and train drivers, hairdressers, beauticians, and sex workers.

Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (behind the scenes) will influence dating site activity, with many couples meeting for the first time after countless months of internet communication due to lockdown or restrictions. During November 13 -19, Jupiter (expressive) will meet with Pluto (secrets), and Venus (love) will clash with Pluto (in seclusion), encouraging many couples to engage in a new relationship or extra-marital affair. Some singles will participate in an exciting new association and find the partner of their dreams. However, Mars (aggression, jealousy) will continue this month to clash with Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto, so do take care. Planetary aspects this month, particularly Neptune (illusion) and Venus (love) clashing with Uranus (sudden and unexpected) could have some relationships jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Be extra careful this month if entering a personal relationship. Take it slow, there will be much apprehensiveness, false love and dishonesty in the “cosmos” which may cause disillusionment, possessiveness, threat, assault, restrictiveness, or unhappiness.

Mars (aggression) will continue to transit the sign of Aries (impatience) until January 6, 2021. Unfortunately, Mars (energy) will continue to clash significantly with major planets throughout November and this will create much restlessness, frustration, restriction, tempers and depression that many have experienced over past Covid-19 shutdown periods. Be extra careful with accidents during November, especially professional drivers, pilots, seafarers and farmers.

The Sun in Scorpio (money), in transit until the 22nd, will also influence mass spending. Retail and business outlets can expect a long awaited “cash in the bank” cycle as the public flock to shops for their pre-festive season buy-up. Venus (pleasant) links with Mars (spendthrift) and the Moon’s node during November, then links up with Uranus (rapid), causing many to over-spend with credit cards. 

The crime rate for November will have authorities extremely busy, especially during the 1st-10th, 15th-20th. Organised crime, burglary, indecent assault, paedophilia, sexual acts, fraud, drug busts, murder, bank and store robberies, violent assaults, major accidents, human trafficking, and industrial and security espionage will head the list of priorities for police and security services.

Interesting to note for the month of November, with Mercury (costings) in Scorpio (regulations), Uranus (change) in Taurus (finances), and Jupiter (increase) connecting with Neptune (lubrication) and Pluto (waste), don’t be at all surprised if you witness rising costs with oil, rubber, plastic, cement, bricks, funeral costs, waste collection fees, bottled gas, septic tanks, wine and spirits, medication, publishing, copyright, mercantile marine goods and services, shipping and requisites, insurance, hotel accommodation, travel and freight.

Planetary aspects for November should bring an assortment of sudden and unexpected wet and sunny conditions for both Hemispheres. The Full Moon on the 1st could see a cold snap with early frost or sleet/snow, windy conditions for the Northern Hemisphere, with sunny, warmer and wet conditions in the Southern Hemisphere, together with heavy spring showers and flooding in low-lying and coastal areas. Conditions will change continuously throughout November, especially on the 8th, 15th, 22nd and 30th. From the 22nd farmers in the southern areas will be rushing to crop their wheat, oats and canola, before major rain from 22nd to 30th. Agriculturists can expect a good harvest of fruit and vegetables in November. However, when the Sun (abundance) moves into Sagittarius from 22 November 6:40 am AEST, and Mercury (advertising) moving into Scorpio (money) on the 11th, finding seasonal workers for picking fruit and crops could be a problem due to lack of public interest or suitable availability. Good rains and grass growth in the Southern Hemisphere will assist graziers and farmers to grow and stock feed lots for the dry winter season in 2021. On November 30, 2020 the Luna eclipse will start a major weather change for both hemispheres over the next six months, with some seismic activity, high seas and heavy snow falls, especially in the North.

1st to 15th November should continue to witness an unsettled period with global markets, mainly due to global political conditions and uncertainty. Mercury, planet of news and announcements, will be in transit through the financial sector of the global horoscope from the 11th until the end of November. Expect to see markets take a more positive attitude in the US, China, Japan, Korea and Australia. The Reserve Bank of Australia should announce positive news in November during the week of the 9th that should bring confidence to the marketplace. Russia and Belarus will continue to be in troubled waters throughout November. Financial markets may encounter changes during the 16th-20th and 25th -27th. Be extra careful on Monday 30th – markets will be influenced by the Full Moon Eclipse in the zodiac signs of Gemini/Sagittarius (announcements). Watch NASDAQ during that week. This eclipse combination could be the key that opens the trading door for December. Gold is expected to drop in value during November, however the money market should climb with a strong US dollar.

With the markets changing hour by hour at present due to spot announcements, it is difficult to predict the final bell + or - for the day as the planets are influenced by the Moon in transit. The following ASX trading days may assist investors, using the plus and minus method overall for the trading days. Care should be taken with minus days as they will fluctuate hourly, then by the end of trading for the day the ASX could end up plus at closing or vice versa.

November: 2+, 3+, 4-, 5+, 6+, 9+, 10+, 11+, 12-, 13+, 16-, 17+, 18-, 19-, 20-, 23+, 24+, 25+,
26+, 27+, 30+.
Agriculture: 5, 6, 16, 17, 23.
Biotech: 2, 3, 4, 10, 11, 20, 30.
Energy: 16, 20, 25, 26, 30
Oil: 5, 6, 9, 10, 11, 23, 24, 25,
Metals: 3, 4, 13, 16, 25, 26.
Financials: 2, 15, 27, 28.
Gold: 6, 9, 26.
Silver: 4, 5, 6, 26.

Best days in November: 9, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 21, 23, 24, 26, 28, 29.
Cautious days in November: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 25, 27, 30




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