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June 2020 Astrological Forecast

Two critical eclipses this month, Lunar on June 6, at 5:12 am AEST, and Solar June 21, at 4:41 pm AEST, both affecting world communications, negotiations, and security, will send an important astrological message around the globe: Stop, look and listen. Be prepared for much volatility regarding the global economy, employment, wages, debt, tax reform, Covid-19, health, education, diplomatic disputes, threats, trade, tariffs, sanctions, stock markets, international travel, weather, and gold prices. These topics will be severely affected throughout June until December 15, 2020 and global administrations should take care with all promises, political trade negotiations, transactions and borrowing, as there will be a tendency for governments and the general population to become complacent and reckless. Many contentious issues and restraints can be expected, including delays or postponements of major infrastructure projects and contractual agreements. International electronic media and print publications will cut production and retrench staff.

With the recent China Communist Party annual congress meeting, which commenced during the New Moon (23 May- positive) this has proven to be a successful outcome for President Xi Jinping (Gemini) and his power-hungry communist regime. Viewing President Xi's horoscope, June will be an unwavering time for him, especially between the 5th and 19th, with a communist requisite to set Hong Kong into a future mainland China-controlled state, rather than the present 'one country, two systems' autonomy. Hong Kong’s status as an autonomous city will soon cease to exist as mainland government security personal invade and control the Hong Kong protest movement, dissidents, law makers, and residents. As far as self-government is concerned, according to Hong Kong’s 1997 British relinquishment horoscope, it is goodbye to the Hong Kong we all use to know.

China’s present actions are the beginning of a long-awaited financial, economic threat and military show of force against the western world. However, according to China’s horoscope, threats over Hong Kong's sovereignty will be argued diplomatically with no immediate physical military conflict at present. The most critical intimidating period for China against any global opposition to their Silk Road expansion will be seen during 2023-2026 with a show of military strength. China will experience a series of uncompromising planetary aspects during this cycle that will aversively collide in China’s natal horoscope, causing animosity.

During June 1st - 4th, Venus (peace) is in retrograde (negative) clashing with Mars (protest). Expect to witness violent disruption between democratic Hong Kong local protesters, police, and China gangs. Violence, injury, arrests, restrictions, and disarray will be observed leading up to the Lunar eclipse on the 6th. Unfortunately, June will be a significant month for China and the communist party’s intended direction; there will be no stopping them.

Important communist players who may play a vital role in the restructuring of Hong Kong are Li Keqiang (Cancer) Premier, Wang Yi (Libra) Chinese Foreign Minister, Zhao Leji (Pisces) Secretary of the Central Commission of Discipline, Li Zhanshu (Virgo) Chairman of the standard committee of the national People’s congress, Lieutenant General Wang Shaojun (Leo) Central Security Bureau, Zhao Kezhi (Sagittarius) Minister of public security. With Mars (forceful investigations) in transit though Pisces (secrets) during June, Hong Kong residents can expect behind-the-scenes situations to develop as undercover security forces inaugurate intelligence gathering and act on new laws, prior to major security force laws and actions that are predicted to launch between June 29, 2020 through to January 6, 2021. During this critical cycle, Mars will transit though the zodiac sign of Aries (forceful new beginnings) influencing a serious onslaught and restructuring period for Hong Kong with arrests of local dissidents, protestors, lawmakers, crime gangs, corrupt corporate executives, as security forces seize control of selected commercial fraudulent business activities and introduce new laws for international commercial practices.

Hong Kong has a history of being the regional hub for many international companies who conduct business in mainland China and at the same time use Hong Kong’s independent judicial system for protection in the event of any misfortunes. Mainland Chinese corporations and government-connected business houses also uses Hong Kong as a security key to enter the international investment and financial markets. In the future, with Uranus (sudden and unexpected change) in transit through the financial sign of Taurus until April 27, 2026, Chinese corporations are predicted to continue controlled investment and financial arrangements from mainland China through Hong Kong, but under extreme central administration from Beijing. The US, UK, Australia and China will be treading on fragile eggshells during the next two years over international trade agreements, legalities, and finances.

With the Lunar eclipse on June 6, in the communication and convention sign of Gemini, global government and independent administrators will be applying pressure to hold a transparent investigation over the origin and cause of Covid-19 as China still has much to answer. With Mars (force) co-joining Neptune (excuses) in Pisces (behind the scenes) during June, President Xi Jinping will prefer to hold an inspection after the virus situation is over. The Chinese will always find a way to avoid their responsibilities and cover their tracks of initial evidence of Covid-19.

Dr Tedros (Pisces), Director-General of WHO, will encounter a pressurised month as Mars (force) transits his zodiac sign and clashes with five planets in his horoscope. His career will be under threat from western countries as Tedros continues to befriend and seek support from Chinese President Xi Jinping and the Communist Party hierarchy to hold his position. The pressure from the investigation committee and President Trump’s forfeiting of WHO funds will also make it difficult for Tedros. He will be more inclined to take chances and risks and will tend to rely on his initiatives and covert activities to save his job.

With Neptune (camouflage) in Pisces (secrets), Mercury (announcements) and Uranus (aversion), China will not admit liability and endeavour to fool the world through propaganda, news and publications. China’s so-called generosity by introducing the China Population Welfare Fund to support the Covid-19 Solidarity Response Fund and WHO, is a sham. This offer to assist selected Chinese-favoured countries (that are indebted financially to China) is only an exercise to ease the investigation pressure on China from the west. Expect this Covid-19 debate and investigation to continue until the Lunar eclipse in Gemini/Sagittarius on November 30, 2020 7:30 pm AEST. China will never give an opportunity to the west for a thorough investigation over the pandemic, it will always be controlled by the Communist Party executive.

Throughout June, the Sun (authority) will clash with Mars (disarray) followed by Mars clashing with Neptune (diseases), Jupiter (massive), Pluto (havoc), Moon's Node (economy) and Saturn (limitation). From the 1st to the 20th many changes will be noticeable as global industry and small business outlets begin to show signs of economic activity and a re-commencement of organised sport and social activities. However, due to Mercury (news) in retrograde (postponements - change) from the 18th, complacency and delays will be seen in June.  Be prepared for a breakout of further health conditions, especially in the southern hemisphere with cold winter conditions causing flu-like problems. The Covid-19 situation will again raise its ugly head globally, and this will slow down any rapid business advancement and cause a change of economic plans and procedures for businesses in many countries. Venus (money) will also retrograde (negative delays) in Gemini (job openings) until the 24th limiting many career and employment opportunities. The world can expect a continuing recession and high unemployment as the population slowly takes time to recuperate month by month until October 2020. Care should be taken during the next five months as financial hardship, restlessness, impatience, family disputes, separations and emotional depression will increase. Patience, compromise and moderation will be needed to overcome many of the difficulties that lie ahead. Medical practitioners, frontline staff, police, emergency services, pharmacists, psychologists, government and welfare departments will be extremely busy throughout June. Don't be at all surprised, from the 18th onward, if some major government plans, sporting events, or organised social activities are changed, cancelled or deferred to a later date.

To highlight the recession period ahead, China will encounter setbacks as their country faces mounting pushback from many countries, especially the US, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. The Chinese economy will continue to suffer greatly over the next four months, making the world an increasingly unstable and uncertain place for trade and commercial activities. Take care from June 29, 2020 to January 7, 2021 as Mars (impatience) transits the zodiac sign of Aries, deepening financial deficits, global trade activities, falling trade investments, volatile financial markets activity that will cause international disagreements, increasing geopolitical tension, military exercises and troop build-ups. From December 18, 2020 the world will see the light at the end of the tunnel as 2021 begins a slow but steady economic re-development and recovery period throughout the year ahead.

President Donald Trump (Gemini) can expect a rather privileged month for his birthday on the 14 June, with Venus (contentment) in retrograde (easy) and the primary elections in South Dakota, Montana, New Mexico, District of Columbia, and West Virginia. This month may produce a few unexpected surprises and events that could bring his emotional conversations and future electoral planning to a head. He can expect support from friends, groups, and political activities; however, his electoral favoritism by the American public could be lacking slightly throughout June. Fortunately, Trump does appear to have enough planetary formula in June to provide him with a reasonable month of providence and expansion, and the possibility of reaching his immediate professional goals. Mars (forceful) in Pisces will favorably link with his natal Saturn (stability) and Venus (popularity). The American occupational and employment situation will be emphasised with future improved job opportunities as businesses open and people get back to work. Presently, with heavy unemployment, Trump’s main task is to open the internal manufacturing and production lines creating new job opportunities, improved working conditions and trade. Trump is beginning a fresh cycle in June and he will become more demanding and plagued to get things done. He is also likely to be dissatisfied and frustrated over the Covid-19 situation, unemployment, and commercial economic breakdown that has taken away many of the US’s past two years of economic achievements. Also, with Venus (popularity) in retrograde through his own zodiac sign of Gemini, Trump is not presently receiving the high expectation and recognition he needs from the American press and electorate for support in the November Presidential Election. However, Trump will have an overall degree of astrological protection from opposition parties and his opponents during June through to August.  This June is only a delay month and he should start to see gradual improvements after the 25th and July onward.

Joe Biden (Scorpio) has Jupiter (advancement), Saturn (stability) and Pluto (determination) all forming positive aspects in his horoscope. Biden’s popularity in the polls will be showing an up-swing over Trump and should remain in this position throughout June. Mars (aggression) will be firing a positive broadside against Trump during June as the planet aligns with Biden’s natal Mercury (communication), Sun (achievement), Venus (excitement) and Jupiter (impressive). Joe Biden has the drive and determination to follow through with his dreams, however, viewing his horoscope, what you see in Biden is not what you really get, he inclines to be overly nostalgic, and at times fails to make reasonable intellectual appraisals due to his emotions. In many cases Biden appears to withdraw many of his statements because they lack substance. He tends to jump to incorrect conclusions, which also causes difficulties when making important decisions. Also, Biden can be overly forceful in pursuing his desires and his behavior can be foolish and reckless, both in his emotional and business life. Health matters could also be problem for Biden with Mars/Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto clashing with his natal Moon; the pressure of the election campaign could take its toll. Biden could lose the presidential election on November 3, 2020 with the Moon in Gemini (Trump’s zodiac sign) co-joining Trump’s natal Sun and Venus with Mars also in a positive aspect. The Chinese Communist Party would prefer Biden as president for their political reasons.

During 1st – 28th June, Mars (action) will transit Pisces (confidentiality). The majority of the global public will be restless, impatient, restricted, with the feeling they are shut out and cut off from many things they would like to do. Patience is required throughout June as the world will be encountering critical adjustments that will affect media, unions, personal money matters, taxation, banking, business expansion, employment, wages, incomes, jobs, general personal services, hospitality, infrastructure projects, real estate, health, oil, petroleum, travel and weather. Expect to see a slight increase in many work practices and social activities throughout June, as many restrictions are relaxed. However, care should be taken as there could be adverse weather pattern changes that may interrupt work, social and sporting events, causing a recall of virus-type complaints such as flu and colds. Unfortunately, increased actions through demonstrations, the legal systems, courts, lawyers, debt collectors, confidential matters, quarantine, hospitals, clinics, public utilities, welfare agencies, utility companies, prisons, correctional institutions, mental health institutions, charities, and religious organisations, will cause stress and financial difficulties for many. The pressure of unemployment, restrictions, crime, authority, frustration and loneliness may become unbearable for the homeless, and those confined or living by themselves. Keep alert in your local neighborhood, someone may need a helping hand.

With Mars (attacks) in Pisces (secrets), June will be a month of concern for intelligence agencies, due to increased cybercrime, hacking and espionage. Police, Border Force, fire and emergency services will be on alert, as the world experiences an increase in major and organised crime, assassination attempts, kidnapping, child trafficking, paedophilia, drug enforcement, robberies, fraud, corruption, drunkenness, assault, speeding offences, smuggling, terrorism, prison escapes, deportees, and protective custody. Mars (abuse) clashes with Neptune (scams) and Pluto (crime) so care should be taken with dating websites, computer and phone scams, personal belongings, car jackings, home invasion, break and entering of property. An increase could be seen with illegal industrial waste dumping, chemical and electrical fires, gas explosions and arson. Complacency will cause worry. Be vigilant with everything in June.

ASX: Although market volatility will remain high throughout June (China – USA uncertainty), watch between the 1st and 17th, a few positive global financial changes at the marketplace could be seen. The US economy will begin to expand its trading on a more positive note from June 22, when Mars (energy) and Jupiter (expand) positively connect. Banking stocks will be worth watching throughout June, also energy stocks during the 9th -15th.  Jupiter (expand) links with Pluto (biotech) from the 19th June to 10th July, bringing a few surprise opportunities. With Mars (action) forming a positive aspect with fortunate Jupiter during the 19th -22nd, watch for interesting and profitable trading in commodities, biotech, telecommunications, energy, and financial. Media stocks and cryptocurrencies may encounter problems during June. Stock up on gold.

During 21st - 27th property may take a slide and markets will encounter a major shake-up through to July 5. However, markets will turn again in August, with a positive indication of a growing recovery from October to December. From January 8 to February 30, 2021, Venus (money-balance) enters the corporate sign of Capricorn.  All indications show a positive start to 2021.

With the markets changing hour by hour at present due to spot announcements, it is difficult to predict the final bell + or - for the day as the planets are influenced by the Moon in transit. The following ASX trading days may assist investors, using the plus and minus method overall for the trading days. Care should be taken with minus days as they will fluctuate hourly, then by the end of trading for the day the ASX could end up plus at closing or vice versa.

June: 1+, 2+, 3+, 4-, 5-, 8+, 9-, 10-, 11-, 15+, 16+, 17-, 18-, 19-, 23+, 24-, 25+, 26+, 29-, 30-  
Agriculture: 5, 8, 9, 22, 23, 29.
Biotech: 3, 4, 5, 9, 10, 11, 26, 30.
Energy: 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 30
Metals: 5, 8, 9, 15, 16, 24, 25
Financials: 3, 4, 12, 17, 18, 19, 30
Gold: 5, 15, 16, 23, 24, 25, 29
Silver: 4, 12, 22, 23, 30

ARIES: Changes 5, TAURUS: Money 6, GEMINI: New Beginnings 8, CANCER: Personal 8, LEO: Family-Friends 7, VIRGO: Business- Career 8, LIBRA: Communications 9, SCORPIO: Finances 9, SAGITTARIUS: Relationships 8, CAPRICORN: Services 9, AQUARIUS: Entertainment-sport 9, PISCES: Real estate 7.
Best days: 4, 5, 8, 9, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 23, 24, 28, 29, 30.
Cautious days: 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 22, 25, 26, 27.




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