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July 2024 Astrological Forecast

Mercury, planet of communications, negotiations and decisions, meeting with Neptune, planet of uncertainty, abnormal situations, perplexity and odd happenings, will clash with Pluto, planet of corruption and underhanded activities, from the 3rd. Expect, generally, global public opinion showing much negativity, causing political rallies and demonstrations to be widespread and unsettled, particularly regarding political leaderships, elections, governments’ economic directions, concern and confusion over global and domestic economies, energy concerns, world security, migration, corruption, and crime.  

The Sun (authority) is in the zodiac sign of Cancer (home, security) until the 22nd, so property, interest rates, home economics and cost of living, employment, migration, and security matters will be in the minds of constituents when voting in various countries’ elections. Also, Mercury (announcements), Mars (action), Saturn (restriction) and Pluto (indifferent) will be in the race during the first two weeks of July, creating endless unrest, debate, animosity, negativity, and controversial innuendo by world leaders, politicians, and the public at large. With Mars (action) connecting with Uranus (defiance) during 14th-17th, expect many unsettled situations to occur, including demonstrations and disruptive behaviour amongst the global population, and an increase in major crime, as people display impatience with the present geopolitical arena over sanctions, migration, employment, housing, wages, and the vast unwarranted financial distribution of taxpayers’ funds on expensive non-profitable government projects. Expect public uncertainty and opposition regarding the government’s establishment of hundreds of new wind turbines in our oceans, and expensive utopian climate change ideas on how to save the planet from global warming and zero energy emissions scenarios.  

The most disruptive and frustrating period for July will be between the 13th and 24th, when Mars (agitation, challenges) will join forces with Uranus (disruption). Mercury (communications) will also clash with Uranus (unrest) and the Sun (government, authority) will oppose Pluto (defiance, people) as they meet in opposition from July 22. Mars (encounters) will connect with Pluto (altercations, crime), influencing political instability, debate, and economic disorder. July will be a month of the sudden and unexpected, particularly in Europe, Middle Eastern countries, global war zones and countries subject to seismic activity, adverse weather activity, and flooding. 

From July onward, elected governments around the globe will encounter adverse press, especially from their constituents who will become more agitated due to their governments’ lack of economic concern, causing a deterioration of popularity in political polls. With Mars (agitation) joining with Uranus (defiance), constituents are becoming more independently protective and beginning to lean away from the left and support the centre right in many Western political countries, particularly France. Protecting one’s personal interests and assets are becoming vital to most of the global population.  

Rest assured, astrologically speaking, with Pluto (breakdown, rebuild) now continuing a long transit through the independent, new ages zodiac sign of Aquarius until January 19, 2044, the old style of politics in this world will change completely, including the way the global population earns, invests, and spends their income and savings. People will stand up and rebel against governments that continue to use and waste taxpayers’ money on choice pet political policies and projects that will not withstand the test of time. In other words, extreme financial waste on massive utopian ideas and schemes will make life more expensive and difficult for constituents, causing population upset, unrest, and eventually wiping old style governments out of office.  

The United Nations and leading global politicians will need to keep their egos under control and clean up their own backyards, and not try to make a name for themselves in the history books. Remember Pluto (the reformer) is presently breaking down old methods and introducing new concepts, which will reach a peak by 2044.  

The Reserve Bank will be under pressure to raise interest rates in July due to increased inflationary trends while Mars (extravagance) continues to transit the financial sign of Taurus, pushing up the cost of living until the 20th. However, there may be a reprieve by banks, due to Mars (impulsive) moving out of the financial sign of Taurus and entering the mediator sign of Gemini from the 21st. After July, astrologically speaking, there appears to be descending inflationary aspects as Venus (spendthrift) leaves the expenses sign of Leo and begins a transit through the practical and cautious sign of Virgo. The Reserve Bank could consider a cut in interest rates during September-October, as inflationary trends gain equilibrium, whilst Venus (money) transits Libra (economic balance) and Scorpio (personal income).

Donald Trump’s future from 10 am, July 11, 2024. With Mercury (news) in the political sign of Leo for most of July, the global media and public opinion will be engaged in full discussions over Donald Trump’s sentencing fiasco, and the probable outcome. Before predicting the astrological aftermath of Trump’s legal result, firstly, let us look at the history of several mischievous past presidents who held office in the US. 

The following are the past presidents of the US who have allegedly engaged in extra-marital affairs, questionable relationships, or who were criticised for dirty deeds while in office: Grover Cleveland (Pisces), Franklin D Roosevelt (Aquarius), Warren G Harding (Scorpio), George W H Bush (Gemini), Gerald Ford (Cancer), Lyndon B Johnson (Virgo), Dwight D Eisenhower (Libra), Thomas Jefferson (Aries), Woodrow Wilson (Capricorn), George W Bush (Cancer), Bill Clinton (Leo), John F Kennedy (Gemini), Donald Trump (Gemini), and of course the Watergate scandal, Richard M Nixon (Capricorn). 

Over the years, many presidents, prime ministers, members of parliament, diplomats, leading business tycoons and celebrities have at one time or another involved themselves in some form of questionable activity, including serious types of corruption. The question of Donald Trump (Gemini) and his hush money affair with adult film star Stormy Daniels (Pisces) is really nothing new in the eyes of the overall public and freedom of the press, just a good gossipy story that people like to debate and consider. However, viewing Trump’s horoscope there appears to be more to his present downfall than an affair with a porn star and hush money transactions, so let’s go back to the beginning.  

We begin at Donald Trump’s (Gemini) political launch for presidency, June 16, 2015. The planet Uranus (change) was in transit through the industrious, new beginning sign of Aries during his launch date. It was just a few days after Trump’s birthday (June 14). Trump’s ambitions began to change with the Moon (emotions) in transit through his own sign of Gemini (communications) on the 16th. With Mercury, planet of announcements, also in his sign of Gemini, and Mars (action) co-joining his natal Sun in Gemini, Trump announced his Republican candidacy for President of the United States at Trump Tower in Manhattan. This announcement was perfect astrological planetary timing, as he was a successful businessperson at the height of his own vocation, and he was now ready to make further changes and advancement in his destiny.  

However, with Pluto (cesspools), jealousy prevailed amongst the political elite, lawmakers, and opposing business associates, especially opposition from those Democratic political hopefuls who felt Trump was a threat to their own future successes.  

In his initial speech, Trump stated “Make America Great Again”. He discussed illegal immigration, offshoring of American jobs, the US national debt, and Islamic terrorism, which all remained large priorities during the campaign. On November 8, 2016, with the Moon in transit through the new age sign of Aquarius and linking perfectly with Trump’s natal Sun, and lucky Jupiter (massive), in transit, co-joining his natal Jupiter (fortune), Donald Trump became President of the USA. This was the largest Electoral College landslide for a Republican in 28 years. It created further suspicion, jealousy, and resentment from Democrats and many of Trump’s business adversaries. 

Since May 16, 2018, the planet Uranus (sudden and unexpected crisis) has been in transit through the political-law sector of Trump’s horoscope, creating various aspects of narcissism between Trump and his administration, especially instigated by stanch Democrats and senior law-makers in the US. With Uranus (non-conformist) now in transit through the financial and business sign of Taurus and linking favourably with Trump’s natal Venus (popularity) and Saturn (conscientiousness), Trump continues to sway many Republican and undecided voters his way, immaterial of the political, legal, and public animosity presently against him. 

Trump (Gemini) likes transformation and does like to buck and change the deep-rooted political system, when and where possible, including clearing away the old-school government deadwood in superior public service positions, including vital security departments. With Uranus (change) in the last degrees of Taurus (finances), Trump wants to improve home-grown manufacturing, industrialising states and productivity, increased employment opportunities, wage growth, and lower taxation. He would use every trick in the book to improve the security and living standard of Americans and at the same time endeavour to reduce the heavy burden of $US35 trillion – and growing – debt the US is carrying, approximately US$103,000 for every citizen.  

Viewing Donald Trump’s horoscope, the outcome of his sentencing may shock many Democratic followers and thrill many Republicans. Trump will be surprised by an act or circumstances that touch him deeply. Reason: on the 11th, the Moon will transit through the restrained, practical, community, probationary service and disciplined zodiac sign of Virgo, as it transits the first sector of Trump’s horoscope, linking favourably with his natal Venus (lenient) and natal Saturn (restrictive) sentence.

Although Trump has transiting Uranus (unexpected) clashing with his natal Mars (defiant), this aspect will not influence the sentencing, as it will remain with Trump until April 26, 2026, affecting his future workload and personal responsibilities. 

During the sentencing procedure, Trump’s horoscope indicates that transiting Mars (authorities, disagreement) will favourably align with his natal Saturn (responsibility). Mercury (judgments) will link constructively with his natal Jupiter (providence) and Jupiter in transit will combine with his natal Uranus (surprise). Mercury (legal decisions) will combine with Pluto (callous reprimand) and transiting Venus (stipulations) will also return to his natal Venus (possessions).  

With all these planetary aspects showing on Trump’s horoscope, it appears he will avoid direct jail time and a suspended sentence or restrictive future business practices of the Trump organisation may be of concern for him. The legal costs and imposed business and personal penalties will be extremely harsh for Trump, and this will also cause him disappointment. However, the sentencing will leave opportunities for Trump to consider a future appeal. 
From Friday 12th July, with the transiting Moon moving into the unbiased sign of Libra, Trump will be free to continue with his presidential campaign, and from Monday 15th, with the Moon in Scorpio (emotions), a new, sensitive Donald Trump will appear on the campaign trail. With Uranus (unexpected) clashing with Mars (action), Trump will experience extreme pressure and disruption through to November 5, 2024. He will excel in debates and campaign activities which will turn the polls to his favour, and will be re-elected as the next President of the USA, due to Jupiter (fortune) influencing favourable aspects to his natal Sun (authority) until June 9, 2025.  

During July to November, Trump’s secret service detail will need to be on full alert due to disgruntled and obsessive staunch Democratic followers, and anti-Trump constituents, on the war path against him. Trump can expect both support and opposition until November 5, 2024. 

Donald Trump (Gemini) has a positive, business-style horoscope, and viewing his future prospects, the extremist planet Uranus will enter Gemini (Trump’s zodiac sign) briefly during July 7, 2025 to November 8, 2025, (for the first time in 84 years). It is during this cycle that value-added strategies will be introduced to improve the US economy, by transforming and enforcing a variety of political orders, directions, methods, and incentives regarding international trade, US manufacturing, technology, AI, agriculture, energy, health, education, and in particular, controlled immigration and the US military budgets. 

The most important immediate years ahead for the US is from Monday April 27, 2026, through to Sunday 22 May, 2033 as Uranus transits Gemini, creating new political and economic policies, improved geopolitical negotiations, and increasing greater home-grown security and employment opportunities.  

A change of presidency throughout these years (2026-2033), greater security, and an affordable standard of living for the US population is due to favourable planetary aspects on the US chart. The future is looking bright during these forward years for both Republican and Democratic governments, as one party builds, and the other party spends manageably. Do not be surprised to see the Governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis (Virgo), throw his hat back in the political ring during these years, he would make an extremely progressive and honest future president of the US. 


The Paris 2024 Olympics begin on Wednesday July 24. The first two events of the Games are men's soccer and rugby sevens. Several events will take place the following day, including women's soccer, handball and archery. The Games do not officially start until the opening ceremony on Friday, July 26 and finish August 11, 2024. With a waning (negative) Moon in play during the Games, overall, the 2024 Olympics should prove successful. However, during August 5-11, Mercury, planet of time, events, concentration, organisation, media and transportation, will move into retrograde (delays) during August 5-11. At the same time Mars (energy) and Jupiter (excess) will combine, bringing surprises, complaints, delays, upsets, extreme weather conditions, accidents, health incidents, objections, disqualifications, official issues, and debates to the fore. Athletes competing during these dates may become dissatisfied with their times, placings, and overall performance. Debate or enquiries by officials over athletes or events may hold up certain events or procedures. Security will be tight, as authorities prepare for demonstrations. 

Viewing the horoscope of Great Britain, there is no astrological doubt with Jupiter linking favorably with the natal Venus (women’s vote) and Jupiter (massive) in line with the country’s natal Sun (government), Uranus (change), and Pluto (male vote, new beginnings) that Labour opposition leader Sir Keir Starmer (Virgo) will receive the honours of Prime Minister. According to his horoscope, Starmer is a very practical and astute politician who should receive much public and international support throughout his term in office. He is not an extremist. 

With Pluto (nuclear) now in full transit through Aquarius (new age) until January 20, 2044, the Australian government and opposition parties will debate, from 2024 onward, the introduction of the use of nuclear energy as a new energy source through the Federal Parliament. Astrologically, viewing Australia’s horoscope, most of the voting public in a future plebiscite will agree to include nuclear as an added source of energy, once established.  

Unfortunately, the present Labor governments, both federal and states, are totally against the introduction of nuclear, however the public will show enthusiastic support during the next two years when Uranus (electrical fusion) enters briefly the communication and transformation sign of Gemini, between July 8, 2025, to October 22, 2025. However, it will not be until Uranus (energy) commences a long cycle from April 27, 2026, to May 22, 2033, in the progressive communications and electrical sign of Gemini, that the Australian population will experience parliamentary constitutional change to allow Australia to include the establishment of nuclear energy.  

Australia cannot rely entirely on solar panels, wind turbines and batteries, as the main source of energy in the future (much to the disappointment and greed of big tycoon investors). Nuclear energy will lower electrical power costs for years, once nuclear sites are operative. Running Australia’s energy mostly on a Solar Superpower and Wind Turbines throughout the country is nothing but a Labor government fantasy, which will never eventuate. Australia has enormous supplies of uranium and natural gas, which will all be part of the future energy mix of Australia.  

Nuclear power stations are safer now than they were during the Russian Chernobyl days. Also, with many nuclear submarines in service around the globe today, naval crews are living and working on board in proximity with safe nuclear reactors amid no fear of contamination. Australia’s Navy will also receive nuclear submarines by the turn of the century, so nuclear energy throughout Australia in the future will be necessary for maintenance.  

Here is something to think about for the future: when Neptune (oceans) enters the zodiac sign of Gemini (ingenious methods) and Cancer (infrastructure) during the 2050s and 60s, saltwater oceans will become incorporated as part of a large hydro energy source for producing clean green electricity for the future.  

The BIG question is, with Pluto (garbage) connecting with Neptune (confusion) over the next 10 years, what are the federal and state governments’ plans for the replacement of multi-millions of used solar panels and wind turbines? They are presently not recyclable, so where is this junk going to be discarded? At this stage, on the ocean floors and in new landfill. The governments have no plan for these disposable items, so expect taxpayers to carry the disposal bill with anger.  

Vladimir Putin’s (Libra) recent quick whip-around to North Korea and Vietnam, drumming up so-called diplomatic friendship with Kim Jong Un (Capricorn) and President To Lam (Cancer), was all in the aid of a false show of gratitude for assisting Putin with trade, ammunition, armament, and protection over his fight with Ukraine, in exchange for future Russian technology, and defence security, in the event of future global war.  

Viewing all three horoscopes, both Asian leaders welcomed Putin, for what they can receive from Russian future exchanges. Rest assured, President Lam (Cancer) is no fool, and inclined to be cautious with Putin as he strengthens the country’s anti-corruption and trade portfolios, compared with Putin’s (Libra) corrupt ideas and methods of doing business. President Lam may have to tread carefully with Putin over business matters due to Vietnam’s rebuilding of global trade and adhering to certain global sanctions, whereas Kim Jong Un (Capricorn) has no idea what he is heading, dealing with Putin, as Putin will eventually drop Kim Jong Un like a hot potato, once he gets what he wants, or when the war in Ukraine ends.  

Putin is all front, with no truthfulness. He is only protecting himself from the West through scare-tactic agreements, such as calling support by these two countries if Russia was under fire from NATO. This Putin agreement, according to his horoscope, will never happen. Putin will never see Asian troops fighting in Russia and vice versa.  

Putin is full of praise and determination towards these two leaders but will eventually leave them to suffer their future consequences. President To Lam is genuinely keen to improve trade talks and tourism with Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand. Lam wants to build a new, productive, profitable Vietnam. He also has ambitions to take control of the Vietnam communist party leadership. Astrologically, all looks positive on the Asian front (no immediate wars), however Kim Jong Un will be busy filling his coffers during July and August, with Mars (impatient) in transit through his money and export sectors. Yes, Putin can expect a few shipments of war goodies to fight Ukraine, complements of Kim, however, Lam will be more selective.  

According to Putin’s horoscopes for July – August, with Jupiter (expansive) connecting with his natal Sun, and Mars (war) also pushing his ego, he is in for an egotistical two months of threats regarding Ukraine and the West, talking up his warning of using nuclear arsenal and building his defence forces against any direct attack on Russian soil. However, looking ahead from September 5, 2024, to April 9, 2025, Putin will be under the greatest test and stress period he has experienced for some time, and his replenishment plans with friendly countries like North Korea and Vietnam may back-fire.  

Mars (catastrophe) will link with five of Putin’s natal planets during this cycle, causing him to take serious risks against any opposition, including South Korea, much to his disadvantage. The world may witness President Xi Jing Ping of China entering the debate during this cycle. No, not to start war, but to keep the peace between Russia and the West. Russia will continue to have Chinese assistance for armament power in exchange for cheap oil and gas, and Ukraine will receive restrictive armament replenishment from the US, Japan, South Korea, and European forces.  

As predicted, the war will continue until 2026, including the Iranian backed Hezbollah and Houthi movement. However, there will be intervals of ceasefire during this extended period. According to the July-August-September horoscopes of Israel, expect to witness an escalation of war between July 21 and September 4, 2024. Tension will also be high between the US and Israel during these dates due to the US being in election mode. Benjamin Netanyahu’s horoscope indicates much disruption due to transiting Uranus (interruption) clashing with his natal Mars (war). The good news is with transiting Mars (action) linking favourably with four of Netanyahu’s natal planets from July 21 to September 6, 2024 – some form of peace arrangement or temporary war agreement may occur. There appears to be a positive short turning point in the war during this cycle. 

African countries are continuing to face major political, economic and migration problems during July – August 2024, leaving these countries open to new opportunities for China to capitalise and extend their 150-nation Belt and Road programs, especially Guinea, Niger, Mali, Burkina, South Africa, Nigeria, Congo, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Ethiopia, Namibia, and Kenya. Food and accommodation shortages will create greater political corruption. The United Nations horoscope indicates less talk and more action. With Mars clashing with the UN’s natal Uranus (disruption) and the natal Moon (families), greater aid toward African resettlement is vital, instead of spending all their talk time debating global warming scenarios. Africa is becoming a severe problem for the world and will worsen by the day unless the UN changes their policies and actions.  

Viewing the horoscope of Haiti, gang warfare and corruption will be on the increase during July – August as Mercury (deals) links with the country’s natal Uranus (brotherhood) and Jupiter (expansion), prompted by Mars (action). The country will experience greater economic downfall, corruption, and displacement. Government officials, together with leading gang hierarchy, need to be seriously policed and controlled. With transiting Pluto (mob violence) linking adversely with Jupiter (law and order), human rights, devastation and displacement of the population need enforcement of a trained United Nations troop placement. The local Haiti police are not capable of strict law and order due to lack of funding, weaponry, and training, and police killings, criminal intent, and corruption with a few serving Haiti police officers.   

Viewing Prime Minister Garry Conille’s (Pisces) horoscope, he is positive, demanding, and authoritative in his political dealing and does not tolerate restrictions of his freedom of responsibility. He will have difficulties as Prime Minister, as his unpredictable nature will cause him problems within his leadership circle, also fighting corruption with departmental heads and employees over misplacing funds regarding valuable exports of agriculture products.  

With Pluto (organised crime) connecting with his natal Venus (peace) over the next eighteen months, indicates a positive turnaround of government authority, restraint and control regarding crime syndicates and human rights. Between July 5th, 2024, and April 11, 2025 a positive cleaning-up cycle for Prime Minister Conille and his leadership team will commence, as he receives international police and defence support. He believes in equality and justice and has the strength to follow through with his policies and new laws. Conille will be popular with Haiti citizens.  

July will be an interesting month for global markets. There may be a few headwinds. Watch: silver during 1-11, gold 12-31, there will be movement. Banks and currencies during 1-18, technology, telecommunications, NASDAQ 22-31.  

Be careful with all commodity trading during the week 15-19. A few surprises could be witnessed during that week.

Watch Dates: 
Currencies:1, 2, 15, 16, 17, 22, 29, 30. 
Energy: 5, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23, 24, 26, 30, 31. 
Oil: 5, 15, 16, 24, 25, 26. 
Bio: 3, 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 22, 23, 30. 
Industrials: 3, 4, 12, 17, 18, 19, 29. 30. 31. 
Banks: 1, 2, 3, 15, 16, 17, 22, 29. 
Commodities: 1, 2, 5, 15, 16, 17, 18, 26, 31. 
Telecommunications-Technology: 3, 4, 12, 15, 16, 18, 22, 23, 30, 31. 
Gold: 12, 16, 17, 12, 17, 18, 26, 30, 31. 
Silver: 1, 5, 10, 11, 15, 16, 23, 24, 29. 

Possible + and – days for the NYSX during July 2024: 
1+, 2+, 3-, 4-, 5-, 8+, 9-, 10+, 11+, 12+, 15-, 16-, 17+, 18-, 19-, 22-, 23-, 24-, 25+, 26+, 29+, 30+, 31- 
Possible + and - days for the ASX during July 2024: 
1+, 2-, 3-, 4-, 5+, 8-, 9+, 10+, 11-, 12+, 15+, 16-, 17-, 18-, 19-, 22-, 23-, 24+, 25-, 26+, 29-, 30+, 31+ 
Best days for doing things: 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20, 21, 26, 31. 
Cautious days for doing things: 1, 4, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 22, 23, 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30. 

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