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March 2021 Astrological Forecast

The astrological planetary patterns of Fact, Fiction and Folly will influence a great proportion of personal debate and media news during the month of March. A little respite can also be expected; Mercury (news) and Venus (benefits) generate a touch of support, happiness, and goodwill for many who have previously encountered restrictiveness and hard times in the past. With Pluto (disease) in transit through the zodiac sign of Capricorn (restrained), Covid-19 will continue to influence health concerns throughout this month. Fortunately, Mars (action) will move into the zodiac sign of Gemini (concentration) during March 4 to April 23, accelerating the international manufacturing, importation, and distribution of vaccines into the global community to aid the pandemic eradication. From the New Moon on March 13, 8:21 pm AEST in the pandemic sign of Pisces, together with Venus (joy) and Neptune (vaccines), a positive reduction in numbers of Covid-19 cases will be seen globally throughout March/April.

With Mercury (facts) meeting with the moon’s node (human behaviour, fiction, and activity) in retrograde (negative) through the sign of Gemini (gossip), many will be apprehensive of accepting the vaccine “jab” due to fictitious rumour, wild imagination and innuendos concerning the quality and purpose of the drug. Rest assured, with Jupiter (advantageous) in the Biotech-science sign of Aquarius, in tandem with Saturn (fortitude) also in transit through Aquarius, these new vaccines will assist in the eradication the Covid-19 problem and encourage people’s confidence back into real time motivation mode again. Whilst Saturn (conservative) transits the inventive sign of Aquarius until March 2023, expect new, improved vaccines to be produced and released to counter any future pandemic outbreaks.

By the Full Moon in Aries (action) on March 29, 4:48 am AEST, together with Venus (enjoyment), Neptune (creativity) linking favourably with Pluto (renewal), people will be identifying strongly with their personal politics, thoughts, ideas, options, and opinions. Although certain health and safety restrictions will continue to be evident this month, economically, the overall planetary aspects throughout March should bring constant fiscal change, business and career opportunities, monetary rewards, and stability, together with periods of general harmony. Greater commitment and participation will be seen through entertainment, organised sport, and outdoor interests. Recreational activities and enjoyable links with family and social acquaintances who have been restricted or in seclusion for some time, will encounter improved conditions. Travel opportunities through open state borders and the Australia-New Zealand joint tourist trade will show a positive upturn during March/April.

For those associated with the film and entertainment industry, theatre, music, arts, cultural, hospitality, tourism, racing, sporting clubs, pubs, and groups should witness a move in the right direction as the easing of regulations and conditions gradually re-open businesses. The planetary aspects of March should also favour increased employment and business opportunities for those connected with trades supplying transportation of goods and services, shipping, railways, education, mail deliveries, internet services, sales and maintenance of motor transport, radio, television, journalism, magazine and newspapers, advertising, sales, marketing, legal, computers, communications, agriculture, and farming. With Venus (food) meeting with Pluto (clubs, pub, restaurants), employment opportunities will steadily increase throughout March, bringing greater security and satisfaction for many in the hospitality industry.

With Mercury (communications) moving into the illusional sign of Pisces during March and earl April, together with Mars (impetuous) adversely associated during the next seven weeks with Neptune (deception), care should be taken with con-artists, tricksters, fraudsters, scammers, and swindlers. Be extra careful while signing documents, contracts, or agreements – read the fine print carefully. If unsure, seek legal advice. Check all bank statements for errors, change your password on phones, computers, or bank accounts if need be, do not loan money or stand guarantor to others unless you have absolute proof of contract and credit honesty, otherwise losses may occur. Increased gambling, stock market scams and global political and corporation corruption will be rife throughout March. Money may come in and go out in large amounts. Credit card debt, bank loans, home mortgages, motor vehicle finance, insurances, retirement funds, lotteries, poker machines, casinos, telephone and internet scams may cause concern for many. Be particularly frugal on 4th, 5th, 9th, 11th, 20th, 24th, 25th, 29th, 30th, 31st. Global clandestine operations, espionage, embezzlement, collusion, corruption, bribery, conspiracy, counterfeiting, drug smuggling, organised crime, arson, and human trafficking will be a win-win situation for authorities during March/April, while Mars (action) transits through the legal sign of Gemini. News broadcasts will be plentiful and surprising with intriguing subject matter during the next ten weeks.

With weather conditions changing considerably throughout March, Venus (balance) in transit through the zodiac sign of Pisces (water) could ease heavy snow falls, rain, floods, and bleak conditions in the Northern Hemisphere. With a forecast of slightly warmer temperatures, intermittent showers after the New Moon on the 13th, there may be wet conditions with melting snow in the north, however, a break in the weather with sunny, windy conditions and high seas could still prevail around coastal areas. The Southern Hemisphere can expect cooler conditions, moderate rainfalls with mild wind gusts, some cyclonic disruption in tropical coastal areas, with mid-west drought areas receiving intermittent showers. There will be much moisture in the air during the next three months, giving fuel for early, heavy snow falls in the southern high country of Australia and New Zealand. The Southern Hemisphere can expect a cold winter for 2021. Good skiing conditions are forecast during June -August, which may assist the tourist dollar. Farmers can expect significant autumn rains, improving conditions for grass growth and crop planting, especially from March 16th onward.

Unfortunately, with the Sun (energy). Mercury (gatherings). Venus (nature). and Neptune (climate) connecting in the illusional sign of Pisces, March will witness the global warming enthusiasts on the move with the United Nations Climate body pushing countries to bring forward their carbon target range from 2050 to 2030. Global warming and carbon trading lobbying will feature on their agenda from March to November 2021, building up to the Climate Conference in Scotland during November 1-12. With many global followers of climate change now in “critical panic mode” due to John Kerry (Sagittarius), US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, stating the world only has nine years left before disaster takes hold in the global climate arena ... really? Please remember, this planet has been around for approximately 4.5 billion years and will continue to be around for many millions of years in the future, long after John Kerry has departed.

Let us take a serious view forward into the 2000-2050 global ephemeris directory (factual printed planetary indicators and aspects for the years 2000 to 2050). Viewing the global horoscope and planetary aspects for 2030 (nine years' time) there is no indication whatsoever of zero emissions throughout the world during that year, including up to 2050. Reason: firstly, from 2026 to 2033, Uranus, planet of revolt and extraordinary happenings, will be in transit through the mutable zodiac sign of Gemini (duality) for the first time in 84 years, which represents on the global horoscope all scientific, communication and movement matters, sudden and unexpected transformations, conditions happening in reverse, that affects many things including transportation, motor vehicles, railways, roads, bridges, infrastructure, aircraft, communications, meteorology, paper manufacturing, telecommunications, radio, television, traffic signals, electricity, global time, commercial and international trade, wars and recovery (1942-49). Secondly, during 2030, the two arch enemy explosive planets, Jupiter (expansion) and Saturn (restriction), will be in opposition from April 23 to November 19. The last time these two planets were in opposition was May 23, 2010 to March 28, 2011, during the period of the Iraq war.

During this same period, there were many catastrophes, influenced by astronomical events, such as a 7.0 magnitude earthquake in Haiti with a death toll of 316,000, 8.8 magnitude earthquake in Chili with a death toll of 525 caused by a Pacific tsunami from the quake, 7.1 magnitude earthquake in Christchurch, New Zealand with a death toll of 187, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions in Indonesia with a death toll of 753, Australian political leadership downfall of prime minister Rudd to Gillard and a Labor victory at the federal election. A decline of global stock markets and a devalued euro causing a world debt crisis.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Mexico in November of 2010 cited climate change as the cause of global warming and weather catastrophes. Unfortunately, the group forgot that during 2010 the world experienced two very unusual eclipses – in January the longest annular solar eclipse of the third millennium occurred. Secondly, the first total solar eclipse occurred on the day of the northern winter solstice and the southern summer solstice since the year 1638. Sunspot flares spewing matter into the galaxy and eclipses usually over a three-month connection period bring misfortune through adverse weather patterns, floods, earthquakes, wildfires, heavy seas, and influence major political catastrophes including military overthrows of political situations, wars, downfalls, and juntas. 

Astrological speaking, with serious planetary aspects indicated ahead, it is predicted the world will not reach a zero-carbon target between 2030-50, due to being thrown into turmoil from 2025 onward because of China’s global Belt and Road initiative, restrictive CCP law in Hong Kong, interference and expansion of Asian territory and South Pacific countries, including China’s future forceable activities of Taiwan.  Sino/Russian and Sino/Indian tensions will also be absolute, keeping the US and many other countries in a state of readiness.

Therefore, due to global concern, disruption and economic pressures, the Climate Change debacle will be pushed to one side and the continued building of coal and gas power utilities in China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Turkey, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Brunei, Taiwan, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Poland, Brazil, and many other global countries that are presently pre-establishing will be seen. Global wars and economical disarray are predicted during this cycle, and China will be an instigator. Mining, coal, oil, and gas will be in high demand during this nine- year cycle, due to the need for baseload fuel and electricity for factories, manufacturing, services, defence forces, armament, machinery, motor transport, shipping, submarines, aircraft, missiles, weapons, computers, communications and transmissions. According to the global horoscope, it will be impossible and absurd to think the world is going to self-destruct unless we all become self-sufficient and stabilised purely on solar, wind, batteries, and hydro by 2030-50.

Mining will be in great demand over the next twenty years for baseload materials. China’s CCP (Chinese Communist Party) according to its horoscope, is very cunning; it will use climate change promises as a bargaining deal to extract other concessions from the United Nations and the US. Then it will turn around and develop its own programme of economic and military growth, using mainly coal for manufacturing and general power output, with wind and solar as a slight compromise to keep the UN happy.

Unfortunately, with Neptune (climate) presently in transit through the illusional sign of Pisces until January 27, 2026, the United Nations, the environmental movement, and the climate change debate through green eco-socialism, will endeavour to place the economic emphasis on the full maintenance and utilisation of natural clean energy resources, and will endeavour to rid the world (through future governing laws) of fossil fuels completely in the future. This is predicted not to happen, as it is a politically oblivious idea, full of disillusionment (with Neptune in Pisces) that is aimed at affecting vulnerable populations by introducing an international carbon tax, allowing the rich to get richer and the poor poorer, creating greater expense and household costs.

Fact: global solar and wind energy supply is only around 3% of the world market and that cannot fully sustain global manufacturing and household use. Solar panels and wind turbines are built from non-renewable materials and have a shelf-life of 18-20 years. That means that all the multi-millions of solar panels on home roofs, solar farms, and wind turbines that have been installed during and around the 2010 era, will need to be replaced by 2030.  Where on this earth will they dump all the used panels and wind turbines? Hopefully not in the ocean, so landfill is perhaps the only option? That will certainly upset the green vote. The climate change warriors forget that manufacturing these solar and wind products requires iron ore, concrete, glass, and plastic materials, so mining is a continuous process into the future.

Neptune (fuel) moves from Pisces (illusion) into Aries (mining, rare earth metals) from January 28, 2026 to March 23, 2039, together with Uranus (advanced ideas) in the multiple zodiac sign of Gemini (substances), and we can expect a period of major security mining and strict manufacturing procedures. The emphasis will be on a vast supply of materials such as uranium, hydrogen, lithium, cobalt, copper, iridium, dysprosium, manganese oxide, limestone for concrete and sand for glass.  According to China’s horoscope, mining is here to stay for many years in the future; this is the reason China has its eyes set on Australia as its mining quarry and future agriculture food bowl.

There have been several large batteries built around the globe, including the $200 million battery (known as the Tesla Big Battery) in South Australia, built by Elon Musk, that failed miserably when the storms hit the state on the afternoon of September 28, 2016. Astrologically, on that day the planetary aspects at that time were extremely severe. The horoscope exposed the Sun (energy) in conjunct with Jupiter (massive), and at the same time, fiercely clashing with Mars (destruction) and Pluto (gigantic), causing a massive storm that influenced South Australia's power supply shut down, the extreme cyclonic tornado that knocked out critical power infrastructure, including giant transmission towers. This huge lithium-ion battery that Musk built can currently store around 129 megawatt hours of energy and has the capacity to offer 100 megawatts of power to the grid. During a massive storm of destruction, this level of output would only last about one hour and 17 minutes if starting from a full charge. Hence the failure of electrical power that shut down South Australia.

With Jupiter (huge) and Saturn (conservative) both in the new age sign of Aquarius, the Australian government is now considering a two billion dollar battery (one of the world’s largest grid-scale batteries) to be built in the Hunter Valley, NSW, in efforts to fill the gaps created by the retirement of the Liddell Coal Power Station. It is envisaged, over the next 20 years, around 16 gigawatts of thermal coal-fired generation and gas assets are retiring from the industry. Power will be generated through solar panels installed on industrial and commercial rooftops before being stored in the battery. It is expected to be under construction in 2022 and the battery up and running by 2023. There is a requirement for solar power in the world, but NOT as base load power for heavy manufacturing and industry.

Xi Jinping's horoscope commences a problematic cycle from March 5 to April 23. With the CCP Conference in March, economic and military disagreements within the CCP and anticipated European countries are predicted. Further legal steps blocking content in social media between Hong Kong and Taiwan will be seen. President Xi will have difficulty getting his own way with trade in the EU.

Myanmar's horoscope: sanctions not enough. Venus, Mars, and Pluto form an expansive aspect. Generals to cash in on major international drug trade. Burma drug triangle to expand with China triads. General Min Aung Hlaing (Cancer) to have surprising, positive meetings with UN and Chinese officials during March and especially 1st -22nd April.

Australian – Chinese relations during March show a slight improvement with trade talk negotiations due to Mercury (communications) favourably connecting with Venus (peace) and Pluto (in-depth), forming a positive connection. China needs Australia, and the CCP Conference delegates in March will all generally agree. Australian exporters could see improvement with future business.

Global markets could witness a boost in March, especially during 15th-31st, when the New York Stock Exchange commences a new 29-day trading cycle on their horoscope. Mercury in a positive direction will have a building effect on oil prices and keep an eye on commodities during 12th-18th. You may see a slight improvement with the consumer service sector when Mercury (communications) moves into Pisces (human services) during March 16 - April 4.  With Mars (determination) now moving into the zodiac sign of Gemini (communications) during March-April, expect to see an improved confidence in the marketplace overall. Venus will enter the mining and engineering sign of Aries from March 22 and transit until April 4.  We could witness Chinese-Australian trade negotiations showing signs of a forward trade movement. Biotech may continue to show promise throughout March, with the Sun, Venus and Neptune giving financial strength to the industry as Covid-19 is on the way to a slow eradication. March is not the best month for gold, although there may be some improvement during 22nd - 31st.

The ASX appears to have an improved month, influenced by many global political and economic changes after the CCP conference. The following days may assist investors. Using the plus and minus overall for the days, care should be taken with minus days as they will fluctuate hourly and possibly end up minus at closing:

Trading Days: 1+, 2+, 3+, 4+, 5+, 8+, 9-, 10-, 11-, 12+, 15-16+, 17+, 18-, 19+, 22+, 23+, 24+, 25+, 26+, 29-, 30+

From March 22 to April 14, be prepared for some excitement in the marketplace. The ASX could have some nice profitable rallies. Venus (gains) connects positively with an array of planets and a few surprises could be in store.

Best Days: 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 22, 30, 31.
Cautious Days: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 21, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29.


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