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August 2019 Astrological Forecast

Will Boris Johnson (Gemini) set the United Kingdom on a new-found economic path and will he solve Brexit?  This is what many are asking. What makes Boris tick, and can he produce the goods to lead the country amicably and economically into a new fiscal direction as the newly elected prime minister? According to his horoscope, yes, he can. Johnson, with his moon in the zodiac sign of Scorpio, has always been conservative, shy, sensitive, secretive and reserved especially as a child, together with a fanciful desire to be the prime minister of the country. He realised early in his life that he was different from other kids on the block. Over the years Boris has developed a unique, outgoing, expressional part of his personality that tends to stimulate people and groups to creatively exploit their own potential and dreams as he invigorates his own. He was born to be a politician.

Astrologically, Boris Johnson is a power-driven dynamo—Intuitive, independent, intelligent, versatile, loyal to close friends and does not accept limitations. At heart he is a non-conformist, but in a dignified way. His versatility throughout his life has always attracted much criticism, through his variety of studies, ideas, interests and creative activities. With Jupiter (law, politics) and Pluto (defiance) favourably stationed in his horoscope, he has a deep sense of personal responsibility and a basic respect for legitimate authority. Variety and change appeals to him and he will constantly strive for a better way of life for all, immaterial of the opposition. Although Johnson is extremely cunning and alternates between period of aggression, recession and apathy, his biggest problem is his eclectic, impatient side of his character. Johnson can be extremely subjective to his opinions and has a strong desire to be free to exploit himself without hesitation or restraint. This unfortunately can be his downfall at times.

Planetary aspects during the next six months favour Boris Johnson. His dealings over Brexit and many of his planned economic changes appear to come together. Lucky Jupiter will play an important role in re-establishing negotiations with the EU. Mars (debate) will clash between August 18 and September 9 causing havoc, however during October 7- 30 is favourable overall for decisions and agreements. During October 31 to November 20 could see Brexit extended for a short period during this cycle whist outcomes are made. Will Brexit be advantageous for the UK in the future? According the UK horoscope a Brexit abandonment will be the makings of a greater economic trading base for the UK, USA, Australia and New Zealand. During the next three years, trade and economic growth will be seen with these countries. The most important cycle is when Uranus (sudden and unexpected) connects with the UK natal Sun (achievements), Moon (economy), Mars (competition) during 2022- 2023 (first time for 85 years), an historic economic event is predicted to take place. Expect massive fiscal changes with UK trade and global markets during this cycle.

With a new moon on August 1st at 1:12 pm AEST in the Zodiac sign of Leo (government), and Uranus (power and authority) clashing with Jupiter (political law and order), expect a month of hostility, debate, powerplay, challenges, demonstrations, protests, movement with global population, disputes between leaders and countries. Fortunately, Mercury (planet of communications and deals) will commence a positive direct motion from the 2nd in the security sign of Cancer, keeping the subject of any serious confrontation between Iran, America and the UK in limbo. According to the horoscopes of these three countries, there appears to be a backdown and compromise to the present Middle Eastern situation when Mars (action) enters Virgo (facts and logic) from the 17th. However, between the 1st and 16th, expect disruption and tit-for-tat situations to continue with threats and minor verbal encounters between Iran, UK and the USA.

With Mars (action) clashing with Jupiter (escalation) on Iran’s horoscope, tensions will be high, and verbal occurrences will take place. However, no major war appears likely. Putin’s Russia will not be involved with the Iranian controversy, according to Putin’s horoscope. However, with Mercury (agreements) and Jupiter (optimism) favourably connecting by the 21st, Russia is predicted to comply with global nuclear arms control treaties in August.

With the Sun now in the Zodiac sign of Leo until the 24th, the world is about to encounter a problematical and unorthodox change in political thinking and direction. Interesting to note how those with zodiac air signs appear to dominate the globe on the major political leadership scale. We have Donald Trump (Gemini), Xi Jinping (Gemini), Boris Johnson (Gemini), Vladimir Putin (Libra), very unusual to see all these air sign personalities at the world helm at the same time.

With the supreme leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei (Cancer), and President Hassan Rouhani (Scorpio), both water signs of the zodiac, getting along with these strategic and secretive gentlemen will be difficult if pushed. According to Ali Khamenei's and Hassan Rouhani's horoscopes, neither wish to start a war and will do everything possible to prevent one. With new nuclear sanctions adding to the already targeted endorsements, Iran desperately needs to sell oil for economy, hence if war broke out (which it won’t) it would not take long for China and Asia to react adversely and defensively over restricted fossil fuels according to their horoscopes. Fortunately, the Asian dragon will not be breathing volatile fire until Uranus (disruption) meets with China's natal moon (home economy) and Mars (defence) during 2024-25.

By 2024-25 the global economy will have changed dramatically making China and Asia more dependent on oil and coal for their defence and economic security. According to the global horoscope, political apprehensiveness and concern will be critical during these years and some poorer countries could be on a prepared war footing at the slightest upheaval. During 2019 -2027 the United Nations Security Council will be under great pressure as Saturn and Pluto form a once-in-a-lifetime adverse aspect with the natal planets on the UN horoscope. Many serious disruptions are in store. Watch for the sudden and unexpected as countries enlarge their defence force capabilities and global economies begin to transform and in some cases falter.  China is predicted to expand their infrastructure with new and improved naval and air defence bases throughout the Asia-Pacific area, much to the concern of Australia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Pacific islands.

Imran Khan (Sagittarius), Pakistan’s Prime Minister, is predicted to continue a beneficial working relationship with President Trump (Gemini) a positive compatibility between the two leaders will be noticeable as they endeavour to bring the Taliban to the table for peace talks. Khan has commenced his new 12-year Jupiter cycle (law and order), which began on 8 November 2018. White House officials are pushing for a permanent ceasefire between Taliban troops and Afghanistan security forces, and they are hopeful that Pakistan can help make this happen. According to Khan's horoscope, unfortunately, he is presently entering an extremely aggressive and demanding period of his destiny with Uranus (sudden and unexpected) clashing with his natal Mars (violence) from now until March 15, 2021. During this cycle it will be difficult for Khan to stabilise the Pakistan economy, achieve successful negotiations between all parties to end fighting in Afghanistan, and keep onside with India at the same time. With intense planetary aspects surrounding Imran Khan, he will need to watch his safety during this cycle, a possible government disruption or assassination attempt could be made on his life. Pakistan has long been criticised for harbouring wanted terrorist and militant groups who manipulate and corrupt many Pakistani officials.

The following countries will continue to be astrologically on the watch list for August. Caution is advised when travelling to these places due to possible unexpected adverse economic conditions,  weather or political disruption: Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Puerto Rico, Cape-Verde Islands, South Africa, Somalia, Madagascar, Monaco, Portugal, Oman, Malta, Columbia, Malaysia, Brazil, North Korea, Russia, Liechtenstein, Namibia, Eire, Swaziland, Botswana, Kosovar, Syria, Singapore, Serbia, New Zealand, USA, Romania, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Greece, Mozambique, Vietnam, Tunisia, Sudan, Afghanistan, Ghana, France, Spain, Israel, Palestine, Sri Lanka, Grenada, Saotome-Principe, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Nepal, Seychelles, Angola, Timor, Ethiopia, Congo, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Albania, Belgium, Venezuela, Thailand, Canada, India, Costa-Rica, Khalistan, Brunei, Cyprus, Mexico, Pakistan, Saudi-Arabia, Yemen, Uruguay, Peru.

With the Sun (encouragement), Mercury (announcements), Venus (income) and Mars (strength) all in transit through the zodiac sign of Leo (gold) and Virgo (Biotech), August will be an arousing and interesting month for global markets. Watch gold prices, especially between 1st - 22nd and Biotech during 19th - 31st. Jupiter (expansion) will move in a direct positive motion as from 11th and markets should show a kaleidoscope of interests, with many unexpected industrial and tech plunges, especially during 1st-16th.  With Jupiter (prices) and Neptune (oil) clashing during August, petrol prices and oil will fluctuate considerably throughout the month and will not settle to any great extent until after 26 November 2019. Good buys and profits with semi-conductor companies are predicted. The demand for timber will be high in August; deforestation and corruption could be a problem for many countries. 

The following ASX trading days may assist investors. Using the plus and minus tips overall for the days, care should be taken with minus days as they will fluctuate hourly on a positive throughout the day and possibly end up minus at closing:
Trading Days: 1-, 2-, 5-, 6+, 7+, 8+, 9-, 12+, 13+, 14+, 15+, 16-, 19+, 20-, 21+, 22-, 23+, 26+, 27-, 28+, 29+, 30+.
Agriculture: 5, 6, 9, 12, 13, 14, 26, 27.
Biotech: 5, 14, 15, 16, 19, 30.
Energy: 7, 8, 9, 12, 19, 27, 27,
Metals: 9, 12, 13, 19, 20, 21,
Financials: 7, 8, 9, 12, 21, 22, 23, 26, 27.  
Gold: 1, 2, 9, 12, 28, 29.
Silver: 7, 8, 26, 27.

With the Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars linking in the entertainment centre of the global horoscope, August brings much outdoors activity, sport, travel, holidays, music, theatrical, movies, creative activities, hobbies, nightclubs, dancing and entertainment to the fore. Gambling and many forms of financial speculation, investment, lotteries, casinos and thoroughbred racing will also attract many. Any activity where an element of chance is involved, people will be trying their luck. August is a month where the turnover of money will be extravagant and produce some first-time millionaires through good fortune by being at the right place at the right time. Restaurants, cafes and dine-out food facilities can expect to be busy throughout August with excellent profits to be made.

Employment opportunities for August will be seen in the fashion, entertainment and travel industry, financial advisers, stock broking, radio, television, theatre, managers, hotel workers, manufacturing, pilots, trades people, defence and police forces, event security personal, gardeners, farm workers, bakers, pastry cooks, hairdressers, makeup artists, home removalists, truck drivers, air conditioning, counsellors, sociologists, psychologists, tour guides, lighting specialist, machinists, motor mechanics, aged care, youth workers, child care, referees, umpires, coachers, horse trainers, jockeys, physiotherapists, masseurs, florists, retail sales staff and forest industry.
For many August will influence an increase in the internet dating circle of friendships, social activities and acquaintances. Don’t be at all surprised if people from your past re-enter your destiny. August will be a nostalgic month for many, and some will reunite with family and friends that have been absent for many months or years. Travel bookings are predicted to be heavy and the planetary patterns generally favour safe travel. Mercury’s direct and positive transit through the zodiac signs of Cancer (home matters), Leo (good times), and Virgo (organisation) in August assures any delays, cancelations, frustrations and miscommunication will be at a minimum, so enjoy.

Mercury (news), Venus (love) and Uranus (surprise) will certainly sweep the gossip magazines with some juicy celebrity stories for August, ranging from impulsive surprise marriages, love spats, divorces, drunken behaviour, sexual and drug offences, bankruptcies and celebrity falls from grace. With the Sun in transit through Cancer/Leo/Virgo the royal family will certainly be newsworthy with surprise behind-the-scenes stories. For couples that wish to start a family, you could not pick a better month, pregnancy numbers will be up for August. For many mothers giving birth this month, your child could be an achiever, future leader or come before the public in a prestige way in the future.

August has many favourable planetary aspects and real estate sales could reach positive figures and profits. Saturn (limitation) and Pluto (restriction) are still hovering in the business sign Capricorn that will affect major infrastructure program planning and future financial management.  As both planets move closer together over the next six months, economies throughout the world will be under great pressure due to tariffs and trade embargoes, escalating debt and a tightening of internal economies.  Date to watch in August: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 16th, 17th, 18th, 23rd, 25th, 27th, 28th, 30th. Care should be taken with business affairs and financial matters.

Although the global crime rate will continue to be high for August and many major crime incidents will make headlines, the police, security services and authorities will have their time cut out with corruption, drug cases, importation, missing persons, kidnapping, illegal immigrants, terrorist suspects, crimes against children, prohibited sports betting, fraud and major robberies. Mail order brides, human slave and child trafficking pedophilia syndicates will be on the rise.

From the full moon at 10:29 pm AEST on the 15th combining with Mercury (activity) and Uranus (disruption), changeable and concerning weather conditions will be seen, together with possible seismic activity and unsettled conditions.  The Sun will leave Leo (hot) and enter Virgo (cool) together with Venus (pleasant) conjoining with Mars (action) in Virgo for the last two weeks of August. Climatic conditions should improve in both northern and southern hemispheres, although rain will continue to be intermittent in the southern areas.

With the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Virgo (research) the interest and further in-depth study regarding climate change will accelerate, but not in the way one would imagine. Have you noticed the planet is attracting hotter temperatures? Don’t blame global warming and climate change for present weather conditions, it is all part of the axial precession that is a gravity induced.  It’s a slow and continuous change in the gradual shift in the orientation of the Earth’s axis of a rotation cycle, approximately every 25,772 years. We have always had climate change, and this endless change will continue over the next 300,000,000 years as earth continues to rotate on the axial precession. Look back through history records. Climate changes have been frequent, from cold to hot, floods to drought, species vanished, new species born, an ever-increasing circle of Alfa/Omega.

To add to the problem there are multi-millions of solar panels on roof tops and solar farms throughout the world and they are expanding their presence daily. These solar panels attract the Sun's rays for energy powers, however when you attract the Sun’s rays you also attract heat. Hence the temperature must increase through the stratosphere and atmosphere due to the parallel attraction. Another problem researchers will not admit to. What do we do with all the used solar panels when they have served their term of purpose and are in need of replacement? At present the panels are extremely difficult to dispose of with the recycling method, so land fill appears to be the major avenue of solar panel disposal. This will only increase pollution and will continue to be an ever-increasing circle of worry for the planet. Perhaps coal-fired power still has a purpose, although nuclear power is the energy of the future, after parliamentary debate and legislative change. We certainly live in interesting times. Be prepared.




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