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April 2020 Astrological Forecast

Viewing the global horoscope for April and comparing it with the zodiac chart of China, Mars (disputes), Saturn (restriction), Jupiter (increase) and Pluto (disease) shockwaves this month off with a clash of planet aspects, and much disruption. The Chinese government has been silent over the past few months and they have an irrefutable need and responsibility to apologise to the leaders of the world over the infectious Covid-19 pandemic that has caused a serious breakdown with health and global economics. This new pandemic will continue to advance in the months ahead, causing a critical financial period for economies internationally until the Luna eclipse, November 30, completes the cycle.

During April, with Mars (aggression) conjoining Saturn (restriction) currently in Aquarius (sovereignty), expect to see a further decline in global trade, rising consumer prices, business closures, mass unemployment, bankruptcies, rising debt and disarray, immaterial of government restriction, stimulus and handouts. People around the world will be changing their ways of living as their financial security emanates under the virus threat and this is only the beginning. This critical cycle of the next nine months will not only increase acute setbacks for various world economies, but will also near bankrupt countries like Greece, Spain, Italy, Argentina and many destitute Asian and African countries.

The world can expect a lengthy period of global health-based difficulties from April 1 through to June 30, 2020, including a fearful economic trade struggle and near market collapse. The Lunar eclipse June 6th and the Solar eclipse on June 21st, in the respective zodiac signs of Gemini (communication-trade-travel) and Cancer (home-security), will be the triggers that ignite the fuse for a second wave of chronic market volatility and global insecurity until November 30, 2020. To add to the global problems, an assorted planetary cycle of transits during the second half of this year will also entice extreme weather conditions around the globe that will add to the economic hardship, security and market volatility. The global major crime rate is predicted to escalate during this cycle, especially drug trafficing and sales. Major drug busts will be seen during April, Unfortunately, some stimulus money will see its way into the drug cartels pockets.

With a Lunar eclipse in Cancer/Capricorn on July 5, 2020, expect a second wave of seasonal flu and sickness that will sweep the southern hemisphere, creating difficulties for suppliers over the supply of pharmaceuticals, goods and services. Both northern and southern hemispheres can also expect extreme hardship through thunderstorms, snow falls, floods, mud slides, seismic activity, cyclones, electrical outage, gas explosions and fires. Weather conditions will be extreme, and it won’t be because of global warming scenarios. This will be a long haul of global disruption, so be prepared and be patient. Astrologically, and fortunately, this year’s planetary cycles will be a one-off event. Rest assured there is plenty of light at the end of the tunnel from November 2020 onwards.

During July to November 2020, expect to see aircraft back in the skies more frequently and a lifting of certain travel restrictions in various parts of the world. Although the Covid-19 virus will continue to show a downward trend through medical control, individual health care precautions should still be taken.  Throughout this year, global economic restrictions will continue to encourage GDP growth to remain around 1% with markets slowly recuperating by January 6, 2021 onward. From the last Lunar eclipse for this year, November 30, 2020, in the communications and trade signs of Gemini and Sagittarius and the New Moon Solar eclipse in Sagittarius, December 15, my prediction for 2021 is that excellent economic recovery will be witnessed. With the assistance of lucky Jupiter in transit through the self-determination sign of Aquarius, first time for 12 years, expect a positive jump with global markets and greater employment opportunities for 2021. One thing is sure, the world will never encounter another Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto combination in the business sign of Capricorn in our lifetime, with all the conspiracies floating around on social media and China playing the blame game with the USA and other countries. Well forget it, the Covid-19 started in China and they will never admit their blame. But will they in the future? Astrologically, NO, they will blame the USA and the conspiracy will continue.

Although China’s economy has been very impacted and all exports, imports to and from China have been hit by previous tariffs that have impacted raw material and in turn the global supply chain, China, this month, appears to be turning the corner. According to China’s horoscope, Saturn (authority) and Pluto (corruption) link favourably with China’s natal Moon and Mars. This combination will see health control and improvements, seeing the Covid-19 virus slowly eradicated. Pluto (eradication) will connect with China’s natal Uranus (advanced ideas). Chinese internal authorities under the direction of Xi Jinping’s government appear also to swing into action over the next eight months generating a massive clean-up, with many arrests for illegal activities, the closing down of wet markets and trade of exotic animals, confronting and dealing with health and safety matters, investigating behind the scene business activities, corruption, fraud and tax evasion. With Neptune (fumigation) in transit through Pisces (confinement) and linking favourably with China’s Moon and Mars, expect to see a major clean-up of premises and workplaces in China with greater health regulations imposed by Xi Jinping and his communist regime.

Warning: China is now on the verge of a major internal transformation of living standard, manufacturing and infrastructure advancement that may shock the world during the next five years. China's standard of living is predicted to rise and theywill enforce greater control over the global economy, trade, foreign investment, property, food, military, health, pharmaceutical and welfare. The present combination of planetary aspects and movement on China’s chart will influence a breakaway from circumstances that have held the country back. Expect to see many revolutionary and financial changes ahead for China. Quoting Xi Jinping addressing his troops, October 1, 2019: “We will win”.

However, beware, during 2024-26 China is predicted to make world-shattering power changes and become a global threat both economically and militarily as the country builds greater financial security and defence infrastructure capabilities, internally and especially in external areas of Africa, South China Sea, Cambodia, Federation States of Micronesia, and South Pacific Islands. Many world leaders will continue to negotiate trade and investment with China but should be aware of China’s plans to acquire ownership of land, property and business holdings. If care is not taken, some world governments could be hoodwinked into deals, with Saturn (limitation) clashing with Uranus (unexpected) influencing the global cooperative and financial sectors of the world horoscope.

Future regrets are indicated as China talks about open trade yet takes possession of land, minerals, oil and food holdings off foreign countries. Foreign investment is always welcomed by most governments and especially China. However, federal laws should be changed to empower China to lease, but not own, other countries' sovereignty of land. Astrologically, China’s intention is to own valuable prime agriculture land for food supply and strategic areas allocated around the globe for future military bases.

Xi Jinping
Viewing Xi Jinping’s horoscope (Gemini), the next nine months will see this Premier in the frontline of the world stage. His authority and action will surprise world leaders. He is determined to never allow an event like Covid-19 to occur again, as it has embarrassed him and official members of his hierarchy. This will be a month of important communication, negotiations, action and changes. His emotions will fluctuate; he needs to speak, be heard, to learn and to know. World leaders will also witness many changes, surprises and reformation in China’s occupational environment through the direction of Xi Jinping. He is apt to be impatient and irritable with his party superiors and will demand vital changes in the party’s policies and future direction. Xi Jinping will be very susceptible during April; he will tend to respond to everything in an aggressive and rude way, which will complicate his dealings with world dignitaries, communist party leaders and the Chinese public in general. He will be on the defensive and may show an unusual degree of authority and personal ego. Xi Jinping will encounter stressful and difficult times this month especially during April 15th - 30th.  From April 24, 2020 to January 10, 2021, Xi Jinping will show greater determination to get what he wants. An extremely tense time for the world, many countries will be defenceless financially, relying on China for future economic support.

Through Xi Jinping’s direction, China’s economic transformation and new beginnings are emphasised in April and will take up to seven years to establish. From this month onward, Premier Xi is likely to look for ways to economise, save, or at least become aware of China’s growth, income and expenses. The country’s manufacturing and financial situation will fluctuate and change during April to December. Selective world leaders of third world and near bankrupt countries may request or receive gifts, loans, investment and property rights that will eventually benefit China’s future desires. China’s loans and holdings over many countries will increase China’s future assets. Income and security will also grow through Xi inviting foreign investment into China. Xi Jinping’s China will make purchases or deal with banks or credit organisations to China’s advantage and the world should be on the alert. Global economies will change suddenly and unexpectedly as Uranus (disruption) transits Taurus (global finances) until April 26, 2026. When Uranus (sudden and unexpected) moves into Gemini, April 26, 2026 to May 23, 2033, China is predicted to have a serious global hold, economically and military.

Scott Morrison
Prime Minister Morrison (Taurus) will be in for a fortunate cycle in April and the Australian public will appreciate his authority and control. Although the world is under adverse circumstances, Morrison has an extremely favourable set of planetary aspects surrounding him for April. Saturn (responsibility) and Pluto (transformation) in transit connect auspiciously with his natal planets, influencing greater stability, strength, and a sense of well-being, control and contentment. The need to find safety and emotional protection for all Australians may cause him to feel overburdened with added responsibilities, tiredness and emotional loneliness. However, his personal authority, pride and capacity to organise will increase and his popularity with the Australian public will certainly lift his ratings in the polls. Although certain limitations may be necessary, the Australian public appear to be content with his Cabinet's plans and decisions for the financial stimulus packages. Morrison will continue to attain important objectives together with periodic, sudden fits of impatience and dissatisfaction with the current situation. He will tend to be in a positive state of mind and feel optimistic about the future. Difficult dates for Morrison, April 2, 3, 5, 8, 14, 17, 22. Further shutdowns will be announced.

Donald Trump
With Venus (balance) in Gemini throughout April to August, President Trump (Gemini) will grow in popularity with USA polls favouring Trump compared to Joe Biden (Scorpio). Trump will have a reputation this month as 'Mr Fixit'. He will go to no expense attacking the Covis-19 war and will succeed in the months ahead. Mars in the zodiac sign of Aquarius will also assist Trump in his battle against speaker Nancy Pelosiand Minority Democrat Leader Chuck Schumer, who are endeavouring to advance their green donor base ahead of Covid-19. They want a relief package that has nothing to do with the workers of the USA, but an agenda that they’ve been trying to get passed for 10 years. Watch the period of 20th-30th April; Trump will make headlines. Trump's administration will get his stimulus package through Congress and the USA can look forward to a positive change of direction over the next three months. However, the June eclipses will influence markets until November 30, 2020.

April could see a few positive daily changes at the marketplace amongst the volatility, with Venus (money) in Gemini (trading), and Mars (action) in Aquarius (freedom). With positive reports from the USA, expect to see a mixed bag of transactions with banks, gold, coal, gas, mining and Biotech continuing steadily on the export side. This is still an exceptionally positive month to purchase blue chip and speculative shares, whilst the market is encountering a change.  Although the markets are volatile, it is still a good time to buy.  Don’t be too concerned with the present market situation, the worst is yet to come during the eclipse period in June. During June 6 and 21 the market will encounter a major shakeup through to July 5, 2020. However, markets will turn during August, with a positive indication of a growing recovery, building up to a positive rally January 8 to February 30, 2021, when Venus (money-balance) enters the corporate sign of Capricorn.  All indication shows a positive start to 2021.

With the markets changing rapidly hour by hour at present due to spot announcements, it is difficult to predict the final bell + or - for the day as the planets are influenced by the Moon in transit. The following ASX trading days may assist investors. Using the plus and minus method overall for the trading days. Care should be taken with minus days as they will fluctuate hourly, then by the end of trading for the day the ASX could end up plus at closing.

April: 6-, 7-, 8-, 9-, 10+, 13-, 14+, 14-, 15+, 16+, 17+, 20-, 21-, 22-, 23+, 24+, 27+, 28+, 29-, 30+
Agriculture: 1, 2, 13, 14, 15, 28, 29, 30.
Biotech: 6, 7, 15, 16, 17, 27.
Energy: 13, 16, 17, 27.
Metals: 9, 10, 13, 21, 22, 23, 27.
Financials: 8, 9, 10, 14, 22, 23, 24.
OIL, Gas: 9, 10, 14, 20, 28, 29, 30.
Gold: 3, 7, 8, 21, 30.
Silver: 1, 2, 17, 28, 29. 

From April 4, Venus, planet of balance and settling, moves into the zodiac sign of Gemini (assortment) until August 8, 2020, although there will be severe health and employment complications to contend with during this cycle, due to many adverse planetary aspects in transit. Venus will be the artillery that helps smooth and deliver opportunities to certain businesses and help keep the wheels turning. During April, you could see favourable deals and satisfactory sales of motor vehicles, motor bikes, trucks, tractors, bicycles, scooters, skateboards and roller skates. For those businesses involved in computer sales, telephones, communication equipment, office supplies, printers, jewellers, newsagents, booksellers, translators and security personnel, employment can be assured. Grocery, food line, delivery businesses and mail services should hold their jobs and new jobs could be created with profits through April.

Mars (disarray) and Uranus (abrupt) will clash during the first two weeks of April. Care should be taken with all activities and especially business and career negotiations, as these planets will test your patience.  Due to increased health restrictions and limitations, Mercury in Aries during the 11th-20th will influence much impatience, aggravation and argument between the unemployed public and government departments, healthcare personal, businesspeople, landlords, customers and elderly public. April is an accident-prone month and care should be taken with all movement and around the home as the Sun (energy) with form a critical aspect with Jupiter (excess) and Pluto (anger), creating a difficult period for most. Shopping queues will continue to aggravate many, and supermarket shelves will continue to be understocked. Taking evasive action is the key for April; a little patience, moderation and compromise will be necessary. Domestic abuse and violence cases are predicted to escalate during April, major crime will be an issue due to a lack of finance, home frustration, limitation, robbery and boredom.

From the 13th to 22nd, the Sun (energy) will link with Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto. This cycle will see financial stimulus packages on the move for first-start unemployed, small business and pensioners. Unfortunately, from the New Moon, April 23, 12:26 pm AEST, and with Mercury (applications) clashing with Jupiter (large amounts of money) and Pluto (corruption), many will be endeavoring to rip off the system with fraudulent applications and false information to obtain funds. Corruption and fraudulent activities will be running rife in April and authorities will be on full alert. Police, military and store security will be stepped up during April for crowd control and supervising customer disputes.

Mercury (communication) connecting with Jupiter (volume), Pluto (readjustment) and Venus (balance) in Gemini (information) throughout April, will create a stressful, downturn situation for those associated in sales, marketing, advertising, magazine and publishing, news media, television and radio networks, printing companies, recording industry and online booking agencies. Advertising revenue will cease in many cases, requiring many companies to retrench journalists, staff and contributors.

Those industries who should survive this long recession cycle will be banks, credit card operators, post offices, couriers and delivery companies, laundry-dry cleaners, online education, mechanics, trades people, medical practices, respiratory therapist, nursing, aged care, transportation workers, truck drivers, railroad workers, bakers, butchers, pick-up food services, rubbish and garbage collectors, farmers, market gardeners, fisheries, internet companies, telecommunication, meteorologists and cleaners. Many self-employed small business operators will close their operations, relocate for cheaper rental, declare bankruptcy or retire. For those small businesses who decide to sit this cycle out for the next eight months, be assured, it will be long and tough for everyone. Private health fund will be an issue over April. With private hospitals closing, private health funds will rise in premium. There should be a hold on all health fund for the next three months, however greed will prevail. You either pay or cop out into the public system.

Fortunately, with the slow parting of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto from December 17, 2020, everyone around the globe can take a deep breath and a sigh of relief. The future looks extremely bright for 2021.

Best days: 3, 4, 11, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 27, 30.
Cautious Days: 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, 29.







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