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Both of you are outgoing, friendly people. You enjoy socialising and you enjoy each other's company immensely. Very often Sagittarius provides extra "zing" to the relationship with lots of grandiose ideas, dreams, visions, and restless wanderlust. Libra helps provide a more balanced, sensible perspective while usually being sympathetic to Sagittarius as well. However, sometimes your joint activities may fail to b fruitful. Libra is often prone to go along with people even when there are lots of doubts. Sagittarius may enthusiastically talk Libra into ventures that Libra should have the sense to question rather than meekly accept. Overall, though, this is likely to be a most enjoyable relationship.

For the most part you get along very harmoniously. You are both idealistic and you prefer to see the good and noble and beautiful in life and in people (even when that means ignoring the plain facts about a person!). You are both open and tolerant, and you enjoy mixing with others, going out, and socialising.

There are differences between you, though. Sagittarius is quite candid, often to the point of being blunt, though in a good-natured manner, while Libra is generally very diplomatic and gracious. Sagittarius has strong convictions and beliefs and expresses them very openly, while Libra may not take a strong stance to avoid offending someone. Libra is more personable and more aware of other people's responses, while Sagittarius is cheerfully oblivious to others' responses and feelings at times. Sagittarius is sometimes boisterous and outrageous, while Libra's behaviour is always in good taste.

Also, Libra needs companionship and a lot of affection, and may feel insecure without a close partner. Sagittarius is more independent and sometimes enjoys going off on a solitary adventure.

One strong factor that attracted you to each other is the feeling that you can have a deep, stable, permanent relationship and settle down together, facing life's responsibilities in a mature way, tackling challenges together such as raising children, becoming financially secure, etc. These concerns can gradually cause your relationship to become too absorbed with "serious" matters, causing both of you to feel limited and stifled by the relationship. Libra has a strong tendency to criticise and judge Sagittarius's actions, sometimes accurately and sometimes unjustly. Libra should guard against this tendency to dampen Sagittarius's enthusiasm, and Sagittarius needs to avoid being overly sensitive to Libra's suggestions and criticisms. Libra's tendency to dominate, control, or even repress Sagittarius makes Sagittarius resentful at times, and Sagittarius may feel lowered vitality and self-confidence after being with Libra for a long time. You must make room for lightness and play, or you both will feel burdened and the tone that is set between you.

Together you can build a solid, secure relationship, a place of refuge and strength, but you must take care not to make it a prison with too much emphasis on commitment, responsibility, and duty. Libra, in particular, has a strong parental attitude towards Sagittarius, providing stability and support, yet also restricting, disciplining, or criticising Sagittarius's emotional, childish needs. Libra can be cool and indifferent towards Sagittarius's neediness. A pessimistic, heavy, serious atmosphere may develop between the two of you.

The mental rapport that you two share is a big reason why you enjoy each other's company and are good friends. Communication is open and harmonious. You work together very well on practical affairs, daily chores, problem-solving, and business activities.

Libra's more mature, responsible, reliable side comes out in this relationship. Libra becomes almost paternalistic in this relationship, always being concerned about Sagittarius's well-being. Libra is also inclined to offer lots of critical advice, at times interfering too much with Sagittarius's plans and goals. Libra's "helpful criticism" sometimes sours into moralistic judgements. Libra should be wary of the tendency to control or severely limit Sagittarius's sense of freedom.

Libra enjoys performing chores for Sagittarius, and also takes an interest in Sagittarius's work and health. Libra enjoys assisting Sagittarius in practical ways and the two of you are able to buckle down together and accomplish a great deal.

Sexual attraction is very strong, but as with other things, one of you is likely to come on too strong to the other and this may be offensive to your partner. There is a driving, compelling, somewhat impersonal quality to your love-making at times.

Sometimes, you may be highly motivated to try out new and unusual forms of sexual expression. Other times, you may prefer a more conservative approach. You both enjoy your sex, a total union. It will never be for entertainment.

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