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A basic difference in your personalities is that Libra likes to look at both sides of an issue and consider any situation from every angle. Libra likes to discuss ideas with others, get their opinion, and sometimes has difficulty coming to a definitive decision. Aries is prone to be just the opposite, taking a strong, more one-sided view of a situation and frequently is uninterested in hearing others' point of view. In order for your relationship to work, you will have to reconcile this basic difference in your personalities. Over time, Libra may feel that Aries is a selfish egotist and Aries may feel that Libra is a weak-willed wimp. Obviously, you will need to have greater appreciation and respect for each other than this! Libra makes many more compromises and accommodations for the relationship than Aries does.

The two of you are opposites in many ways and you are each drawn to the qualities in your partner that you lack.

Libra doesn't really feel complete without a love partners, and instinctively knows how to share, blend with, and harmonize with people, while Aries is more self-reliant and assertive, and often rather inconsiderate of others' needs and desires. Aries instinctively takes charge and tends to run the show, while Libra is the conciliator and compromiser in your relationship.

Libra depends a great deal on others' approval, often lacks a strong sense of self or personal direction, and may simply go along with Aries much of the time, for Aries has stronger preferences and less willingness to accommodate a partner's wishes. Libra wants togetherness, while Aries needs time to go off alone and be a free agent sometimes. Also, Aries is rather impulsive and volatile, and is prone to outburst of temper, while Libra is more rational and often avoids unpleasant emotions, especially anger. Therefore, Libra may appear to be the nice, likeable "good guy" in the relationship, while Aries is cast in the role of the trouble maker.

When personal problems arise, Libra wants to discuss them with a counsellor or friend, is open to suggestion and others' opinions, and wants to negotiate a fair, equitable solution. Aries is less likely to seek outside help and may have little patience for taking and airing the problem, unless some clear, concrete change results.

Libra embodies many of the characteristics that Aries is seeking in a mate or partner, and Aries finds Libra irresistibly appealing for this reason. Libra is also the polar opposite of Aries in many ways, so that you complement or balance one another very well. However, the very qualities that originally were so attractive may become sources of friction between you. Aries, don't expect Libra to be like you are! One of the gifts Libra ahs for you is to show you "the other side of the coin". For instance, if you are very logical and rational, your partner may have a highly intuitive or poetic mind (or vice versa). Instead of accusing your partner of being irrational or fuzzy-minded, try to appreciate that difference between you.

Sparks fly when you come into contact with one another! Strong feelings of love, attraction, warmth, mutual admiration, and appreciation bring you together, and you are able to express your love feelings openly and fully to one another. You can be great friends and companions as well as lovers.

Sex can be a source of limitless entertainment and attraction for the both of you. Variety in sexual exchange, may cause you both to experiment with lovemaking.

Enchantment, dreamy romanticism, and quixotic vision of one another and yourselves as a couple, will tone your entire relationship. You may try to be your finest selves - the most loving, compassionate, giving and devoted of friends to one another.

Bonding is strong and the two of you are able to work together effectively in achieving goals and objectives. If you share a similar hobby or profession, you can jointly develop creative works of high quality - a result of your combined dedication. As your relationship deepens, you will find that the two of you are able to assist each other immensely in achieving the goals and objectives that are most meaningful and important to you.

Aries often checks or throws a damper on Libra's spontaneous impulses and self-expression, which is frustrating to Libra, and can be a source of resentment if it continues for too long. Aries makes Libra question and doubt Libra's actions which can be a good thing in small doses, especially if Libra tends to be rash or foolhardy. However, Aries must avoid becoming a "heavy" in Libra's life, always the nay-sayer or disciplinarian.

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