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Both of you are very social, active people. You are involved in community groups, and your line of work probably brings you into contact with lots of people. You harmonise well with each other and are great friends. Aquarius is very attached to clubs, social groups, and colleagues. Libra may feel that Aquarius needs friends more than a marriage partner or lover. In fact, Libra devotes much more attention to any close partnership. This difference in orientation is fairly subtle, however, and may not be a source of difficulty or conflict. You both tend to life in your minds, and enjoy a partner who is awake and alive mentally - an intellectual peer. Fortunately, you have this in one another.

Your relationship is apt to have a light, airy, friendly, and not overly emotional tone to it. Both of you are able to be somewhat detached and objective about your personal situation.

Sharing ideas, common interests, conversation, books, and intellectual pleasures are a satisfying aspect of your relationship.

You share ideas too, often about how people "should" relate to one another: fairness, equality, non-possessiveness, respect for each other's individual differences and autonomy, and open communication on all subjects are likely to be among them.

The major difference between you is that Libra is much more personal and romantic, and is more inclined to need a partner in order to feel complete, while Aquarius is more independent and eschews too much emotional neediness and dependency.

Also, Aquarius has a rebellious streak and enjoys flouting convention at times, while Libra is very concerned with social acceptance, appropriate social behaviour, and good manners.

Neither of you is particularly conventional, nor are you great lovers of rules and formal traditions for their own sake, but Aquarius is apt to have a much harder time conforming, and may in fact openly scorn or rebel against such limitations. There is apt to be a great deal of change, constant motion, fluctuating circumstances, and disorganisation in Aquarius's life, whereas Libra embraces necessary changes and flows with them but doesn't seem to need to create upsetting and unstable situations all of the time. Libra can help Aquarius learn how to be true to oneself and one's own beliefs and nature without needing to always rail against "the establishment" or "the system".

You spark each other's ambitions and hopes. You find yourselves scheming together, developing business plans, and strategies or achieving success. You encourage each other to set your goals high and it is likely that you will undertake several joint ventures together. Over-optimism and unrealistic hopes are your liabilities; enthusiastic hard work is your asset.

At best, the two of you will take your relationship with each other seriously, and are willing to work on the problems you have. A strong sense of responsibility, even obligation, toward one another permeates your bond. However, you are apt to feel that all you do is work on the relationship, that I is beset with difficulties, disappointments, and a sense of heaviness, and that there is meagre reward for all of the effort required. There will be very little easy pleasure and light-hearted sweetness. Your affections turn cool, even cold, toward one another when you let the burdens you share become the sole focus of your togetherness. It is rather easy for distance and separateness to grow between the two of you.

Uncanny and inexplicable events and forces beyond your control will severely challenge your joint efforts. Overcoming these situations will demand of you both all of your reserves and power. As a couple it will seem that you are always fighting something.
If you focus on cooperating and directing your energies into work, a shared objective, or doing battle with outside adversaries you can accomplish extraordinary things. If, however, you fight and compete with one another, the results will be much more destructive. Furious struggles over power may ensue, and the degree of fury and anger unleashed would be truly awesome. These battles could occur in the bedroom, also. Above all do not try to force your will or fundamentally alter the other's essential nature, because this will be the gasoline on the fire that could burn the whole house down.

Sexual attraction is very strong, but as with other things, one of you is likely to come on too strong to the other and this may be offensive to your partner. There is a driving, compelling, somewhat impersonal quality to your love-making at times. New styles of lovemaking holds real enjoyment for you both. When you decide on something different you will venture, full steam ahead.

Libra introduces new social circles to Aquarius. There are many surprises in store for both of you in this regard, and it is likely that you find many of each other's friends to be a bit difficult to feel comfortable around. Aquarius, in particular, is likely to find that social life changes a lot through this relationship. Libra can sometimes even be disruptive and disturbing to Aquarius's friendships, which could make Aquarius feel it necessary to choose between Libra and friends, which would be upsetting to your whole relationship. Positively, Libra will introduce fresh perspectives, enthusiasm and inspiration to Aquarius's social life.

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