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Both of you invest enormous energy and time into personal relationships, and you both feel incomplete without a partner for companionship, conversation, and affection. For both of you, an experience isn't really satisfying unless it is 'shared'. You both possess tact, diplomacy, charm, and a very strong desire for harmony in relationships. Furthermore, you both tend to want to please everyone all of the time, to be liked by everyone, and therefore you often avoid taking strong, decisive stands or directly confronting thorny interpersonal problems. You want things to be nice, pretty, and pleasant. You are apt to adapt your own preferences or change your position to suit your partner.

However, both of you also have a highly developed sense of fairness, balance, and proportion. Equality is very important to the two of you and in this relationship (as perhaps in no other) you will certainly have an equal relationship, with neither of you dominating. Beauty is very important to both of you, also, and many of your discussions revolve around issues of taste and style.

You blend very well together and instinctively understand one another. Courtesy, consideration, tact, and diplomacy come naturally to both of you, for you have a strong desire to please people and to avoid unpleasantness or conflict in your personal lives. Both of you want very much to be liked and approved of all of the time, and you may avoid taking any strong or extreme point of view in order to avoid offending anyone. Both of you can be indecisive (even in such minor matters as which restaurant to go to, which film to see, etc.), and often you depend on someone else to make a definite choice. For both of you, the most important thing is to BE TOGETHER. You may feel quite insecure or incomplete without a partner.

You both value fairness highly and will try to be equitable and just in your dealings with one another. The ideal of the perfect relationship in which both partners share equally in everything appeals to you. You are likely to spend a lot of time talking, sharing and explaining your points of view to one another and, when necessary, trying to negotiate a fair compromise when you disagree.

Aesthetics are very important to both of you, and you could create a very lovely, harmonious, pleasing home together. You strongly identify with each other and are very much alike in important ways. It is easy for you to be together because you do not have to explain yourselves to one another. An innate appreciation and understanding of one another's essence exists between you, and this is vitalising and ego-affirming for both of you. However, you share the same flaws and weaknesses as well as the positive qualities, and you may find it difficult to be with someone who so clearly exhibits the very things you like least about yourself. The more you accept yourself, the more beneficial and delightful your relationship with one another is.

Talking and sharing ideas is highlighted in your relationship. You enjoy learning new things together and exchanging points of view. You work well together in planning, organising, theorising, writing, or communicating ideas in any manner. You work together effectively on daily chores, problems, or business activities.

You are very special to each other and you both probably recognise that you have found a person that embodies many of the qualities of your "Ideal Mate". Love, sweetness, tenderness, and appreciation permeate your relationship. A strong desire to please each other, and to cooperate, makes you a very harmonious couple.

Regardless of how others view you, you find each other to be very attractive and beautiful. You see the charming, sweet side of each other and there is a great attraction and appreciation of each other. The romantic aspect of your relationship is strong.

You feel open and uninhibited with each other, and can express your feelings spontaneously and without reserve. You enjoy joking and kidding around with each other. If both of you enjoy dancing or playing music, you could make wonderful partners in dance and/or music. Sexual compatibility is also very high.

With sexual expression, you both insist that the partnership be equal, not in static mode. Reversing sexual roles will make your relationship more interesting and lively. In physical expression and affection, you are both considerate and easy to please.

Circumstances develop so that the two of you become very active together in community affairs, socialising, or political/social action. Together the two of you explore many social circles and develop a wide variety of friends and acquaintances.

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