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Moon Signs


The Virgin


With the Moon in Virgo you have a reserved temperament. You hate ostentation in any shape or form. Your head rules your heart and practical considerations in matters of love tend to dominate your thinking. You have a practical outlook on life. You also have a highly developed critical ability.

In your expression of affection towards others you tend to lack self-confidence. You have a strong dislike of sentimentality, and tend to suppress your feelings. People can think you cold or unaffectionate, which is not necessarily the case. You should try to become a little more outward in your expression of emotion, for continual suppression can lead to nervous tension.

You have a love of tidiness in and around your home. You are orderly and methodical: it is you who remembers to put out the rubbish, wash the dishes, disinfect the tea towels. You hate making messes. You could eat off your floor. When you cook, you wash up as you go along, often forgetting what is happening on the stove. For this reason you are better at plain cooking than at extravagant gourmet dishes. At work your desk is always neat and your filing system immaculate. You have a capacity for exacting attention to detail. The down side of this is that people who leave messes behind them drive you to distraction. It upsets you emotionally to be living in a mess.

Your love of personal hygiene means that you are always smartly dressed. You have a neat and tidy appearance and a very decided personal taste. You can also be a bit of a hypochondriac. The usual 'How are you?' can lead you into reeling off a list of current health symptoms. You are particularly sensitive to intestinal disorders, and have a low pain threshold.

As a parent you are systematic and methodical too. Toilet training is one of the first things you will put in place. You can also be a bit of a nag about tidiness. Children's toys will be put away after use, not scattered across the living room carpet. You should encourage your children to help with household chores, like cleaning up their own bedrooms. You run a tight ship.

Children with the Moon in Virgo will at least try to be tidy too. They distrust open displays of affection, and are happiest when working alongside a parenting adult in a common task. They can develop a liking for the fine arts, especially for literature. Reading together, playing computer games together, watching TV together will be important. Expect your Virgo Moon child to be an active and critical reader of both print and non-print texts.

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