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Children's Horoscopes


22 December to 20 January

The Capricorn child's maturity is always surprising. As infants these children show definite preferences and are quite wilful, but they are not noisy about expressing their wants. They are decisive; when they want something they will never hesitate to ask for it or get it. It seems as if they have everything planned ahead in their tiny mind. Capricorns can be so stubborn that they will definitely get what they want somehow, somewhere. They are patient until they know the right moment is at hand. They are also well organised and adaptable to daily routine. They will have a special place for their toys and, if that certain place is changed, they will be very disturbed. They have a fixed timetable for meals, so feeding them will not be a problem. Capricorns love their own place of abode and they will be there all the time; they will prefer having their friends visit their home rather than visiting their friends. They usually have few friends or maybe only one with whom to share their secrets. Parents must not get confused: even though they seem to be adults, they are still children.

The Capricorn child's heart is very noble and sensitive and needs a lot of affection. Otherwise, as an adult, he or she could be cold, reserved and selfish. Deep inside these children are sweet and romantic; they just have to learn to express that. They are very intelligent, clever and independent. They have a sense of authority and purpose in their destiny. Capricorns usually do not have a problem at school. They will always have their homework done on time; their mind works like a computer and will allow them to study and learn quickly. Their concentration is amazing, and they usually achieve very high marks. Capricorns can be a bit shy and should not be forced to talk or do things they do not wish to do when many people are around. Sometimes they seem slower than other children and not comfortable around people, but even if they seem to be loners they will end up leaders. The child of Capricorn loves to play grown-up with his or her pets and toys, and will take it seriously. Playing teacher, doctor, boss, managing director or member of the board of a big corporation is also fun. They are very attracted to the world of adults and sometimes try to imitate their parents, even dressing up in their parents' clothes. Once they learn how to dress themselves, they will never ask for help again.

Capricorns have systematic minds and easily learn everything relating to business, policy and sciences. They commonly wonder about things and looking for logical answers to most day-to-day problems. A chemistry set, microscope, chess, math games, Monopoly or a DVD encyclopaedia could be very helpful in developing their mental capacity. They want to do everything on their own. In adolescence they usually show independence through their stubbornness. They can become bossy with weaker siblings or friends (if they have not already done so). Their way of complaint is indifference, coldness or depression. Childhood is the time for Capricorn parents to give them all the support they need to help them learn to make up their mind. Remember that they usually do what they want to do, but if they receive the affection and love they need they will be winners. Capricorns are very family-orientated. They are attached to their home and, if they feel that their family is close, they will not leave it. As adults they will always be concerned about the needs of all members of the family. With their own parents they will act as a parent if they need to.


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