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Sun & Moon Signs Ascendants
Ruling Planets Birth Days and Moon Phases


Sun Signs
On the day of your birth, the Sun was in one of the twelve Signs of the Zodiac. Which Sun Sign are you?

Moon Signs
The sign the Moon was in at the time of your birth can reveal much about your emotions, your relationships and your creativity.

During the 24 hours of each day, the 12 Signs of the Zodiac rise over the Eastern Horizon, the point of the horoscope which is known as the Ascendant.

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For the extra benefits of a day-by-day analysis of 2023, why not join Milton's Star Club? Lucky dates and days can also be ordered for the next twelve months, by email. Ask Milton for details.

2023 Milton's Star Club Membership Available now and sent by email to your mail box.

Milton Black
Do you have the qualities of a wonderful long, lasting and happy partnership? Find out as Milton personally prepares your compatibility chart for you.

Children's Horoscopes
May you delight in these bright and colourful zodiacs, and the moving images on the correlating pages. Children's zodiacs opens a whole new world in astrology!

History of Numerology and links to Life Path Numbers, Your Personal Year in Numerology for 2023 and House Address Numbers.

Birth Days
On which day of the week were you born? Each day has its own individual characteristics which set it apart from the others.

Ruling Planet
Which Planet of our Solar System rules your Sun Sign? Find out here and read about how it affects you and your personality.

Moon Phases
A complete list of
2021 moon phases
including new, full quarter, full and last quarter plus solar and lunar eclipses, and times.

Dreamtime Astrology
Milton Black's dreamtime zodiac explores the amazing insights into Aboriginal astrology.

Compatibility Comparison
How do you and your partner rate as a long term partnership?
Find out with this FREE compatibility horoscope.


Free Tarot
Click here to have Milton choose a free Tarot card and interpret it for you.

Gardening by Moon Cycles
Let Milton guide
you through your gardening trials, triumphs and tribulations,

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