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2017Throughout 2017 the world will be exposed to many mind-blowing and surprising political crises and economic transformations due to the influence of a number of very attention-grabbing planetary aspects prompting major events throughout the year. The first sign of critical change will be witnessed between January and April when Mars (action), Jupiter (law and government), Saturn (limitation), Uranus (unexpected liberation) and Pluto (transformation) form a protracted period of economic and political uncertainty due to higher financial interest rates, changeable diplomatic relations, global trade and policy variations, defence matters, immigration, welfare and employment. This will be followed by a double whammy combination of planets when Mars (aggression) clashes with Saturn (limitation) and forms a link with Uranus (surprise) during May influencing a volatile and extraordinary time for stock market and financial trading. Then, just when everyone thinks, "Wow, that has been a stirring  and surprising five months of political,  economic, financial excitement and unrest" - then, out of the blue comes the aggressive combination of Mars (caustic), Jupiter (development), Uranus (erratic) and Pluto (readjustment) forming a huge and brisk redevelopment and political repair cycle around the globe from June to November. That final cycle will be interesting and compelling for investors.

What a year 2017 will be, full of interesting negotiations, shock and counter surprise, as countries versus countries and to top it off, that weighty official hammer of law and order will appear from time to time to ‘KO' many political and corporate leaders against corruption tax-evasion and malpractice. With a number of new heads, presidents, prime ministers, government officials, bankers, corporate bodies, investors on the scene during 2017 and especially with a reshuffle at the United Nations, this will be one of the most colossal and demanding clean-up years seen for decades as the world embraces tremendous positive, political and economic change.

What can the world population expect throughout 2017, you may ask? Jupiter, planet of law and order and expectation, will be in transit through the balanced sign of Libra until October 10, 2017. During this year, financial and economic uncertainty will be frequent as new trade laws and policies are introduced that will induct countries to follow a different exchange path extinguishing previous stalemate diplomatic practices for more modern marketing, bargaining and techniques. The introduction of new federal legislation, incentives and trading structures by the USA, including tariffs, is predicted to be challenged and debated by many countries. These new positive trade policies and agreements will eventually revolutionise the global financial and economic exchange cycle for many years into the future. New improved trade arrangements for countries this year will trigger many governments to rely more on their own innovated creativity, new developments, economic competiveness and hard work or suffer the consequences on the world market over the next two years.

During Pluto’s continuous transit though the business sign of Capricorn until 2024, new ground will be broken in diplomatic, business and trade circles from 2017 onward. In the long run a welcomed change will be seen for global investors, as greater economic stabilisation begins to slowly form as early as June, but especially from October 2017 into and throughout 2018 when Jupiter (abundance) moves into the financial sign of Scorpio for a twelve month cycle. However, the fiscal and economic changes throughout this year will not come easily because of a fluctuating dollar, Euro and Yuan. Initially, expect much cautiousness with international business, higher oil, gas and electricity prices, inflationary trends and a slump in global taxation revenue. The leaders of governments around the globe, including the United Nations, will also need to take the initiative and express a more positive attitude toward achieving reconciliation amongst destitute and hostile nations and implement new policies and techniques to resolve present day international disagreements and poverty. Re-building countries will be a mammoth task and will take years to complete, because money will be the problem.

According to the horoscope of the UN for 2017, transiting Pluto (corruption, covenants) will clash with the natal Jupiter (greed) and transiting Uranus (unexpected) will collide with natal Mars, creating internal favouritism, extravagance, budget blowouts, behind-the-scenes deals, procrastination and negativity with Security Council issues and internal Secretariat problems. The toothless United Nations and their so-called humanitarian ideals programs and global warming scenario are also predicted to reach a negative climax and re-ignite debate amongst many nations during 2017. The 193 countries who agreed to sign the Paris emissions agreement in 2016 can kiss their United Nations hundred billion dollar climate fund down the drain, as some countries will default due to confrontational immigration problems, economic hardship, disenchantment, scepticism and cynicism from constituents, who would rather see their hard-earned funds being distributed into their own country to regenerate industry, trade, employment opportunities, health, education, welfare services and infrastructure. The UN horoscope is predicted to undergo a critical corrective transformation in leadership, direction, funding methods, budget tightening and trusteeship policies over the next three years.

With Neptune (oil-gas) continuing through the compatible sign of Pisces, countries around the globe are predicted to continue using a higher content of fossil fuels due to low costs and consumer demand compared to costly wind farms and alternative renewables. During 2017 with the opposition of Jupiter (enlarge) and Uranus (oppose) influencing climate debate, some countries and their constituents will oppose the idea of their governments introducing any form of carbon tax, pricing or trading. Carbon trading will only encourage financial greed, fraudulent transactions and corruption and do absolutely nothing for so-called global warming.

We tend to forget that nature in all forms including climate runs in variable cycles (“the Alpha and the Omega the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End”) It takes around 26,000 years for the solar planets to return to their respective places in the global horoscope and during this long period in transit, adverse and unusual weather cycles on our planet have created storms, floods, droughts, wild fires and the melting of snow and ice in arctic areas. However, the re-freezing over time does take place and the inconstant climate in the future will continue to come and go in these categories over the years and there is really nothing we can do to stop it. We also tend to forget about the 1200 or so undersea and surface active volcanos that are continually spewing out pollutants that upset the sea beds, coral reefs and living organisms.

The major pollution problems in this day and age is caused by humans, due to overcrowded population in certain areas, wars, destruction, deforestation, excessive fishing from the sea beds, sewerage, waste rubbish we accumulate and the way we dispose of it, but certainly not the weather. Trees need CO2 from us and they in return supply the globe with oxygen, so perhaps we should plant more trees and at the same time the UN should consider keeping people in their own countries to re-establish their native communities, restore infrastructure, employ, trade and live peacefully and respectively in their own habitat and custom?

During this noteworthy geophysical year we will encounter two Solar Eclipses, February 27 and August 22, and two Luna Eclipses on February 11 and August 8. These Eclipses usually affect countries in surprising forms, both in positive and negative ways either three months before, during, or three months after the celestial event and this year is no exception for the unexpected. These critical Eclipses will trigger many important international and local issues, bringing them to a head throughout this year. Below are countries on the astrological watch list for 2017 that will face challenging and difficult circumstances due to immigration, racial discrimination, human rights, unemployment, increased financial debt, negative and or corrupt political leadership, attempted assassinations, defective diplomatic relations, trade complications, economic unrest, political uncertainty, strikes, demonstrations, health and disease, welfare issues, terrorism or internal wars and a variation of severe weather cycles, floods and seismic activity.

Eire, Germany, USA, Tanzania, Libya, Syria, Liberia, Micronesia, Iraq, Iran, Mozambique, Great Britain, Slovakia, Yemen, Czech-Republic, Argentina, Guatemala, Colombia, Bolivia, United Nations, Albania, Sierra-Leone, Bhutan, El-Salvador, France, Uganda, Vatican, Singapore, Australia, Hungary, Brunei, Cambodia, New Zealand, Danzig, Bangladesh, Nepal, Peru, Guatemala, Biafra, India, Pakistan, Iceland, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Greece, Zimbabwe, Russia, Yugoslavia federation, Kosovar, Japan, Venezuela, Iran, Luxembourg, Kenya, Maldives, Thailand, South Korea.

With Pluto (genocide) continuing a slow transit through Capricorn (resolution), terrorist activities throughout 2017 will continue, however the war against terror will start to subside due to greater public vigilance and a severe clamp down by global defence forces, police, security and intelligence agencies increasing their close cooperation of network information gathering and sharing. 2017 will be a difficult year for cybercrime, WikiLeaks, organised crime syndicates and criminals due to Saturn (frustration-limitation) continuing its final transit through Sagittarius (restricted-freedom) up until December 2017, making it difficult for law-breakers to achieve their plans. Critical dates for cyber disturbance, malware, terrorism, major crime, drug, kidnapping and human trafficking : Jan 5, 12, 18, 19, 21, 29, 31, February, 1, 22, 24, 28, May 10, 28, 29, 31, June 14, 18, 19, 24, 26, 28, 29, 30, July 2, 4, 16, 18, 29, August 5, 8, 18, 22, September 1, 5, 10, 15, 24, October 8, 9, 10, 11, 15, 23, November 4, 11, 18, 19, 21, 27, 30, December 1, 2, 3, 9, 20, 30. Jupiter (legal balance) will influence the system to establish new superior legal penalties for certain crimes and also consider releasing low risk existing inmates through reduced sentences to clear overcrowded correctional facilities.

Global financial and trading markets throughout 2017 will produce some exciting moments and traders should be on full alert to capitalise on the opportunities that will be made available. There will be some great rallies as confidence grows with investors, especially in the USA. Unfortunately, for many who have multiple real estate investments with excessive mortgages, the USA Federal Reserve and the Australian Reserve Bank will be under pressure to increase interest rates throughout 2017 due to inflationary measures. Rate rises could be seen from February onward, with May and June looking likely for further increases. Gold and silver prices appear to show increases in the first four months of 2017, more so from July to September. The global economy shows constructive elevation from October 10 onward.

Stock markets overall could show positive trading during the months of January, March, April, May, June, September and November. Financial market during February, March, April, May, June, October and November. There appears to be no recession or depression in 2017, however there will be cautious and restrictive periods especially during January 18-21, January 28-February 3, February 21-28, March 9-25, March 31-April 7, April 19-25, May 10-13, May 16-31, June 5-7, 14-19, June 28-July 5, July 15-18, 23-29, August 1-18, September 1-5, 23-30, October 6-14, 25-30, November 3-5, 10-14, 19-21, 26-28, December 1-4, 9-11, 20-24.  Care should be taken with all trading during these dates as world crises will ricochet on the market place.

Oil this year should hold around $48-54 per Brent Crude barrel as production stabilises with OPEC users and the oil countries come to a regular agreement. However, Saudi-Arabia will encounter problems and disagreements ahead as Pluto (deals) connects with Saturn (restriction) on the country’s horoscope. Russia’s closer links with the USA in 2017 could have a bearing on Oil and Gas pricing throughout the year, together with America reducing its imported supply from the Saudi’s. Dates to watch for oil and gas prices: January 3, 12, 13, 14, 23, 25, March 4, 5, 26, 28, 29, May 10, 12, 13, 27, 28, 29, June 19, 20, 21, 27, 28, July 17, 18, 19, August 11, 12, 13, September 19, 20, 21, 23, 25, 26, 29, 30, October 1, 24, 25, 26, November 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 28, December 3, 8, 10, 11, 27, 28, 30. Meat and Live Stock price should bring pleasing news for farmers throughout 2017 with excellent gains in live cattle exports and local market consumption. Pork will also fetch high and steady prices this year.

Donald Trump (Gemini) according to his horoscope will make a good president, his chart is starting exceptionally well on a positive note throughout 2017 and his chosen cabinet will be the best the USA has seen in office for many years. Instead of career diplomats doing most of the global negotiations and decision making, the world will witness a superb team of tough, disciplined, skilful negotiating and marketing business professionals who will show signs of turning the USA trade and economy around within the first twelve months in office. The individual horoscopes of his cabinet candidates appear unhampered by any major planetary difficulties during 2017. The world will be surprised and perhaps gobsmacked with such a fast forward development in a short period of time with the business actions of the new Trump government. The US media is predicted to have egg on their face in 2017.

How will Donald Trump (Gemini) USA and Xi Jinping (Gemini) China get along with each other? Surprise, surprise, they have a lot in common: both were born with compatible sun and moon signs and their relationship will be admirable, direct and tough. The men will respect each other and Xi Jinping will have a better working relationship with Trump than he had with Obama. When these two presidents meet officially for the first time, there will be caution, yet direct positive understanding with both parties. Neither party wants war, instead they will want equal economic opportunity, security, business organisation and cooperation. The present financial imbalance between the two countries will be the priority issue in their initial discussions. Trump will be pleased with his personal meeting with Xi Jinping, due to their cosmic empathy and compatibility. China has much to offer the USA and America has much to offer China; there will be new beginnings for both countries. Trump will have the knack of taking the “T” out of the word “Threat” in his negotiations and on no occasion will he show intimidation. Trump likes honesty.

Prime Minister Malcom Turnbull (Libra/Scorpio cusp) can expect an extremely challenging and problematic year especially during February, March, June, July, November and December. Mars (debates) and Uranus (opposition) will create much turmoil for him and force him to renege on certain budgetary plans and government promises and policies due to global economic changes, regulated trade, dwindling taxation revenue and a hostile opposition and Senate. He will experience a series of unexpected events that will test his ability as a leader. His popularity will be showing a decline within the liberal/coalition party and the electorate at large and he will be forced to make changes in his life’s direction that require significant reorientation. If Turnbull does not take charge and show stronger and forceful leadership from January 2017 onward, he will be battling to keep his leadership by May 2018.

According to Turnbull’s horoscope, he appears to be negatively suggestible, and tends to go in the opposite direction from any political pressure. His communication will falter in 2017 with a lot more “um’s and ah’s” instead of getting to the point of an issue quickly and positively. Turnbull and Trump will have a respectable, but not necessarily close relationship. Trump likes people with directness, motivation, determination and honesty, not people that sit on the fence, patronise and take time to do things. Some astrological advice for the Prime Minister and his entourage of foreign diplomats? They should have every commercial, defence and joint intelligence proposition detailed to the point of acute bargaining when discussing future free trade agreements and other governments business with the Trump government, otherwise they will be sent packing by the Americans. The new USA government in 2017 will not be time wasters, that's for sure, even though the US/Australian alliance is and will always be strong.


April 2017 Astrological Forecast

Frustration, obstruction, procrastination and negative political nonsense are key words for April as politicians feel the brunt of this month’s negative planetary aspects and it will show in the April polls. With Mars (action) moving into Sagittarius (decisions) from the 21st, many politicians had better get their act together if they wish to stay in politics. With Mercury in retrograde from the 9th some politicians will be running for cover to avoid commenting and taking a stand over important bills and issues that need attention. The good news is the long, slow, hostile clashing aspect of Jupiter (banking) and Pluto (unscrupulous) that has continuously caused disruption with global finances and markets in the past, will finally break apart on the 7th of this month for a short period until it reassembles for the last time on July 29 for a few days. This retrograde phase in April will also give government time to finalise and implement a positive and constructive May budget for the 2017-18 period with the aid of the senate cross benches. 

April will be a mammoth cycle for serious planning, discussion and proposed economic reconstruction of Australia’s future finances. With Mars (attack) in transit this month though the areas of employment, wages, incomes, taxation, banking, expenses, capital investment, negotiations, meetings and announcements, there will be a need for strong government leadership and bipartisan cooperation with opposition parties regarding the control and future elimination of the present increasing debt problem by introducing new legislation for wage levels, taxation, union legislation, and the need to halt the use of millions of dollars of taxpayer money for aid and subsidised renewable energy projects. Unfortunately, with Mercury in retrograde, many parliamentarians will be avoiding the important issues by distancing themselves from the issues at hand.

According to Australia’s horoscope, if any success is to be seen in the future to reduce the deficit and increase industry production, business incentives and job opportunities, then Prime Minister Turnbull (Libra/Scorpio cusp) will have to show strong fortitude and leadership, which astrologically he seems to lack. Unless Turnbull’s coalition can take the lead and reduce debt and curb the rising cost of gas and electricity through immediate programs, his leadership position and many politicians’ jobs will be on the line by the October of this year when Jupiter (luck) turns sour as the polls will show.

With Mercury (communication – supply) in retrograde (delays) expenses and consumer household costs will be high in April, as Mars (damage) and Pluto (destruction) form a strong combination from the 5th. Expect to see a heavy increase in farm produce, manufacturing and transport costs due to the past effects of Cyclone “Debbie”. Home owners in the cyclone areas can expect delays and frustration with insurance claims and settlements until at least the 3rd May when Mercury (contracts-deeds) turns into a direct motion. The cost of living will also show a heavy increase from April to September as higher gas, and electricity costs add to the family budget. Many are blaming this on climate change.

Climatologists have always stated and very consistently that the climate is changing and that man has created a portion of that effect, but we just cannot prove how man’s effect on the climate has caused change. Global Warming vs. Climate Change an interesting debate. Al Gore started ramming down our throats the signs of “global warming “and how the world was on the brink of collapse. Now we have in Australia Mr. Tim Flannery (Aquarian, who was sacked from his position as head of the Climate Commission) and the Greens who are now calling it “climate change.” Why the change? When NASA states there has been a cooling trend from 1940 through the mid-70s and that overall temperature changes to-date have not risen to any great degree. A multitude of well-known scientists are now turning their back on the whole subject and President Trump is also making financial changes to the whole “climate change” fiasco. People forget the weather patterns have always been and always will be variable and changing. Cyclones are not as frequent in Australia over the past 20 years. The earth’s rotational tilt of angle on its axis happens around every 2,000 years and the planets take around 26,000 years to return to their original place. Maybe this “Cosmos” influence is the answer to so-called “Climate Change" over the past 5,000,000 years or so?

From 10 October 2017, Jupiter (excess, price increases) moves into the zodiac sign of Scorpio (incomes and expenditure) for a period of 12 months. The last time this planet was in transit through Scorpio was during the period of October 27, 2005 to November 24, 2006. During that cycle business and consumer confidence was going overboard with money to burn from banks; this phase influenced excessive bank lending, rogue real estate deals, corrupt investment advice, financial scams and worthless financial investments as the subprime mortgage market began to peak. Then from November 25, 2006 when Jupiter (abundance) entered Sagittarius (spendthrift) for a period of 12 months, it was crunch time as Jupiter formed an adverse link with Saturn (restriction) and Uranus (unexpected) for a two year period hence the 2007 – 2008 Global Financial Crises. However, there will be no repeat of a Global Financial Crises in 2018, as the major planets have now passed.

This April, the Sun (energy) will meet with Saturn (discipline) and Uranus (unexpected) creating the need for serious discussion regarding the global economy, banking royal commissions, energy prices, wages, taxation, land and housing development, new beginnings and structures. Mercury (planet of negotiations, deals and communication) joins Mars (action) in the financial sign of Taurus until the 21st. During this cycle Mars (industrious) will also link with Pluto (large combines) between the 5th and 8th and this will be the key that kickstarts and influences much market speculation on the Dow and ASX. April also influences the sales of farms, agriculture businesses, real estate and property that will skyrocket into the pockets of foreign investors, with little or no capital gain for the overall Australian economy. For the average investor and corporate person, business, financial or commercial matters may occupy the minds of many traders during April; this could be an opportune time for discussing and sorting out finances for investment and gains can be made. Electronic technology, consumer durables, utilities and commercial services could lead the way through April as good investments. Expect a temporary price rise in coal, iron ore and gas.

With Jupiter (expansion) and Pluto (massive) pulling away from each other from the 7th, expect to see the country’s debt rapidly rise daily. With Australia’s present debt around $430 billion, federal and state governments will be doing everything in their power to reduce debt to no avail. Australia is heading into the $500 billion mark for debt by November and there will be little the present federal government can do to stop it apart from the thought of increasing taxation in the May budget to help curb expenditure and pay back interest on loans.

Fortunately, this month with Mercury turning retrograde, the Reserve Bank appears to keep interest rates on hold. However, from the 1st to 15th Venus (money) also in retrograde during this period may stir commercial banks to increase base rate interest and during April immaterial of the reserve bank’s decision. Gold and silver could be worth purchasing between April and July 29, when the Jupiter/Pluto crunch returns and creates another stock market scare until August 24.  The astrological advice this month would be, buy stock and sit, for after October 2017 Australia will economically turn the corner and will focus on the road to prosperity after completing a decade of depressed economic numbers and reports.

The good news is, viewing Australia’s horoscope for April/May, Jupiter in transit through Libra (people balance) there appears to be no major planetary hint or movements that indicates higher taxation for wage earners that will occur in the May budget. Quite on the contrary, wage earners will have some pay incentives and tax cuts to look forward to. Mercury (decisions) forms a positive aspect with Saturn (monetary stability) during April/May and this combination will assist the government to sell the budget amicably to the electorate. 

With Jupiter keeping a constructive balance in Australia’s horoscope until September, the government will overcome any thought of rebuff from the Australian electorate to throw the present federal government out of office by the next election. According to Australia’s horoscope the time will soon be right for one big tax opportunity from 10 October 2017 onward into 2018 when Jupiter (expansion) moves into Scorpio (personal finances). This will set the course for an increase in the GST, and this will be the best option governments have to reduce debt and increase taxation where everyone contributes fairly.

Overall, the present federal Liberal/Coalition government’s popularity will be running reasonably favourable in April lead by Prime Minister Turnbull (Libra/Scorpio) as the polls continue to show him as the preferred Prime Minister over Bill Shorten. Turnbull astrologically appears to have a positive month ahead apart from 16th-18th he will battle anyone or anything that is an obstacle to his individual freedom of action, and ego conflicts or a furious power struggle may ensue. Doors open and new opportunities for personal and professional growth present themselves in April and any initiative or action he feels inclined to take at this time is likely to lead to a positive outcome for the Coalition. Partnerships or joining with cross benchers for mutual benefit is favoured. Turnbull’s dedication and commitment to his work and responsibilities at this time is very high by the close of April.

Favourable Days: 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 17, 18, 21, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30.
Cautious Days: 3, 6, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 25. 


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