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21 April to 21 May

Welcome to the Taurus Stars for 2019

Your Taurus Star Predictions for 2019 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2019, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Taurus at a Glance


Taurus symbol:  Resembles the full face and horns of the bull and symbolically this powerfully built, possessive animal is unflinching in attack when enraged

Traditionally:  The second sign of the zodiac; ruling planet Venus

Colours:  Bronze and magenta

Lucky gem:  Emerald

Classification:  Fixed, Earth; negative

Keyword definition:  Develops a productive attitude, expressing endurance, associated with an urge for organic relatedness, security and material sustenance

Characteristic key words:  Affection, dependability, caution, fixed opinions, good food, luxury, possessiveness, stability, security, stubbornness, slowness, procrastination

Physical appearance:  Average to middle height, inclined to plump, square face and pear-shaped body, full forehead, nose, lips, cheeks and mouth; strong neck, round prominent eyes, wavy hair

Faults:  Too possessive, self-indulgent, stubborn, stodgy, self-centred, grasping, resentful of contradiction, gets in a rut and is slavishly adherent to any routine


The Taurus Personality

Out of all the 12 signs of the zodiac, Taureans are the biggest pain in the butt to many people because of their stubborn, controlling, possessive attitude to life in general. They are very good at giving advice, and love to get into your ear about any matter they think they are the experts in, but they are not too happy about accepting advice from others who may know more about a subject than they do. Taureans are like a dog with a bone; they will never let go of a situation, always holding on, afraid that someone may take away what is theirs. Taureans are known as the exaggerators of the zodiac and some do have a tendency of telling half-truths at times or blowing things out of propor­tion when communicating with others. Financial and emotional security is important to them, as they are insecure and at times very selfish people. They need to know what their regular daily routine is and that certain things will always happen at certain times. They totally dread the thought of not having any money in their old age and it is said you will find that many Taureans of the past are some of the richest people in the graveyard, because they are too mean to spend any of their wealth.  Taureans can never be pushed into making a decision about anything; they need to have a good procrastinating think about it first. This is why they miss out on bonus opportunities in their life, due to the fact they are still standing at the station when the goods train has departed.


Taurus in Love

Taureans are extremely passionate, although very slow at times to get the relationship moving at a fast pace. They make excellent, stable partners, but they must learn to control their possessive attitude. The need to be touched and loved is very strong in them and although they can sustain themselves for great lengths of rime without emotional and sexual contact, their natural glow seems to fade if affection is not forthcoming. Sexuality plays a major part in a Taurean's life. Although they are driven by a healthy animal lust they are also very practical about making a commitment; but when they do they will always feel better, more alive and stimulated after a good sex romp with their partner. One good thing about their sexuality and love is that they possess a good dose of consistency and endurance. They toe good hearted and generous with their lover and will go to any lengths to make their partner happy. In return, however, they insist on staying power and total loyalty.

The Ideal companion for them would be someone who enjoys making love with a little spice and variety, someone who can experiment and introduce them to new and exciting forms of lovemaking. Taurus needs more pleasure than excitement and it is important for them to experience the fulfilment of love from the top of their head to the bottom of their toes. There is a wide spectrum of individuals that appeal to them and they also attract to the more rugged type of individual, especially one with a high sex drive. One thing they should always remember; they will never find true love by controlling the people around them and their environment. They should never invest their emotions in people who are not truly worth it; otherwise sorrow will come knocking at their door.


Health and Wellbeing

Taurus governs the neck and throat, muscles and veins. Usually the constitution is exceptionally strong and robust. The neck and throat being the weakest parts, Taureans are subject to sore throats, diphtheria, mumps, quinsy and tumours, in the region of the throat. They are also liable to heart and kidney problems, blood disorders, diabetes, problems of the generative system, veins and sexual organs. Laziness is fatal to their health, so work and exercise are their best medicine, together with less food and alcohol.


Career and Occupation

Taureans can be plodders and their motto could be "slow but sure". Taureans love trust and responsibility, where a sense of material values and practicality is a part of their everyday routine. They can be artistic and have a produc­tive flair that can be exercised in the absence of urgency, risk of sudden changes or insecurity. Taureans can be patient, persevering and economical, and prefer a routine job with a pension at the end.  They are not afraid of hard physical work and do not worry about getting their hands dirty. Many Taureans attract to the outdoors and make good fanners, gardening and horticulture experts, landscapes, bricklayers, builders and prospectors.

Taurus is also attracted to anything beautiful, elegant and colourful, and people of this sign can be great artists, beauticians, hairdressers, fashion designers, florists, interior decorators, jewellers, models, musicians, travel and resort managers, confectioners and milliners. They certainly don't like to be rushed off their feet where work is concerned and the fast lane or rat race is not the place for them. They are much happier when they can go at their own pace, take control of the work situation at hand and operate at their own speed. Taureans love money and security and would enjoy working in the banking industry, stock market, accountancy, insurance or investment consulting. Taureans also make good pay-office clerks, cashiers and government employees. As long as they have their material and emotional security at hand they will always be happy; however; their biggest problem is greed. They always want more. Taurus children have great intelligence and fantastic mental abilities. Parents should help them find a way to combine their excellent reasoning power with their feelings. Taureans can be successful in business and will endeavour to make lots of money, for material security is important to them. They could follow a career in investment brokerage, import-export business, the travel industry, sales, the stock exchange, electronics, aviation, computers, art, writing, music, singing, composing, creative design, media, banking, biology, cosmetics, antiques, retail floristry, fruit growing, farming, restaurants, business administration, office work as a personal assistant, confectionery manufacturing, interior decorating, money lending or gym instruction.


The Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman is usually cool, calm and attentive, with an aloof exterior. She can be attractive and she likes to wear the finest clothes, jewellery and perfume. A Taurus woman needs to be needed, touched and hugged, as physical contact is important to her. She certainly loves to frequent nice restaurants, eating the best gourmet food; however she usually prefers her own environment and enjoys entertaining at home with family and friends.  The Taurus woman can be very fixed in her ways, a trait that gives her obstinacy, persistence, tenacity and dependability, together with a pompous, self-righteous air. Material resources are extremely important to her, as she has this need to possess and control her life independently. She is also possessive other family and loved ones. Let no one try to steal her husband or lover - it is like waving a red rag in front of a bull.

Taurus women can be greedy and jealous of the wealth, success or beauty of their peers. The Taurus woman lives a simple yet complex life; she can be resourceful and has the knack of manipulating resources and people to get her own way. She is extremely self-conscious, creative and habit-bound. She usually sticks to the same routine and seldom likes change or interruptions to the way she does things. She can really dig in her heels and then stubbornly refuse to acknowledge it. You can certainly trust a Taurus woman with your money and secrets; she truly believes that honesty is the best policy. Her word is like a written contract; she will always stand by it. Taurus women love to be organised at home or at work. Their built-in time clock computes how much time they will allocate to their different tasks. Taurus women are usually punctual for appointments and meetings, and can be relied on for running (functions, seminars or even the family birthday party. Comfort and contentment are always important to the Taurus woman. Her self-indulgences are boundless; keeping her weight down can sometimes be a problem. The Taurus woman is a godsend in an emergency or tragedy; she has the ability to handle the most delicate situations for others in a cool methodical manner. If you need a dose reliable friend, look no further than a Taurus woman.


The Taurus Man

Taurus men are usually extremely practical, with their feet firmly set on the ground. They can be very protective and, in many cases, noticeably possessive of their partners and anything that belongs to them. They are most consistent and dependable, although you can never push a Taurus into anything quickly. As a realist, a sensible and cautious person, Taurus likes to think issues and decisions through thoroughly and move carefully. Taurus men are basically very genuine, steadfast and constant in their affections. Others will value their sincerity and reliability highly, as it is easy to build a relationship based on trust and fidelity with Taurus men. Home and family will always be of utmost importance to a Taurean. He cherishes his surroundings and will love and protect his family. He will always take his responsibilities seriously. Strong, loyal family ties are important to these men and they love to establish roots and settle down.

The Taurus nature is immovably stubborn, proud and, in many cases, extremely selfish. When this man makes his mind up or takes a stand, he will not back down. Most Taurus men do not like too much change in their daily routine; they become very uptight or unsettled under the pressure of continuous variety. Success and winning are important to Taurus men; they thrive on the exhilaration, and it is important to them to be seen to be successful. The respect of their peers, particularly the people they admire, will sweeten their satisfaction even more. Taurus men make good managers; they are thorough and like to be organised in whatever they do. Unfortunately, due to their insecurities, they have a tendency to procrastinate and bend the truth at times, or even avoid the issue at hand. Taurus men are not motivators, nor do they like to venture out in front, breaking new ground or establishing new paths. They would prefer to have others do the dirty work, while they get the credit for it.


Taurus in 2019



Major Trends

In 2019 you can expect one of your busiest communicational years for quite some time. Jupiter, planet of great opportunity and good fortune, forms a favourable aspect with Uranus in December and this should put the icing on your cake for the projects that come to completion through this busy year.

During April to September, you could find yourself involved in a mass of new financial interests, projects, activities and associations that benefit you for many years to come. Whatever you do, don’t let an opportunity pass you by in 2019, for you may never get that opportunity to return for quite some time.

Pluto, planet of re-organisation and re-building, in your sector of distant interests, may have you contemplating home, construction, renovations and real estate speculation, away from your usual place of abode.

Jupiter’s influence could see you on a roll this year as you make positive structural changes to your family environment, or you may sell up and move to somewhere very different.

Positive Mars is kicking the year off in your sector of legal matters, secret dealing, contracts, technology, investments, higher education, commodities, imports, exports, overseas contacts and correspondence, art, literature, publishing, television, marketing and sales, so you may decide to exert yourself to the top in one or more of these areas throughout this busy change year.

During 2019, with Saturn’s slow transit through the zodiac sign of Capricorn, there may be a strong connection with personal and private matters coming your way and you could find yourself involved with several family or personal issues that requires adjustment or problem-solving, especially with children, parents or older members of the family.
With Neptune’s transit through Pisces—your health, work and service sectors—over the next twelve months, be extra careful that you are not hoodwinked into serious misunderstandings on the work scene with employers or employees and be extra careful with stress-related situations that could affect your health.

In the months of January through to April, speculative and investment issues should not be taken lightly. Think and re-think your situation, otherwise you may encounter a few losses or delays in matters to do with investment and savings.

Overall throughout 2019 you can expect a positive direction of expansion, personal growth and general good luck in most things, providing you stick to your goals and avoid too much diversification in your daily routine. There is nothing you cannot accomplish throughout this year if you put your mind to it. Remember to keep your options open all the time and do not let one opportunity go by.

You will feel a great desire to expand your sphere of interests beyond that with which you are familiar. Do not be surprised if you decide to further your education in the fields of technology, architecture, philosophy, languages, art or science. For those who wish to enhance their career opportunities in hospitality, general services to the public or the travel industry, this is the year to pursue your goals.

Throughout 2019, Uranus, planet of the sudden and unexpected, will transit your own sign for the first time in 84 years, influencing an abundance of new contacts, unusual friendships, new workplace contracts, legal agreements, travel opportunities and new beginnings.

Chiron’s influence in friendships, hopes, wishes and desires may influence your idealism about life and you may have a strong attraction toward religion, philosophy, law, metaphysical, higher sciences, or medicine. Commencing a course in tai chi, yoga, or other alternative methods of relaxation and health is a plus for you, or you may decide to take up sport or cultural pursuits in a more serious way.

Improved health will be foremost in your mind during 2019 and don't be at all surprised if you change your eating habits, diet, give up smoking and change your daily routine, to keep your body in tip top shape.

Your ruling planet Venus will create some mental stress for you in 2019, especially in the months of February, March, April, May, July, September, October and November. During these months, you would be advised not to bite off more than you can chew and avoid health and speculative situations. You will also appear to be impulsive, careless and reckless during these months.

From December, Lucky Jupiter will leave the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and transit for twelve months in the sign of Capricorn, your sector of travel, legal, long distance communication and joint family investments. During the last few weeks of this year, you will have a wonderful opportunity to render your home safe and pleasant and perhaps eliminate yourself of a certain debt, or at least cutting your overheads considerably.

Greater stability and responsibility will continue to influence this year and you can expect some wonderful events to occur at meetings, seminars, classrooms, offices and whilst travelling long distances. Family relationships will create a more serious and organised approach to your daily routine and during the first six months of this year, you may need to put into place those chores you have neglected or promised to action in the past.

This is an excellent year to complete unfinished business that has been piling up around you. From July 18 to December 11 there may be an emphasis on your home front, parents, partnerships, marriage, close personal and business relationships, or the people you share things with jointly. Children may also feature strongly in your destiny this year, as you spend much of your time contributing to their future development and solving their individual problems.

You may decide to cut back your high living standards, buy or sell property, care for elderly members of your family, or move away from your present town or city and commence a new business or career, using your home as a base for operations. If you were contemplating foreign travel this is a good year for holidays with family or friends, to exotic or unusual places.

Be prepared for a dynamic year, full of diversification and added responsibility. Be realistic! Maintain your positive attitude, regardless of your basic temperament, good humour will prevail and help you resolve any major problem that presents itself throughout 2019.

Libra and Aquarius rule your sectors of service roles, business ambitions, employment achievements, worldly goals, recognition, promotions, honour, and glory. Venus, the planet of good things, will attract super career and job opportunities for you in the months of March, May and September.

For most of this year Jupiter, planet of luck, good fortune and expansion, will attract a pleasant cycle of interviews and contracts, bringing you superb new opportunities, a promotion, change of direction, or success in a business venture. Your attention will now turn to the reorganising and attending to details of personal and private affairs, jobs, daily routine, services and health matters.

During the second half of this year, you may receive some form of recognition, award or promotion, as those who share importance in your life, such as bosses and superiors, take a greater interest in you and your activities. For those seeking employment or a change of direction, you may apply and be offered an interesting or challenging position in one of the following: banking, stock broking, travel industry, sales and marketing, public relations, advertising, medicine, restaurateur, police work, military, government service, clerical work, hospitality, architecture, farming, media, publishing, theatre, or financial investment.

Career opportunities should be pushed to the maximum and you may be offered some form of studies or training to help develop your future job prospects. This year you could also rub shoulders with or have the assistance with VIPs or important people who can support you with your chosen goals.

Saturn, planet of responsibility, maturity and perseverance, does not give anything for nothing; Saturn makes you work hard for your living and at times brings with it delays and disappointment whilst you are endeavouring to get ahead. During the next 12 months, Saturn will influence your behind-the-scenes plans, personal and private communications and negotiations concerning business cooperation, expansion and new ventures; you may have to work harder and longer to clinch those contracts and deals.

Don’t be at all surprised if you have the occasional setback or delay in the months of March, July, and November, as Mercury, planet of communication, decides to retrograde, causing temporary delays, frustration or a change of plans.
Care should be taken not to upset others throughout this year as they may prove to be too strong for you. Acrimonious ego disputes, sharp conflict, difficult circumstances and fluctuating conditions may occur around your workplace from time to time and this could reflect on the home front. It is important to keep your equilibrium and avoid any form of hassle, avoid the tendency to bring your work problems home or vice versa, this will cause enmities with others.

Before signing legal papers, contracts or workplace agreements, ensure you know your rights and read the fine print carefully to avoid future problems. Be extra careful with accidents, difficulties, or the unexpected on the work scene in February, March, July and August, when Mars stirs up your energies in the work and personal arenas.

This is a year of expansion and growth in your business life and, with care and moderation, advancing new business, personal ventures and plans can now be made. 2019 is a time to make creative changes, reforms and remould your immediate work surroundings and daily routine. 

An incredible career or business opportunity may be offered to you this year, money and your future security is about to positively change, giving you a chance to do something different. Overall steady progress is favoured, providing you keep yourself in check. Settle financial matters, pay accounts and investigate the possibilities of making extra cash. This could be the opportunity year for career and business you’ve been hoping for.

Wonderful Venus will greet you with lots of love throughout 2019 and there could be some exciting developments in February that kick the year off to a nice start romantically. Uranus the planet of sudden and unexpected changes will influence and mirror your sector of partnerships throughout this year and pave the way for a fortuitous romantic period in 2019.

For singles, this year could bring a major emotional change in your romantic life. If you are not involved with anyone, you will find that perfect someone and may decide to settle down and raise a family. In your current relationship you may take a more serious direction and announce your plans to make positive changes to enhance your partnership. This year's planetary influence will certainly draw you closer to your mate and allow you greater freedom at the same time.

You will enjoy the company of friends or make new friends this year that fit in better with your present lifestyle. Greater depth in your overall relationships is favoured and you may search for the companionship of younger and happy people. Established relationships with family and friends will experience many major and wonderful changes in your circumstances and, if you have in the past been unable to gain a little empathy in your communication with others, 2019 will change that significantly. However, care should be taken with romantic relationships and friendships, in the months of February, April, May, June, July, August, September and November, as Venus will at times be under attack and there may be friction, arguments, flare-ups, mix-ups, misunderstandings, or partnership domination.

You may have to control your emotional reactions to some of the circumstances that prevail at the time, as they may be immature, impulsive and capricious to a degree, which may complicate your relationships.

Unusual emotional or stress situations may occur with parents, brothers and sisters; your life could be exposed to criticism, generating the possibility of gossip and slander about you, if care is not taken.

There also is a tendency toward rivalries or jealousy in romantic situations—a third party may be the cause of it. If you have grown children, Venus and lucky Jupiter may bring you good tidings with the possibility of an engagement or wedding.

Throughout 2019 new types of friendships are in the offing and you may meet and invite into your home some very interesting, unusual, artistic or creative type of people, who will stimulate your intellect for the moment, but they may also increase your nervousness and/or your need for emotional stability.

For those who are encountering unhappiness in your romantic life, your feelings will be divided between two people or two situations throughout this year and it may be difficult for you to make up your mind, due to the security factor. If you are single, you could be attracted to two or more people at the same time, not really wanting to commit yourself to either person. If you are married, or in a permanent relationship, you may wish to escape from your harrowing circumstances and engage in an affair with someone new or look for other facets of your matrimonial life that break the regular emotional routine.

If you are really fed up to the teeth with your present relationship, Uranus will act very severely and disruptively in your favour and you may be tempted to talk about a separation or divorce.

People of Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer and Capricorn would be ideal companions during this year because of their inborn security nature. Infidelity could also be one of the consequences of your free spirit and your conquests during this year. You may find yourself making new friends as well as prospective romantic partners and a confidential suggestion from a friend will benefit your emotional interests. When dealing with important issues concerning love and relationships, tone down your ego and flamboyant nature, it will work wonders.

Saturn’s behind-the-scenes developments should have a fortunate effect on your love life and personal affairs will flourish in a more sensible way through travel or overseas or interstate contact.  Keep things on a modest scale, bide your time and lay a solid foundation in everything you do.  Be prepared to take on extra duties and make small sacrifices.

Family may need your assistance in some way throughout 2019 and even if you encounter a few dogmas in your emotional life, 2019 will turn out to be a constructive emotional year. You may underestimate older or influential people, as well as close family members when it comes to any form of assistance.  Listen to their advice, you may be thankful in the long run.

With Lucky Jupiter in transit through Sagittarius until December 3, 2019, you can expect lots of wonderful changes to take place in your destiny, with incredible travel adventures and interesting people crossing your path. This is an excellent year to begin new investment projects or savings plans, especially for your future retirement.

Stock market and speculative activities may attract you and windfalls are likely in the months of April, May, July, August and November. You will feel full of confidence, vitality and vigour to confront life, you won't enjoy sitting down, wasting valuable time, or spending time on non-productive projects.

Becoming rich may be your motivation throughout 2019. You may also have an attraction to sport or some outlet for your increased dynamic energy, which puts you on a winning streak. This is a year to gloat in the accolades and you may be in the spotlight or receive a prize or recognition for the things you do.

You will endeavour to expand your monetary possibilities and earn much more money during this year through your own business or a change of career.

With Jupiter in collision with Neptune (illusion) during the months of January, June, September and Uranus (unexpected) in December, be extra careful of excessive spending and those who try to con you. During these months you could be inclined to spend more than you earn, you should control your purchases or expenses, and you could incur debts without realising it. You won't want to deprive yourself of anything; you probably won't know how to distinguish between that which is real, and that which is not.

You certainly won't lack money this year and it would be very profitable for you to include money in your goals. It is important to be coherent though, don't disperse your finances for the sake of exaggerating your status or social position. You may be lucky through investments, inheritance, legal settlements, insurance, sale of real estate, new business contracts, or be in receipt of monies owed to you.

You may decide to travel long distances and visit far off lands with family of friends, or you may catch up with those you have not seen for some time.




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