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24 October to 22 November

Welcome to the Scorpio Stars for 2019

Your Scorpio Star Predictions for 2019 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2019, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Scorpio at a Glance


Scorpio symbol:  The Scorpion and the Eagle. The Scorpio symbol vaguely resembles the legs and tail of the Scorpion, a creature of darkness, hiding behind shadows to strike and sting when least expected. The Eagle symbolises the upper level of consciousness, the power within, the ability to soar over life's problems

Traditionally:  The eighth sign of the zodiac, ruling planets Mars and Pluto

Colours:  Dark red, maroon

Lucky gem:  Topaz, sardonyx

Classification:  Fixed, Water; negative

Keyword definitions:  A penetrating attitude, intensity and the urge to identify with one's source. Scorpio is associated with the mystic life force, the sign of rebirth

Characteristic key words:  They have strong reasoning power, secretive, imaginative and very intuitive. Scorpio can be very analytical, perceptive, passionate, jealous, strong sexual feelings

Personal appearance:  Average height, tendency to stoutness; often square-type face and body build; thick dark hair, prominent eyebrows and perceptive eyes, aquiline or Jewish-type nose and profile; dusky complexion

Faults:  Brooding, resentful, destructive, stubborn, secretive, suspicious, vindictive, capable of deliberate cruelty, selfish and cunning

Star sign compatibility:  Virgo, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio

Star sign incompatibility:  Gemini, Aries, and Aquarius

Signs to have fun with:  Libra, Leo, and Sagittarius

Signs for passion:  Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Capricorn


The Scorpio Personality

Out of the 12 signs of the zodiac, Scorpio is the most fiercely determined and the one who will never give up or give in. They put themselves to the test on many occasions throughout their life and are always attracting and facing dramas that cause an overtaxing of their mental and physical qualities. They are very good at ferreting out certain secretive information and are excellent intuitive thinkers. Scorpio is specifically related to sex, so the exploitation of this as a theme, overtly, covertly or symbolically, can work well for many Scorpio people. Sex has always been a money-spinner in advertising and Scorpios are great innovators when it comes to getting the message across. Scorpios love excitement and are full of daring; this is why they enjoy doing anything that presents great challenge. The greater the pressure, the greater the determination is for Scorpio; they find stress a part of their everyday adventures and in most cases thrive on it. Scorpio people have good leadership qualities; they are determined, persistent and wilful, and like to be in control of the situation at hand. They can accept discipline and direction from others, providing it is fairly administered, otherwise all hell can break loose and Scorpio's flag of social justice will fly with a vengeance. Scorpios are extremely selective with friendships; however, when you make a Scorpio friendship, you have him or her for life. Scorpios are very protective of those they love.


Scorpio in Love

The Scorpio person is known as the sexpot of the zodiac, an eternally intriguing creature who will either fascinate or frighten every emotional relationship they enter into. Scorpios are really sexy pussycats, either a Tom or a Girl, with a hot body and a cool mind. They can be magnetic, lusty and endowed with mysterious romantic powers, and they can devastate with a look or revitalise with lots of healing energy. Scorpios can be passionate, intense, vindictive and an all-or-nothing extremist. They can be very loyal souls and will choose their commitments carefully. They can be very secretive, born detectives and quite possessive of a lover. Woe and behold any partner they are involved with who jumps the fence for a bit of sex elsewhere; Scorpios would almost castrate him or weld a locked chastity belt on her when they find out.

Scorpios can use passionate sex to control their lover and they like to dominate as well. Sexual lust is always a part of their makeup, for they are very physical and warm people. However, they also have the capacity to turn it off when they need to. The Scorpio woman is like Scarlet O'Hara. ‘All's fair in love and war' is her motto and she can be turned on with kinky sex aids, erotic sculptures and sexy music. Her ideal lover would have a combination of John Travolta, Charles Bronson, James Bond and Ben Affleck. A Scorpio man's ideal lover needs to be a classy type of woman with a mixture of Marilyn Monroe, Nicole Kidman, Demi Moore and Grace Kelly. Scorpios are very ambitious and will endeavour to push their partner along at the same time. They attract to the opposite sex like a magnet and, throughout their life, they will always encounter dramas and intense experiences with their love life.


Health and Wellbeing

Scorpio governs the excretory and generative organs, the heart, throat and bloodstream. The Scorpio constitution is strong, with great power to resist infection and disease. Scorpios should be careful with afflictions of the bladder, haemorrhoids, and pains in the groin, prostate gland and reproductive system problems. Kidney and liver problems can be brought on by overindulgence in the good life. It is important for you to always watch diet and get plenty of exercise.


Career and Occupation

Scorpio's destiny is split into two phases. The first one will be hard, with much work and many limitations, a difficult beginning. But all of this will strengthen their resolve in time. The second phase will be that of achievement and professional success; this will come around the middle of their lives. Scorpios will have the patience and perseverance needed to secure everything they want. They will combine their ambitions with an altruistic and noble vision. They look for important jobs with authority, while remaining humble. They have a deep sense of justice through the many situations and changes in their lives. Scorpios will have professional prestige and will involve themselves in activities where they have authority.

Many people will love them and many will secretly envy them. Their career choice may be one of the following professions or a combination of several: entrepreneur, educator, builder, artist, musician, clothes or furniture designer, doctor, movie or theatre director, member of the military, claims adjuster, archaeologist, cemetery coordinator, credit manager, criminologist, detective, diver, marine biologist, garbage collector, security guard, insurance broker, counsellor, horticulturist, farmer, miner, tax consultant, printer, butcher, astrologer, scientist, journalist, distiller, researcher, secretary, travel consultant, public relations expert or sales representative, or any other activity providing management positions. Any career that offers challenge, danger and excitement will attract Scorpios.

Danger and adventure are like a honey pot to the Scorpio person. The idea of something being impossible to achieve is inconceivable for Scorpio people. Being a secretive Water Sign, any career that involves working with fluids, especially the hospitality industry, will attract many. Many Scorpios enjoy the rural areas, and anything that has a beginning and end will attract them, such as farming, the fishing industry, funeral directing and the medical industry. Scorpios are known for exploring things and this is why they attract to anything to do with the unknown, like astrology, astronomy, botany, clairvoyance, private investigations, psychiatry, gossip reporting, industrial chemistry, inventions, or any other occupation that involves unravelling hidden, secret or unknown facts.


The Scorpio Woman

The Scorpio woman is an intriguing individual with a magnetic personality. Her intuition is strong and she has an obsession with power as a means of getting what she needs and wants. Persistence, determination and wilfulness are her middle name, and she usually gets exactly what she wants. She has an extremist attitude: all or nothing. She loves her privacy and she also demands secrecy, especially in matters of the heart. Scorpio women are very complex individuals. There is always a drama in their lives, especially on the emotional side. They are known for the passionate, lusty, sexual side of their personality; they hunger for love and affection and can become possessive of their partners. Glowing with intensity, they step up to a challenge with glee. If someone crosses them their intensity turns to revenge and they can become extremely vindictive. Scorpio women have a compulsive side to their personality; when they want something it has to be yesterday. They are the most self-sufficient, confident women in the zodiac, handling extreme situations with ease. They were born to win. Their psychic powers assist them in difficulty and they can size up an opponent very quickly.

Many Scorpio women have to let off steam occasionally and, in an argument, they tend to go all the way, even to the point of thinking they are right when their error is obvious. Stubbornness is something they are born with. They will dig in their heels and even sacrifice something they love to ensure they win the battle. Scorpio women are very loyal and usually choose their partners carefully. Once they meet their perfect match they will do everything to keep the relationship together. They are very selective with their friendships, too, preferring a small circle of friends with whom they stay close for many years. They are generally curious and adventurous, always interested in new things and very competitive in everything they take up seriously. To sum up, the Scorpio woman is combative, secretive, self-indulgent, possessive, unusual, self-destructive and a prime mover of destiny.


The Scorpio Man

The Scorpio man is deep, enigmatic, reserved and even secretive. People do not make friends with him easily. It takes time for this man to feel comfortable with someone. He is very reserved and refuses to lower his personal barriers and open up to reveal his inner-self. He is a man with strong feelings and convictions, and has courage, determination, fortitude and staying power. You will admire his stubborn strength of character and the drive and personal resources he displays when he is highly motivated or is dealing with a major challenge. The Scorpio nature is enthusiastic and ambitious; if Scorpio men set their sights on a target or goal they will follow through resolutely. Their willpower is incredible when it comes to achieving objectives or dropping a habit. People respect and honour this trait. Feeling strongly about an issue, the Scorpio man will not usually be open to alternative arguments. His tongue can be sarcastic and cutting. There may be times when his biting response wounds others deeply. Scorpio men do not quickly forgive and forget a hurt, and are apt to get even when their opposition least expects it. They can retaliate without blinking an eye. They can also be very pushy and controlling at times and have a tendency to goad others a little too much. The home and family will be a source of great joy to Scorpio men, for they have deep, loving family ties and like building a settled, comfortable, secure home.

The Scorpio mind is astute, investigative, perceptive and intuitive, and can make mincemeat out of difficult decisions or complex problems and issues. Having come to a decision, Scorpios draw a conclusion and stand firmly by it. They are very perceptive and often offer others insights that are truly outstanding and beneficial in a philosophical way. Scorpio men are particularly virile, passionate and sexy. The sensual intensity and power in their expressions will generate a torrid, tempestuous ardour that the opposite sex finds searing, excitingly explosive and engulfing. They can be jealous, possessive and suspicious, however. Consequently it is always important to build a relationship of trust with a Scorpio man. He will put so much of himself into achieving his goals that saving money gives him pleasure, but he can also spend extravagantly and be generous to others. Scorpio men love sport, art and music; many have a special talent or a genuine appreciation for anything unusual. Never upset a Scorpio man or be disloyal to him, or he will never trust you again. Scorpios have no respect for wimps or those they consider wimps. They are also irritated by constant change.


Scorpio in 2019



Major Trends

This year Saturn, the planet of practicality, organisation, security and hard work, will transit the zodiac sign of Capricorn in your sector of mental and physical work, negotiations, family, neighbours and close relatives. Saturn will also mirror your distant interests, legal arrangements, contracts, travel and security of family.

From March, Uranus, planet of sudden and unexpected happenings, will influence much change on the joint financial front and your partner may need to assist you with some very important decision-making involving finances and home security. This year you can expect some very positive career or business changes to occur in your destiny; real estate and property investments, improvements or a complete change of residence may also feature prominently.

Long distance travel opportunities will be taken up either for business or pleasure, some will profit through imports and exports, others will visit and reunite with family or relatives that have been parted for many years.

Throughout 2019 you must reassess where you are presently at and where you are headed, and map out the practical steps necessary for the major journey of change you will encounter.

During February, aggressive Mars clashes with Uranus and Pluto and you can expect much pressure trying to balance your workload and daily home routine. Scheduling personal, recreational changes and career responsibilities may be difficult in the early part of 2019 due to the array of planetary aspects bombarding you in all directions. Patience, moderation and compromise will be necessary throughout this year and don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Many added responsibilities or extra duties will be thrust upon you by bosses or family members, however this year does have some escape and good fortune when you least expect it. For those who have been struggling to meet mortgage repayments, credit cards, or higher purchase agreements, and increased living standards, you may be offered extra work through a second job to help pay outstanding bills.

This year, with Uranus (unexpected) in the financial sign of Taurus, may bring you wonderful new financial opportunities. During March, April, June, July and September, you won’t be bored with repetitious tasks and needless restrictions, you may encounter a variety of optional directions and greater freedom through new opportunities that will be offered to you.

Throughout this year it is likely that many people will not know what you are planning or doing. This is your year to work in secret, go undercover, or break away from the madding crowd. You may wish to surprise your family and friends with some secret project, studies, or achievement. 

During June and July, when Mars meets Pluto and Uranus, you will be under great pressure to get things done and your health will need attention due to the stress you may be under.

During 2019 you may have a great desire, but find it difficult due to commitments, to spend more time in seclusion, reading, watching television, participating with hobbies, improving your health and fitness. With Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn, this is a great year to give up smoking, alcohol or bad eating habits. You may encounter a spiritual conversion experience throughout 2019 and your attitude to people and events may encounter a magnificent change for the better. For those anticipating elective surgery or major dental work, you could not pick a better year for success.

The most enjoyable aspect of 2019 is your ability to stay on top of things with a positive attitude. For the first time in many years you will now feel the break of those forged chains that have held you back from doing many of those secret desires and things you have always wanted to do. Do not allow yourself to become a victim of your own anger or the recipient of another's negative energy; look forward not backward. With psychological insight and understanding, you can become immune to negativity. What is understandable becomes less threatening.

Throughout 2019, be alert for the sudden or unexpected, a few strange situations will develop from time to time causing you to re-evaluate your chosen course of direction or of those in your family circle.


Uranus, planet of sudden change, will be in transit for the next seven years through the sign of Taurus, your sector of banking, other people’s money, loans, joint financial interests, insurance, taxation, money owed to you or by you, investments and improvement, employment changes, rewards and satisfaction.

For many, you can expect a positive job or career change during this year or a vast improvement with present working conditions. Changes could be either self-initiated or beyond your control as temporary working positions or breaks in employment are possible. If you are presently working for someone other than yourself and dissatisfied with your job, now is the time to investigate new placements. You may change companies or jobs entirely, or simply transfer to another office or depot under your present employer.

Some Scorpios will begin to work on independent projects of their own choosing or go one step further and create their own businesses, becoming self-employed. If you maintain your old job, changes in your daily routine are likely and may involve a relocation of the office, temporary change of duty station, travel, new office or work procedures, or the installation of new computer equipment.

During this period of transition, simple procedures may become very complicated and normal operations could be disrupted. In very negative situations, especially those involving ongoing conflict at work, dismissals may occur, or union disputes could bring work to a standstill.

Mars will hammer your energies levels at the workplace from February until July, so try to stay calm. Staying at the same old job doing the same old thing in the same old way will create much stress, so make the changes when they are available or offered. This is also true if you own your own business—you should be contemplating adjustments that will eventually lead to a more efficiency in the running of business.

From July until September, peaceful Venus will ease any pain or stress your workplace has created. This is also a wonderful time for interviews, negotiations and complete career changes. 

For most of this year, your physical and emotional wellbeing will be directly tied into your job and work practices and you should watch things carefully, especially during times of stress. Learn relaxation techniques and use them to rid your body of tension. Do not bring work problems home with you, you need your free time for recuperation. Cut back on caffeine drinks and alcohol, take stress-preventative vitamins when necessary. Most importantly, correct those job situations that are the most stressful.

If you are comfortable with your present position and have always been a hard worker, you may be asked to take on more responsibility at this time. For many, a promotion to a managerial or supervisory position can be expected or you may deal directly with the general public more than usual. A few can expect to either quit their job or give up their present occupation and move on to a more secure position of employment with opportunities for greater advancement.

For some individuals, especially for those who are older, signals of retirement or leaving the job market entirely will be made. For career mothers, choices focus on quitting work to raise children or continuing work while juggling two demanding schedules. One thing is for sure, with Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius until December, if you have clearly defined personal and professional goals, you need not worry about your future financial security, it will be guaranteed throughout 2019.


Venus will form some interesting planetary patterns throughout this year, especially when it forms a gusto positive combination with Jupiter and Pluto in May, and a wonderful aspect with Uranus in August. An intriguing situation may arise concerning your partner or a loved one and throw you into confusion or amazement. Watch for the unusual or unexpected where love and relationships are concerned; you may find yourself playing cat and mouse with yours or other people's emotions.

Someone may be very generous to you and shower you with gifts and pleasures between June and September and with Venus forming some lovely planetary relationships at this time, love will be very enjoyable and help dispel the bad taste of anything nasty in your material or emotional world.

Family matters should be calm and tranquil overall during 2019, giving you a much luckier emotional time.
For singles a special relationship may be just what you're looking for, one that allows you all the freedom you want, yet supplies the emotional security when you need it; wanting to have your cake and eat it too may prove costly if you are not careful.

This is not your year to be openly aggressive or angry. Arguments could backfire and cause you trouble. Always check your temper and bite your tongue, ignoring even offensive remarks from others. You may still feel angry, but you are less likely to express your anger openly and will not be as argumentative as you have been in the past. If you do not correctly understand your responses and your situation, pent-up emotions could cause you to feel very stressed and irritable.

Unfortunately, this year you may have to face reality and take a good look at what you have and why. An old friend or neighbour may come forward now to assist you with an important issue that may require a major long-term decision from you about your personal feelings. Relationships at times throughout 2019 will be a little touch and go; with so much on your plate, don't be confused with trivial matters, stick to the vital and important, that way the emotional road will be easier.

Romance is subject to a little deception on your part, keep on the lookout for any flaws that may show. Honesty and sincerity will go a long way to investing in a good long-term relationship. Some may be attracted to someone older or more mature and very stable in their emotions. Now is the time to look for stability in your emotional relationships.
A happier home life with a better emotional understanding can now be established between you and your partner. This is the year to plan something special for your partner and yourself. Travel and relax somewhere nice and have fun.

Lucky Jupiter will transit your income and personal financial affairs sectors and you can expect throughout 2019 some happy surprises regarding revenue and growth with personal possessions. Your personal desires, as well as many of your private and confidential matters, will be sorted throughout 2019.

Mars will stir up plenty of restlessness in the first four months of this year, as it transits your sectors of employment, incomes, finances, travel, contracts, legal matters, joint affairs, mortgages, insurance, savings plans and all business activities. You may find yourself becoming impatient with areas of restrictions that pop up in your life and you will be more than justified in trying to improve circumstances around you. You will be responsive to new thoughts and ideas and your mind will be active, resourceful and quick in decision-making whilst Mercury planet of communication speeds up during March until May.

Joint finances may be under some pressure due to extravagance by yourself or your partner. Be thrifty and put something away for that rainy day. Cheque accounts, joint finances or money that you share with someone else will need to be revised and sorted. Be particularly careful during July and August whilst Mars moves into a negative phase and your personal communication may be confusing to others, or they may misunderstand you even though you think you have been completely clear about your past expenditures.

From October to December, Venus will boost your new beginnings sector and your own sign of Scorpio. It is during this cycle you may have some new opportunities that will make you happy and more secure. Throughout 2019 there will be much activity with banks, insurance companies, investments, taxation and legal offices with big benefits coming your way. Some may receive an inheritance or a windfall through gambling or games of chance. You may find yourself on a winning streak.

You have a keen eye and a good mind for money during this period—utilise it as you see fit and keep control of your own finances. Signing important papers is favoured, especially anything to do with long-term investments, real estate and property. Many new business acquaintances will be made throughout 2019 and you will have the opportunity to form some very new and lasting investment deals.

Travel and entertainment bring many happy opportunities during the last four months of this year as Venus enjoys a compatible aspect with your own sign and the business sign of Capricorn. You may be asked to participate in a variety of social extravaganzas or sporting events throughout this year; push ahead with your hopes, wishes and desires—good luck surrounds you in unusual ways.

Family plays an important role in your year and you may find yourself reluctantly having to do financial favours for those who ask. Throughout 2019 there will be several fabulous opportunities for outings and enjoying the fruits of life, many social invitations can be expected, and functions will be enjoyed. At times you will feel the need to slip away and find space for yourself, without the interruption of others.

Sporting interests and competitive games may attract you and you're on a winning streak. New beginnings, projects and finances will have a profound significance in your year; personal contact with well-to-do people may open a new door of social excitement. Keep abreast of those who wish to exploit you for their benefit and be extremely careful with all money transactions, do not lend money or stand guarantor for friends or those you do not know well. This is your year to surge ahead financially.



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