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23 November to 22 December

Welcome to the Sagittarius Stars for 2019

Your Sagittarius Star Predictions for 2019 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2019, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Sagittarius at a Glance


Sagittarius symbol:  The bow with arrow drawn ready to be aimed by the centaur or archer, who is pictorially depicted as the upper part of a man upon the lower parts of a horse. The dual creature implies one with the speed and power of the horse and the brain and potential wisdom of man

Traditionally:  The ninth sign of the zodiac, ruling planet Jupiter

Colours:  Blue, purple

Lucky gem:  Turquoise, amethyst

Classification:  Mutable, Fire, positive and self-assertive

Keyword definition:  Expression, freedom, frankness, an urge to explore, adaptability, variableness and spontaneity, duality, sincerity, a philosophical nature, a love of sport and natural pursuits, joviality

Physical appearance:  Above-average height, well-made figure, long or oval face, rounded forehead, expressive blue or hazel eyes, clear complexion, brown hair, inclined to stoop

Faults:  Extremist, extravagant, tactless, boastful, inconsiderate, Sagittarian's are good at exaggerating, being careless, restless and a playboy or butterfly type

Star sign compatibility:  Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini

Star sign incompatibility:  Taurus, Pisces, and Cancer

Signs to have fun with:  Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

Signs for passion:  Scorpio, Capricorn, and Virgo


The Sagittarius Personality

Sagittarians love to be free and hate to adhere to rules laid down by anyone, unless they are fairly administered. They have a great need to expand their consciousness, together with a primitive urge to explore beyond their immediate and known environment. They have a need to judge, interpret, translate and formulate the laws around them, distinct from just knowing and accepting things on face value. They are intellectually inclined, open-minded, deep thinkers with good judgement, although they do tend to be very outspoken. They will always seek new dimensions of thinking in life as they progress through their destiny and, as they are generally optimistic people, they will always need room to move as they progress. They enjoy wide-open spaces and travel. The free spirit in them will always be happy, providing they are not limited or smothered with restriction. They understand other people's problems and in most cases people will look to them for the insight they need in finding solutions. Their creative spirit is supercharged when they get a chance to show the positive side of their personality and display their creative talents. It is imperative that they always have communication with others, because they believe in themselves and know they will succeed in their endeavours against all odds. This is why they love to teach others. Higher education and self-learning is important to them and they eagerly use every opportunity they can muster that offers a chance to prove them selves. At times they are willing to take risks because they are so confident. They are good friends to many and can be very generous with their time to those who honestly deserve it.


Sagittarius in Love

Sagittarius men and women pulse with life and sensuality and always monitor their actions very carefully. They have a high degree of versatility and, due to their dual nature, may conduct two relationships simultaneously. The key words for a Sagittarius in a relationship are ‘Don't fence me in'. They hate possessive people and love their independence; in fact, they love to have their cake and eat it too. Sagittarians are always in motion, high-spirited, jovial, blunt and gullible in their relationships. They can be extravagant and giving, enchanting and charming. The Sagittarian man or woman can be an exhibitionist and very versatile around the opposite sex. For a Sagittarius person love is good sex. To Sagittarian's, romance is the mystery of a one-night stand. Love comes out of friendship and they need mutual honesty and a high level of communication with their partner. Sagittarians need a partner who has a sense of independence that matches their own. They may prefer, when making love, the thrill and fantasy of an orgy and will attract many acquaintances and friends throughout their life. However, many partners may not be able to match their sexual staying power under the sheets or in the hot tub as their sex drive can be extreme at times. For Sagittarius men or women, their boundless energy and restlessness is perhaps their greatest challenge throughout their entire life.


Health and Wellbeing

Sagittarius governs the thighs, hips, sciatic nerve, gout, fistulas, tumours and nervous disorders. This sign gives a sound and wiry constitution, but Sagittarians are always highly strung, always on the go and creating excesses, worry and nervous breakdowns. Rheumatism, varicose veins, overheated blood type fevers and overindulgence can be problems. Fresh air, sport and exercise are absolutely essential for their wellbeing.


Career and Occupation

Business affairs will always play a role in Sagittarians' destiny no matter what their career or profession is, and they will be interested in national and international events or perhaps trading. They will be very introverted and reserved about their decisions; they will listen to advice and recommendations from others, but will finally do what was on their mind at the beginning. They will work toward their objectives with much will and tenacity, yet they could act obsessively, possibly denying other aspects of their life, such as emotional relationships. They will probably have artistic talent, which could be overlooked or neglected in favour of other activities more likely to be financially rewarding.

Sagittarians must learn to value every thing they have, not just those that will give them money. Due to their perseverance and intuition they will be owners of a corporation or will be working in high positions at some time in their destiny. Sagittarians' career choice could be one of the following: corporate manager, general trader, clothing designer, economist, advertising agent, actor, director, fire fighter, horse trainer, hospital employee, hunter, importer or exporter, solicitor, interpreter, jockey, marketing agent, minister, nun, philosopher, promoter, publisher, professional sportsperson, writer, travel agent, member of the military, X-ray technician, public relations person, real estate agent, zoo attendant, farmer, animal breeder, telecommunications technician, gambler, or any other career choice that allows them to combine their creativity with business. In any type of occupation they should try not to put themselves into a situation where they have to work alone in cramped quarters for long periods. Working in restrictive areas or confined circumstances would certainly irritate them, making them feel like a prisoner trapped between four walls.

It is imperative they always have room to move in their daily routine, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially, and they would be lost without their telephone. They should always look for jobs that offer and allow them to enjoy wide-open spaces or travel and the freedom to do things in their own way. Many Sagittarians excel in fields that expand the mind and broaden the horizons. As they are basically optimistic by nature, they will always look for a position that offers opportunities onward and upward. It is imperative that they are very active in their career or business; otherwise they will become extremely bored and will desire a change of direction. Challenge, change and variety are their middle names and throughout their life they will always set their sights on the big picture of success.


The Sagittarius Woman

The Sagittarius woman is breezy, energetic, idealistic and a philosopher in her own right. She will travel at the drop of a hat and loves to visit exciting, out-of-the-way places. She gets bored with doing the same old thing, so anything different appeals to her. Sagittarius women are always arranging things, whether it is a dinner party or a game of tennis or golf. They have the ability to motivate people and create events. The Sagittarius woman monitors her actions very carefully, being conservative and thrifty when she wants to be. She even hoards bits and pieces, odds and ends for a rainy day. She shops at the right stores and belongs to the right clubs, anything to enhance her social status. She has a high degree of versatility, great energy and optimism. Provocative in their behaviour and favouring dramatically different friends and lifestyle, Sagittarius women don't like to be fenced in.

Freedom is very important; trying to possess them will lead to disaster. They are high-spirited and jovial souls who love to be around people, to mix and mingle at parties. They are truth seekers, honest to the point of pride. They can be extremely blunt in reprimanding those who do not comply with their standards of honesty. If you want a trustworthy friend a Sagittarius woman is the one; she is as incapable of betrayal as she is of lying. She is inclined to be gullible; she will accept what you tell her at face value. She is extravagant and generous to her family and friends. Her enchanting, charming nature makes her the ideal guest in your home.  Sagittarius women either are musical or artistic themselves or appreciate good music and the arts. Their philosophical, spiritual nature makes them quite prophetic in their own way. They love sex, bringing out the animal nature in them, and are anything but inhibited. But their relationship is based on loyalty and trust. The Sagittarius woman dislikes weak men and is drawn to those who appreciate her independence and free lifestyle. She is always searching for new horizons.


The Sagittarius Man

The Sagittarian man is a rebellious individual, independent, warm and charming. He is his own person and determined to do his own thing. Sagittarius man does not like to be told what to do. Others admire his distinctive personal style, his courage to live life on his terms and to say the things he means. His humour and the irrepressible sense of fun that lights his eyes with a mischievous twinkle will delight you. He is genial, hospitable, gregarious, generous and generally honest. Sagittarius is a Fire Sign, and Sagittarians do have a tendency to jump off the deep end when in discussion with others. They have an explosive temper; they can be snappy, impatient, aggressive and even rude. Sometimes when they are cranky their sharp comments can rankle. They do not mind a good debate, due to their dual personality and criticalness. Sagittarius is changeable and inconsistent. He will not always follow through with what he says he will do, and will at times deny he even said it. His restless spirit will often make him bored and discontented, and he will yearn for fresh challenges and adventures. He loses interest and momentum with projects that become drawn out and he may not finish them.

Sagittarius is headstrong. The Sagittarian man has plenty of drive and get-up-and-go when he is keen to pursue an opportunity. He has energy and enthusiasm to burn then, and his powerful, positive motivation will inspire others and win their confidence. He is a man with vision and grand ideas, which others find exciting. He is incredibly resilient. He cannot be kept down for long. His fighting spirit and optimistic, progressive approach to life will always make him move on to new plans and undertakings with eagerness, initiative and enterprise. He is an opportunist, so that life with him never stands still. The Sagittarian mind is bright, inquiring and open to new ideas and possibilities. His resourcefulness will give others food for thought. If you have a new project to get off the ground his creative input and enterprise will motivate and inspire you.

The Sagittarian man is ardent, romantic, playful and a spontaneous lover. He will seduce you impetuously at unusual times and places. These men love sport, outdoor activities, camping, fishing and travelling. Their philosophical mind will also draw them to higher education, teaching, law and marketing. They love to be around positive people. Saving money gives the Sagittarian man a buzz. He can be spontaneously generous with special gifts and extravagant purchases, but when it comes to everyday things he can sometimes be quite prone to cost cutting, even penny-pinching. Taking a gamble and winning puts him on an elated high. He loves to beat the odds. An exciting new opportunity or project is pure joy for him. He will be terribly keen to get into it. Freedom gives him a sense of exhilaration. He likes to come and go as he pleases and have space in relationships to do what he wants to do.


Sagittarius in 2019



Major Trends

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, limitation, conservatism and frustration, will transit Capricorn, your sector of finances and security for the whole year, creating important long-term commercial, communication and financial changes for Sagittarians. Throughout 2019, Jupiter in your sign will influence major change and new beginnings as you commence your new 12-year cycle of opportunity. Expect your responsibilities around your home and employment to increase considerably and at times you will be so busy, you may feel as though you are taking two steps forward and six backward, with no time to indulge in pleasurable activities.

You will be thinking of what you can accomplish on your own; this is a year to do something by yourself and for yourself. It is likely that you will have a project in mind that only you can complete.

Saturn will transit your financial sector of the horoscope and you may find yourself becoming more frugal with money and expenditure. This is also a self-discovery time in your life and you need to explore your talents and limitations in order to assess the feasibility of the projects you have in mind for the year ahead.

The new projects this year are only a focal point of attention urging you to investigate your own abilities. The true power of this year’s placement of lucky Jupiter lies in what you discover about yourself. Use the newfound traits for personal accomplishment and advancement in anything you choose to do.

This is an excellent year for self-improvement, self-motivation, and personal change; other will see you as a disciplined workhorse. Remember to initiate matters on your own as much as possible since no one is going to push you along, and you will not allow it. Don't wait for others to do things for you, do things yourself, otherwise you will be waiting a long time. This is not to say that you will live alone, but this is a time to test your own strength and self-sufficiency. You want to be the one to make things happen.

With Uranus, planet of independence, in Taurus, this year’s influence will make you achievement-oriented, as it moves through your employment and service sector. All achievements this year are personal successes and not necessarily all career triumphs.

Growth this year is measured by the satisfaction that comes from reaching personal goals and making personal changes. During this year, character traits, which either help or hinder your ambitions, will surface. It is your job to foster the more positive qualities and to overcome any deficiencies that are apparent.

This can be a year for healing and recuperation from a difficult personal or business relationship.  It will certainly be a time of great personal progress and it depends on what you are ready for. Real estate will be important to you this year; you are apt to change your place of residence or change something about your home, pay off a mortgage, or purchase an investment property.

Some Sagittarians will relinquish certain family ties, move off to a new environment and start a new phase in life. Some will have a household member come or go during the year, perhaps a new roommate moving in, or a grown child moving out to a separate residence away from the family home.

Feeling comfortable at home becomes very important and you need to make changes in your home or lifestyle to attain this sense of comfort. Your aim will be to create a place of retreat reflecting your individual emotional style and needs. There are several different ways to do this and changes can be physical or emotional, radical or minor, depending on your frame of mind.

Intellectual development is favoured during this year, not only through higher education and basic training. Many Sagittarians will prefer to be self-taught rather than return to school. More than likely, the emphasis will be on testing and using already acquired intellectual abilities rather than focusing on further development.

This is a time to put into action what you already know, make improvements to your surroundings, especially employment. Mercury’s linking transit throughout the year is very good for reading, writing, studying, advertising, promoting, or any task that requires single-mindedness to complete. Your mind will be very active and very quick, perhaps even impulsive.

You may choose to hammer out your ideas during conversations and meetings. Be aware that you will tend to be very opinionated and perhaps even dogmatic during certain discussions; compromise will benefit everyone. Because you are in the process of developing your ideas, your thoughts will change rapidly over the year. You may have to eat some of your dogmatic decrees, so it would be wise to talk softly. This will certainly be a successful year on a personal level. You can expect to gain greater emotional and material security, but much patience will be required.


During April and May, Mars will enter your own sign and during this period your destiny may lead you to experiment with new and interesting changes in profession or activities related to people and places. Your observations and energy levels will be full steam ahead and you will concern yourself with all forms of improvement and capitalise on new opportunities. You will not be satisfied taking a back seat to anyone; instead you will care about investigating, seeking new paths and, in general, improving your life’s direction.

Some may become greatly interested in ecology and many will investigate artistic and creative fields. If you are interested in dramatic arts, movies, theatre, music, television, or print media, you could become an artist or journalist specialising in those subjects. Some may prefer and start a career in advertising, public relations, hospitality, defence forces, law, or become self-employed. For those unsure of what they would like to do, or leaving college and considering higher education, perhaps the study of veterinary science, agronomy, botany, research, radio announcing, counselling, psychology, astrology or metaphysics would attract you. It is possible for some to begin a career in real estate, home design or interior decoration during this year.

You will be very impatient when following orders and submitting to schedules and routines. You are very practical, so you seek an activity that will allow you to live nicely without restricting your freedom. Venus, the planet of nice, harmonious influences, will enter your own sign in January and sectors of employment and services to others during May, June, August and September. During these cycles, expect some wonderful opportunities to come your way, through promotions, better career options, pay increases, commissions, or you may be involved in an exciting series of circumstances that gives you a chance to achieve the things you have only dreamed about.

Your positive input this year will be recognised by bosses and those of importance and you can be assured of great success in your career path. At times throughout this year you may feel as if the burden of responsibility is too much for you. Tossing it all in rather than persevering may even be an option for you. Always remember, others will appreciate what you do for them this year and your achievements will be recognised.

In the second half of this year you will earn more money and may also travel in connection with your employment.  You are a visionary and could become a leader, though you could also find strong opposition to and disagreement with your novel and unusual ideas. Thanks to your futuristic vision you will help in the transformation of your career surroundings to your advantage throughout 2019.


Gemini rules your sector of partnerships, marriage, close personal and business relationships, and the person you share everything with. During 2019, Venus, the planet of love and affection, will influence your relationships severely, especially when Venus clashes with an array of planets throughout this year.

2019 should not be taken for granted with all types of partnership agreements, as struggles could be emotionally exhausting.  For many singles, despite your controlled and thoughtful nature regarding love and relationships, the decision to marry may be very much on your mind throughout this year; some may make a decision that is quick and precipitated.

It is possible that many young Sagittarians will attract someone older. Women may choose as a husband a man who is strong, sure of himself, possessive and very jealous, causing certain limitation with personal freedom. Most Sagittarians will experience a year of passionate and intense union and will share every moment and every decision with your partner. Living together will not be totally calm and it is possible that you will experience periods of tension and fighting, especially during April when Mars enters Gemini.

Your partner’s jealousy or authoritative attitudes can suffocate or limit your personal freedom, if care is not taken. Some of your most common complaints about your partner will be jealousy, selfishness, whimsical or inflexible attitudes, and aggressiveness. Nevertheless, you will be happy to find someone totally devoted to you who will fight to keep you by his or her side.

If you manage to get along and moderate your disagreements, you will have a successful year in relationships, however some Sagittarians will consider separation or a divorce. This year do not evaluate the success of any relationship by the result because it does not depend solely upon you. Always analyse what you have done: if you have offered yourself correctly, if you have loved sincerely, if you have set aside your selfishness. What the other person does is his or her own responsibility and you cannot manipulate it. In a couple, the responsibilities are always divided in half; take care of your share.

Throughout 2019, your moods will have the upper hand for a while; this is a good year to talk about your feelings with someone, especially with a close friend. Do not let pleasantries or small talk keep you from the more important issues. In most cases, a personal relationship you encounter will be a change for the better. You will become very romantic and dreamy during this year and you will idealise the person you love more.

Your imagery at times may not be in total accordance with reality and that could bring deceptions in the future if care is not taken. Be coherent and realistic and accept other people the way they are.

During this year, some love relationships will be platonic, you will enjoy going out and you will develop a love for new friends, groups and social activities. As a person you will be outgoing and friendly and will meet lots of new people and share many new experiences.

Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, generosity, abundance and money, will transit your own sign during 2019, attracting an assortment of good things coming your way. During this busy year, you can expect many happy surprises and new opportunities to occur that will improve your financial security.

Where money is concerned, this is a year you will attract many benefits through a salary or wage increase, settlements, new career position, a golden handshake, pension or some form of savings plan.
2019 indicates a good financial year, or at least improving financial conditions and, in most cases, money is attracted to you through your own efforts and is probably related to your professional and personal endeavours or increased earning power.

If you are not presently working, this can be the year you seek permanent employment. Those who work on a commission or incentive basis will have the opportunity for a significant increase in income. For those who work in sales, this can be the year you land that big account; there's the possibility of receiving a lump sum of money during the year. Generally, the money is not a gift, but remuneration associated with your job or some form of savings plan.

Some lucky Sagittarians can expect a gift or windfall through lotteries or gambling, others will receive funds through selling of a business, or property, retiring and collecting pension funds, receiving an advance for a book or invention, or winning a sabbatical or grant for educational or research purposes.

Unfortunately, this year your spending will also increase temporarily, you may make one large purchase or have increased unexpected expenses during the year. At times you will spend money to make more money.

If you are in business and wish to expand your business or your number of clients, you might buy extra advertising time or space. If you are selling your home for a profit, you might make improvements, which will maximise the return on your investment. The emphasis is on moneymaking ideas and during this year it can be easy to make more money. The tendency is to be in the right place at the right time, but unfortunately, you may have to spend money to attain this position.

You may overspend your income and incur a large debt, if care in not considered. The bills can reach a significant level for those who have a history of financial problems. If this becomes your situation, the push to increase your income will be even stronger.

Regardless of your line of work, or the way you run your daily routine, the inner quality of fulfillment is stressed this year. You will not do just anything for money, principles are important, and the tendency is to make money doing exactly what is most fulfilling. Money comes easily when you believe in what you do well. Travel this year is full of sudden and unexpected surprises and expenses.


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