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20 February to 20 March

Welcome to the Pisces Stars for 2019

Your Pisces Star Predictions for 2019 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2019, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Pisces at a Glance


Pisces symbol:  The fishes joined together and pulling in reverse directions, typical of the dual and facilitating nature of the Piscean type

Traditionally:  The twelfth sign of the zodiac, ruling planet Neptune

Colours:  Sea green, violet, indigo

Lucky gem:  Aquamarine, jade

Classification:  Mutable, Water: negative

Keyword definition:  Develops a nebulous attitude, impressionable; Pisces are associated with an urge to transcend the material; has a quality of intuitiveness, adaptability and variableness

Characteristic key words:  Sensitive, compassionate, kind, sympathetic, easygoing, quickly moved to tears, cannot bear suffering, yet suffer in them selves, psychic

Physical appearance:  Middle to short stature with short limbs, full face, pale complexion, full eyes, wide mouth, plentiful hair, small hands and feet

Faults:  Impractical, over-emotional, lovable, submissive, confused, soft, careless, indecisive, touchy, secretive, confused, extravagant, temperamental, dependent

Star sign compatibility:  Scorpio, Virgo, and Taurus

Star sign incompatibility:  Gemini, Sagittarius, and Leo

Signs to have fun with:  Aries, Aquarius

Sign for passion:  Capricorn, Pisces, and Scorpio


The Pisces Personality

Pisceans can be very impressionable, receptive, intuitive and subtle, with a creative imagination. With their emotional, sensitive nature they lean very much to the arts, painting, sculpture, pottery, theatre, television and music. They are spinners of dreams and illusion and with their secretiveness and spiritual nature they also make excellent priests, nuns, magicians or psychics. They lack a little in willpower, rational thought and practicality at times. They have a desire to help those who are less fortunate than them selves and may at some time in their life take care of the sick, the needy or animals. They may enjoy working in institutional areas, such as hospitals, nursing homes, orphanages and prisons. They have very healing hands and would do well as a physiotherapist, chiropractor or masseur. They will always have the primitive urge to transcend the material, to break down all barriers, pierce through all illusions of artificial social and religious structures of behaviour and conformity. They have an in-built faith in the unknown. They can easily enter into the feelings of others and share with them, without any binds that restrict them to the personal. Pisces people always seem to have a marvellous ability to adapt to almost any situation and this is why you will see a Piscean in every conceivable occupation. Happy, warm and congenial conditions are very important to the Pisces person, as they are peaceful people at heart and dislike violence, unless they are threatened.


Pisces in Love

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, or Mandrake the Magician, the Pisces person is full of magic and mischief and their world is rich with emotional tornadoes. They are always full of confused, changeable emotions and have a tendency to fly away with the pixies and fairies where romantic dreams are concerned. If ever there was a sign that attracts disappointing and hurtful lovers, this is the one. The Pisces person has an overpowering sense of obligation and self-sacrifice where love is concerned. They can be classed as romantic, mysterious, beautiful, elusive, passive people and full of exciting surprises. They need a lot of love and protection, but seldom seem to get it. During their lifetime, they may undergo radical changes in their sexuality and can be late bloomers. They learn quickly and always like to give with pleasure to their lover's demands, and the more outrageous their partner the more they like it. Pisceans don't mind being possessed but secretly aim to be the dominant partner of the situation. They like to cater for their lover's fantasies and they win their partner's heart by making them feel special. The Pisces in love gets carried away with erotica and just loves being surrounded by incense, candles, soft pillows and any surrounding or props that will enhance their sexuality. Pisceans can always use their eyes very effectively to transmit messages and they have a powerful intuition when it comes to attracting a partner.


Health and Wellbeing

Pisces rules the feet, as well as the fingers, the ligaments, the muscles, the lymphatic system and the kingdom of the human psyche. Very receptive and sensitive, Pisceans' physical problems will originate with their emotional afflictions, which will make diagnosing their illnesses very hard and will sometimes result in incorrect conclusions. Also very impressionable, they will have to avoid being with negative or unbalanced people, as this has an adverse effect upon them. They will not pay much attention to diets and treatments; they think they know it all when it comes to health. Their lazy attitude, plus their tendency to retain liquids, can easily cause them to be overweight at some period. Pisceans are subject to certain addictions, so they will have to avoid tranquillisers, alcohol and gambling throughout their life.

Pisces' parents need to remember that their children will have to avoid sleeping too much to escape their problems; they need an artistic or creative outlet. They have to have a balanced diet and stick to it, avoiding highly salted food and perhaps use a low-sodium salt. They need to seek inner harmony and peace with positive people. They should involve themselves with spiritual groups or practise yoga, meditation, prayer and some creative art. They should always be active and perform mental control exercises to eradicate negative thoughts and suggestions. The short-term problems related to Pisces' health could originate from low vitality, a lack of oxygenation of the blood, a lack of vitamins A and D and magnesium. This could bring problems with the circulatory system, a lack of circulation to the arms and legs, heart problems, palpitations, angina, fever and so on. Generally, all their problems with health will be closely associated with their emotional world.

In order to prevent these problems, Pisces should include these elements in his or her diet: alfalfa, asparagus, broccoli, carrots, celery, lettuce, green and red capsicum, spinach, watercress, sweet potato, tomato, fresh or dried peach, cherry, apple, lemon, orange, wheat germ, sunflower seeds, fresh cheese and yoghurt. The long-term problems related to Pisces' health could originate from exhaustion of the nervous system, which could result in stress, spasms and general irregularities due to tension. Also, Pisces could have ankle swelling, varicose veins and leg pains. In order to prevent these problems, Pisceans should follow the diet mentioned above, plus all foods high in the B vitamins, like chickpeas, lentils, legumes in general, whole grains, walnuts and seeds, coconut, grapes, pineapple, bee pollen and egg yolk. It will also be important for them to wear comfortable shoes with low heels and to walk barefoot sometimes.


Career and Occupation

Pisces' destiny is bound up with travelling and foreign countries. Most likely they will travel a lot for business reasons or reside in a place or country different from where they were born. Pisces will be restless and will probably be involved in two activities at once, one that will provide financial stability and another that will give pleasure. If they have artistic tendencies these will probably be expressed through photography, movies, video, the theatre or another medium in which shape and movement are the main elements. Pisceans will also have a strong religious and philosophical view of life and may serve their religion with a missionary zeal. They will follow an ideology and want to teach it to others. Their free spirit loves nature in every manifestation, which is why travelling will revitalise them.

As adults, when they are looking for more stability or when they retire, they will be interested in life in the country and breeding animals or watching a view of the sea or mountains. Everything they do will be touched by a little luck, which will make life easier for them. Things may happen quite suddenly and unexpectedly. Their vocational choice may be one of the following: tourism, diplomacy, foreign trade, photography, movies, journalism, psychology, philosophy or the priesthood. They may want to become a primary or high school teacher or university professor, publican, social worker, drycleaner, medical practitioner, jailer, junk or second hand dealer, poet, secret agent, shoe salesperson or repairer, car salesperson, warden, veterinarian, farmer, nurse, rest-home employee, professional musician, chemist, barrister, police officer, fisherman, secretary, sex worker, hairdresser, naturopath, psychic, seafarer, manager, public servant, court reporter or any other profession that stimulates curiosity and requires an ability in communication.

They must have a happy environment to work in, otherwise they will be unhappy with their occupation. This does not mean that they will always enjoy what they are doing, because being so sensitive, impressionable and responsive to external conditions means that they pick up and absorb the influences around them. If the vibrations are happy, harmonious and constructive, they will respond and reflect them. However, if the situation or environment is discordant or destructive, their reaction then will be very disturbing. For this reason it is very important that they mix with people who are good for them and that they work in an environment and occupation that is conducive to peace, harmony and cooperation, to give them a degree of soul satisfaction. They are not people who are made to cope with the harsh, ruthless realities of the materialistic world. They have a wonderful imagination and this combined with their vision and inner source of inspiration means that they can excel in most types of career.


The Pisces Woman

Pisces woman is a cross between Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother, full of magic and mischief. She can be very emotional, mysterious, beautiful and romantic. Her subtle, elusive personality works well in any romantic situation. She has the knack of seducing her prey with a touch of intuitive insight and sophistication. The Piscean lady is always in love with love. At times she is away in the world of the never-never. She is happy when she can pour out her feelings and accept more than her share of other people's problems at the same time. She is sentimental and sensitive, but deep down has a strong need for independence. Her pull toward the unknown metaphysical subjects is strong. Never underestimate her intuition – she will be spot-on. She is easygoing in most cases and does not thrive on challenge and change, yet she is dominated by the changing situations of her day-to-day routine. The Pisces woman has a tendency to distrust herself and escape into apathy and confusion. She should learn to love herself more, to be more optimistic. She will take a month of Sundays to make up her mind at times, and her procrastinating nature will cause her to miss out on many opportunities that could benefit her future security.

The compassionate humanistic and nurturing side of her personality is beyond reproach. She can be an angel of mercy when you need her. A wonderful lover, Piscean woman needs to love herself more. She requires a lot of love and protection, but seldom seems to get it, due to her obligation to others and her vulnerability to the opposite sex. With her, it is as if every sign of the zodiac were wrapped up in one parcel. She is a Pandora's Box, full of surprises. She needs to distinguish between commitment and attachment. She is a wonderful mother, always there at her children's beck and call, even into their adult years. You could sum up the Pisces lady by saying she is the most loving, giving, calming and sweet woman in the world. If you win her heart she will be your truest friend forever.


The Pisces Man

The Pisces man will align himself with his true priorities in life: his work and his family. He is an emotional, serious man and will take his responsibilities very much to heart. He will do his best to the point where he will often give of his time, energy and support way above the line of duty to please his superiors and assist his family. He is an earnest person, conscientious and willing. Because he is a man with deep and strong feelings, he invests a great deal of emotional energy in his work and family, fulfilling his commitments on both fronts. Although at times he appears selfish, he shares himself with his family, which is a source of infinite joy. He is a man of strong family and spiritual values. He loves and cherishes his children and will work tirelessly to raise and educate them, giving them all the help and advantages he can. Pisces men can be touchy, temperamental and very easily offended. They can become a negative, liar, depressed and defeatist, and tend to make others around them depressed also. They find it very difficult to stand up for themselves under adverse conditions and this lack of fighting spirit could annoy and disappoint others. The Pisces man can be prone to anxiety; sometimes he may worry too much over trivial issues. He can be a dreadful procrastinator; this will frustrate those close to him, including his workmates. He can be a little self-righteous too, which could rub others up the wrong way.

The Pisces nature is idealistic, so Pisces man will have personal principles he believes in and he will want to run his life by them. He is extremely kind-hearted and caring, and you will revel in the gentle, emotional tenderness and warmth he lavishes upon you. He is a thoughtful and compassionate person, and you will treasure the considerate things he does to please you. The Pisces mind is reflective, creative, perceptive and intuitive. He will ponder and analyse issues and decisions at length, seeking answers and direction. When you have a delicate matter to handle you will appreciate his perceptive and sensitive evaluations and insights. Likewise, when you have an ambitious project to tackle his creative, imaginative suggestions will set your thoughts soaring.

Pisces man is very emotional and romantic in love, and will use all kinds of manipulative tactics to seduce you. He adores a woman with class and a sensual body. He enjoys his home comforts; they give him a sense of security, which is important to him. Success is a fulfilling joy for the Pisces man. He gives so much of himself to his work and strives so conscientiously that he has a deep emotional investment in achieving his set goals. Good food, wine and music are things he enjoys, and he can be a pleasant host at a dinner party. There is a strong, inherent artistic streak in the Pisces make-up and this will manifest itself as a special talent or a deep appreciation for the arts. Pisces man can be his own worst enemy. Criticism upsets him, yet he is always critical of himself. He cannot stand domination – it makes him moody and temperamental. This man can be a real wimp if he does not get his own way.


Pisces in 2019



Major Trends

With lucky Jupiter in transit this year through Sagittarius, your sector of career, worldly activities, gaining recognition, achieving your highest goals, there is nothing to stop you from reaching a high point in your destiny. Expect a busy year of communication, mental interests, study, correspondence, interviews, meetings, negotiations and travel.

With Saturn keeping you more conservative in your actions, you can expect an extremely busy cycle attending, or involved with business and career with great success. You will feel confident and on solid ground when making your business or family decisions throughout this year; you will be charged with positive energy. Use your free will, as you will be very much aware of new opportunities that come along.

It will be a year of positive adjustment to your true and basic interests. You will be interested in developing and improving your whole self, including your physical body and the characteristics of your temperament through metaphysical activities, yoga, meditation and alternative health. A new you will appear, but the degree of your success will depend entirely on your own effort and initiative.

Your vitality will increase, you will feel very energetic and will be ready for action. Your vanities will also increase, and you could have the desire to be the centre of attraction in any situation.

With Mars giving you lots of energy throughout 2019, you won't be willing to remain in second place during this year—your authority and trust in yourself will increase, which will help you accelerate to the top of any endeavour you find attractive. This is a year to overcome hidden fears or personal insecurities. There is nothing to worry about, for you will have the courage of your own convictions to do want you want.

The relationship with your family will be very important; you will be closer and more protective, some will decide to sell up and move away to start a new life. Saturn’s cautious influence will continue its slow and methodical journey in Capricorn throughout 2019, mirroring on your sector of creative activities, theatre, music, cultural activities, writing, social life and your attitude towards friendships, including the way you live.

Your extravagance and spending will be cut to the quick, as you become more frugal and conscientious of accumulating wealth. During this year your intellectual and literary abilities will improve, a good year for any kind of studies and activities that demand mental concentration; some may take up a course in information technology to increase their knowledge and skills.

For those devoted to writing, you will have a very fruitful year. This is a positive cycle for correspondence, transcripts, wills, contracts, law and order, and improving your communication with others.

Action-packed Mars will influence your corporate activities, home and service sectors from June to December, favouring mercantile activity and personal projects. Business will prosper, and you will seek out new ideas and projects for the future.

It will be easy for you to learn and to relate your know-how at meetings to others during this period. This year, you may be linked in some way with long distance communications, examinations, writing, traveling, photography, languages, sales or promotions. Your mind will be sober, logical, methodical, careful and responsible as you proceed through this busy year and success is indicated if you compromise.

2019 is a get up and go year for you, so don’t let an opportunity go by.

Uranus, planet of independence and differences, will spend the next seven years in Taurus, your sector of interviews, communication, meetings, conferences, education, philosophy, psychology, professional ambitions, achievements, worldly goals and activities, reputation and public image. Your destiny leads you to an interesting, exciting change in career, jobs, profession or activities related to anything different from the normal routine.

You are more attracted to jobs that are exciting, adventurous and daring, you are not particularly interested in mundane simple routine work; instead you have that unusual burst of enthusiasm, investigating and seeking new paths, improving your life’s direction in a way you have always wanted.

Some will become greatly interested in artistic fields, such as movies, theatre, television, music, dancing; others will become well known as artists, journalists, agents, administrators, or managers specialising in special careers. You may find secretive work may appeal to you, or you may wish to join the defence forces or police.

Many may prefer to take up a creative job with the public or a career associated with the hospitality industry. With Mars influencing your drive and career enthusiasm throughout 2019, you will be extremely impatient when following orders and submitting to schedules and routines set by others; restriction of your freedom and limitation will not be tolerated by you.

Limiting, cautious, Saturn and determined Pluto in Capricorn will give you the fortitude to stand up and succeed against any pressure applied by others. Your ruling planet Neptune in your sign will enhance your intuitive mind and you will always be one step ahead of others throughout this year. Mars will crash through your financial sector during January, February, October and November causing a few business worries over other people’s money; expect arguments with partners, bosses, superiors and co-workers, budget cuts, a tightening of fiscal policy, a reconstruction of incomes and expenditures … some will get the golden handshake, or will be retrenched. 

For a few, the land will be an escape and attraction, a new vocational choice towards agriculture, farming, horse breeding, horticulture, veterinarian, or stock and station agents may interest you. 

Your innate aptitudes and career desire will be accentuated during this cycle. It will be an important year for change, immaterial of what you desire, so work consciously and persistently on the achievement of your goals.

This year will bring many new opportunities. You will feel more confident and safer in showing your own abilities—it will be a year of social elevation as well as your status. There is the possibility of receiving a prize, bonus or recognition for your effort and level of ability. There will be some unexpected modifications and sudden changes in your job environment, so be prepared. If you have an independent business or profession, you will concentrate on making changes in your daily routine. Be prepared for difficulties with co-workers and associates, watch you back; other may try to pull you down.

Overall, 2019 will be an achievement year for you and you should not waste one day as you climb the ladder of success.

Venus is in transit through your relationship sectors in February, April, August and September, so your emotions will be intense and spontaneous, and you won't restrain yourself expressing them. This will be a year of enjoyment and you will enjoy each place and each moment. Your disposition will be happy, enthusiastic and vital, but also authoritarian and at times possessive.

You will impress others with your firm expression and the trust in yourself that you will transmit, and your noble attitude. You may develop a great sense of justice and will turn very protective of others during this year; you will also show a great aptitude to organise and to direct others. You will receive more support from your family and friends, although there also could be strong disagreements and arguments because each party will have firm opinions and a tendency to be inflexible about your emotional direction.

Your personal magnetism will also increase and could bring romantic situations of conquest and seduction. Sexual desires and fantasies are more pronounced this year than other times. Sexual and emotional experimentation will appeal to you, especially when Venus the planet of love connects with Pluto in February, April, May, June, July, September, October and December.

You will have a deep flow of emotions throughout this year and your emotional juices will be in high gear. Some singles will experience their first real sexual or love experience, others will enjoy the pleasantries of love in harmony with each other.

You will search for the admiration and approval of friends, especially the opposite sex, which could lead to jealousy if you already have a partner. You will be very selective in your private world and will not be satisfied easily with people you have around you.

Some married couples will experience a strange or unusual event in their relationship, others will go their own separate ways—either divorce or arrange an open marriage with their partner.

You may also reorganise or undertake some major changes and reformations in your present home and could take in a lodger. Your attention will also be on family matters and the relationship with your mother or other women who exercise some authority on you. Your elderly relatives may become dependent upon you; it will be difficult to cut certain family ties. On one hand you will receive support and approval of your ideas, but it also is possible that you will encounter demands or limitations to your own freedom. Your emotions will be very intense, and you should try not to lose your objectivity.

With an assorted array of planetary aspects with Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in your horoscope this year, others will be more attracted to you now and your relationship with friends will be very important. You will find it much easier to express your feelings, and your past experiences will influence your present acts.

Some will prepare for engagements and weddings, other will start or extend a family, as 2019 is a very fertile year for Pisces people. Memories of your family and the relationship with your mother will be particularly influential in your decisions. Endeavour to be less stubborn and more compromising, if you wish your emotional relationships to be successful.

Saturn’s cautious influence in Capricorn will give you a strong desire to save or invest money and you will lean toward avoiding any form of extravagance and excesses of all kind. You should be very careful with your investments, business and expenses during this year, especially during April, May, July, October and December.

There is a tendency to suffer loss or delays in collections or difficulties in carrying out certain financial projects if you mix business with pleasure. Laziness and ostentation should be avoided. It is important you don't neglect the legal or taxation aspects of your life; avoid debts or other financial problems.

For some, your carefree spirit and the over-protection of people around you could cause you to become irresponsible and careless if you're not careful, or you may bend to the monetary whims of others. This year's financial possibilities will force you to earn money through your own efforts; you should rely on your own ideas and hunches about where and how to invest money.

With Uranus now in Taurus for the next seven years, you will have periods of economic success and good fortune, providing you do not procrastinate; your tendency to think about financial matters instead of taking immediate action may cost you plenty in the long run. Throughout 2019, you will want to completely enjoy the money you earn or have saved before.

You will be given pleasures you had not permitted yourself before, and possibly incur big expenses or luxuries due to family desires. This will be more so if you impulsively fall in love, because you will have the desire to share everything with your chosen one.

There is a tendency to become more materialistic and selfish at times and care should be taken. You will have a strong desire for pleasure and harmony but will not always be able to achieve it due to your apprehensiveness at times to go over your budget. Some will have to control or arrange a degree of balance into their economic sphere; otherwise, if a control of expenses is not adhered too, unnecessary debts are forecast.

There is a tendency to act on a whim during this year, even though your intentions are sound. Problems with joint money or partnership funds will irritate you and incline you to violent reactions.

This is a good year to negotiate wages, salaries and loans or to begin a new enterprise; money comes and goes in large amounts. Travel is favoured for business or leisure. Family celebrations, unexpected money and career news will put you in a good mood.

You may be quite exhausted with many social invitations and get-togethers with family and friends. You can expect many new faces to cross your path. Some will have success in speculation matters such as lotto, racing, pools or lotteries.





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