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24 September to 23 October


Welcome to the Libra Stars for 2019

Your Libra Star Predictions for 2019 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2019, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Libra at a Glance


Libra symbol:  The only inanimate object of the signs representing balance. Libra is always weighing life in the balance, bringing people together and comparing them, typically indecisive, and going from one extreme to the other

Traditionally:  The seventh sign of the zodiac, ruling planet Venus

Colours:  Blue and green

Lucky gem:  Coral, emerald and opal

Classification:  Cardinal, Air, positive

Keyword definition:  Develops an attitude of relatedness, expressing harmony, associated with an urge for unity with others

Characteristic key words:  Diplomatic, charming, cooperative, completely unsettled with discord and conflict. Good evaluation of harmony, art, beauty and form. Idealistic and a perfectionist, but often misconstrued as lazy or a dawdler

Physical appearance:  Well-formed body, average to tall, slender in youth but tending to stoutness; hair smooth brown to black, blue or brown eyes, Grecian nose, round or oval face, often with dimples, good complexion

Faults:  Too easygoing, untidy, frivolous, tends to sit on the fence, changeable, lack of confidence, too soft, reliant on others, dissatisfied, lazy

Star sign compatibility:  Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo

Star sign incompatibility:  Pisces, Taurus, and Capricorn

Sign to have fun with:  Virgo, Aquarius, and Gemini

Signs for passion:  Scorpio, Sagittarius, and Libra


The Libra Personality

To describe a Libran one must take into consideration the balance factor in their horoscope. Because of the principle of balance there are usually few extremes in Libran people. Harmony in all aspects of life is of paramount importance to a Libran, especially in their daily routine, job or home life. They attract to friends who are untroubled and have some form of direction in their life. They are not born with stringent, competitive, aggressive, striving qualities and they prefer the quiet life out of the rat race. When they are put under severe pressure, they may at times get upset or lose their composure to a degree. They are certainly not weak people and will raise their flag of social justice if anyone tries to pull the wool over their eyes. They can become aggressive and resentful when they need to be, under special circumstances. Psychologically their primitive urge is for unity and relatedness with others. They have a strong sense of social duty and a need to conform to an ideal pattern of community life. An underlying sense of personal inadequacy can lead them to misunderstandings through doing what they think is expected. They are very intelligent and capable of very balanced judgement, but inclined to indecision, easily influenced by the opinions of others. Basically their thinking is cheerful, optimistic, compromising. They will always have a big heart and the hardest problem for them to overcome throughout their lives is learning to say no. In most cases they will find themselves saying yes more than they should.


Libra in Love

Although a Libran woman is charming, attractive, seductive, elegant, sentimental and mentally active, she can be a procrastinator, very indecisive in her personal and sexual life. She operates with the best of intentions and loves to please others, but not often herself. Librans often fall in and out of love, usually marry early in life and divorce at least once. They need a partner who is more aggressive and indulgent than the norm and in many cases they will attract to a partner with an age or background difference. Libran women enjoy impressive and informative discussions with their partner and love to engage in passionate verbal foreplay. They are stimulated by candlelit dinners, soft music, romantic or erotic movies and sexual fantasies. Libra woman wants to be pursued and wooed like Lady Guinevere; she feels she is the goddess of love and beauty to be admired by all. In many cases a Libran woman walks through her life looking absolutely confident, a million dollars, but she is often lonely and scared, too shy to discuss her sexual and emotional insecurity. Librans love to cater for their partner in the realms of emotion and love, but they are never quite sure how far to go. As a mate they can be idealistic, moody, sensitive, demanding, accommodating, refined and romantic. But if someone crosses them in their love life the scales will tilt and so will the resentful side of their personality. They must always remember that it is them who always want attention, and at times their partner needs it too.


Health and Wellbeing

Libra rules the veins, kidneys and lumbar vertebrae. The Libran constitution is usually strong, but excess in eating and especially drinking affects weight gain, the kidneys and the bladder, sometimes causing stone or gravel. Pains in the loins, weakness of the lower part of the back and moist feet is also associated with this sign. Renal and lumbar areas may at times be a problem. Legs and feet tend to break out in varicose veins with age. Librans often fret and allow them selves to get into a very melancholic state. Glandular malfunctions are also possible for Librans. Beautiful and peaceful surroundings and exercise are their best medicine.


Career and Occupation

Career destiny can hold many difficulties and stumbling blocks at the beginning of life; these problems will be overcome and, if used as learning experiences, will allow Librans to achieve professional success. Their great sensitivity and affection will be shown in everything they do. They will be interested in all that relates to humanity; they will also be interested in guiding and teaching people. Their destiny is linked to people, and they may become well known in society. However, nothing will come for free and Librans will have to work very hard to reach their goals. They will be interested in the environment, ecology, nutrition and nature in all its expressions. They will be very tolerant, kind, and even a bit indulgent.

Librans will seek approval and support to reach their goals; often their progress will come to a standstill if they do not receive the help they feel they need to go on. They will have a very significant mystical and spiritual nature and may be attracted to metaphysical subjects or careers. Career choice may be as a doctor, pharmacist, teacher, biochemist, paediatrician, nurse, gynaecologist, nutritionist, yoga instructor, financial adviser, psychologist, farmer, food producer, animal breeder, solicitor, beautician, professional referee, graphic artist, engraver, hairdresser, designer, landscaper, police officer, soldier, painter, sales representative, stonemason, undertaker, union representative, politician, travel agent, promoter, librarian, architect, or escort.

They always like to work in an environment where the human factor and relationships are essential considerations. They work better in a congenial, harmonious environment, away from noise and coarseness. Under the scales of justice they may attract or be associated with the legal profession. They are born strategists, with a natural flair for tact and diplomacy and can excel in almost any form of arbitration. Therefore, they could be attracted to a career in welfare, as a marriage guidance councillor, a legal aid worker, an arbitrator in family or neighbourly disputes, or as a go-between for opposing parties. They have a natural ability to smooth over troubled waters. Libra is the sign of partnership in business and they would work well with a compatible associate. They feel more complete working with another person rather than on their own. With Venus, the planet of beauty, as their ruler they may consider careers associated with the arts, colour, design and luxury goods and services.


The Libra Woman

Libra woman is charming, attractive, naturally elegant, charismatic, sentimental, melancholic, and very communicative. She is sensual and stylishly seductive, with that touch of class that makes her a social creature in her own right. Libran women tend to self-indulgence, spoiling themselves by purchasing the best of everything. Nothing is too good for them. They enjoy gourmet food and may put on weight easily. They dress exquisitely and tend to be upmarket and trendy, with a passion for expensive perfumes. Libran women are content to live in the lap of luxury and let others provide for them. They can be naive or optimistic, depending on their point of view, and they trust in fate to bring them what they need in life. They can be artistic and sophisticated, making excellent hostesses, wooing dinner guests with an array of precious china, silverware, embroidered napkins, fine food and wine. They like to be sociable with their guests, making easy contact with people. They can be very supportive friends.

Libran women have a deep side to their nature; they can at times be very melancholic, pensive and morbid. When they become downhearted, they can be quite paranoid and depressed, even over superfluous matters. Fortunately, this is only a passing phase for them and they will snap out of those moods very quickly if given even just a bunch of flowers or some other gift or token of affection. Libran women have difficulty in making decisions and can be the biggest procrastinators in the zodiac. Their indecisive and ambivalent nature can be their worst enemy. Their flag of justice will always be flying high, for they passionately believe in justice for all. They do not particularly like to argue, but their strong aggressive nature will spring into action when a matter of principle is at stake. Libran women are basically rational, detached and controlled, disliking disorder and chaos, and they are always trying to find that certain balance in life.


The Libra Man

The Libra man is charming and refined, with a cultured, elegant, personal style and a warm, courteous, considerate manner. He is highly intelligent, open-minded, with many interests, a well-informed, articulate conversationalist. With excellent social and interpersonal skills, he can mix with people from all walks of life and so will build a network of friends and contacts. He is kind-hearted, willing to do what he can to help his friends and associates. Libran men can be indecisive, changeable, procrastinating, somewhat vague and elusive. They can also be stubborn, particularly when pushed. They should always be asked, never told, to do things. They don't mind a little flirting and love chatting up the opposite sex. They are deeply aware of beauty and most appreciative of it. Cleanliness and lovely surroundings are important to them. In fact, they may well become collectors of eye-catching objects of art. Their home is their castle. They have elegant, artistic taste and love class and quality. Appearance really matters to them and they will always dress in fashionable clothes. Looking their best gives their confidence a boost.

The Libran man is bright, enquiring and resourceful. He is logical and reasonable, and will express his views in a calm, clever, objective manner. He is a competent negotiator and mediator and, when others have an awkward situation or troublesome person to handle, he will offer some sound and valuable advice. He dislikes emotional arguments and would prefer to walk away from them, but the fact is that he himself is very good at starting them. The Libran man enjoys romance, love and affection; he is extremely warm and generous with his feelings. He may play the field until he finds his special person, but then he will be a passionately true mate. Libran men are very demonstrative, with a love of free expression. They may occasionally need breathing room, or time out to play sport. Most Libran men have champagne tastes and love a touch of luxury. They appreciate the best and adore socialising, circulating and communicating. Compliments give them a buzz, pleasantly lifting their morale and confidence. Giving and receiving kindness provides them with much pleasure. Social injustice disturbs them.


Libra in 2019



Major Trends

Your Libra sign rules the first sector of your horoscope, the one that is related to your personal life, your appearance and personality, as well as to those events, people, circumstances and external conditions that influence your destiny. When your ruling planet Venus transits the various signs throughout 2019 it will sharply increase the activities and tempo of your life for this year. Although you will at times feel tired due to heavy workloads or strenuous situations that arise suddenly and unexpectedly, your levels of energy, physical stamina and vitality will be assisted by energetic Mars.

During this year Mars will help you cope successfully with urgent, strenuous day-to-day activities as well as with the odd dynamic issues you find yourself in. Impatience and impulsiveness may need controlling throughout this year. You will be more eager than ever to start that new job, travel to a new destination or make a big impression around others.

Hard work brings big rewards such as a promotion or a raise in salary, things that once interested you will not seem quite so important now. You may decide to leave behind the colleagues who have not grown with you, as there are a few clear-cut issues that need to be resolved this year and you will do everything you can to achieve success.
Lucky Jupiter will transit the zodiac sign of Sagittarius until December 3, and throughout this year will influence important changes around your sector of communication, meetings, conferences, guest speaking, travel, transportation, media, and career.

This is an excellent year to plan or build your dream home, move to a bigger and better dwelling, expand or improve your present residence, or purchase an investment property. You may decide to quit your present career or job and start your own business; otherwise, you will advance to a position of greater responsibility and happiness.
Luck and good fortune will be attracted to you in many ways. Some will have a substantial win through lotteries, the stock market, or other forms of investment and gambling. Saturn (planet of conservatism) will transit your sector of home matters and mirror on your career ambitions throughout 2019.

During this year, with so much on your plate, you may at times have difficulty balancing your time between domestic and career responsibilities. Communication, meetings, higher learning and travel may force you to take on a more positive attitude concerning these matters. Some will start or complete diploma or training courses, join the military, security forces, or medical fields.

Uranus will transit your sector of finances during the next seven years, influencing a major change in your material security. You will take a more optimistic view on how to save and spend your earnings.

As you travel through 2019 you will meet with exciting new friendships, make personal contact with some very unusual or eccentric people, or renew an old acquaintance. Your year will be filled with a lucky emphasis on glamorous or upscale social interests; some of your cherished ambitions can now be achieved.

The social scene will be the setting for several exciting and unusual developments. Old projects that have been shelved, postponed or delayed for some reason will now be completed. You may require a lot of footslogging in your daily routine, but it will be worth it.

You may have an intense desire to do something different, outrageous or daring in 2019—just watch your impulsiveness as you may bite off more than you can chew.  Progressive and controlled decisions or agreements can be reached with little difficulty, even with controversial issues—you have time on your side. You may find yourself on the campaign trail for some personal reason and many changes can be expected with family interests and worldly possessions, as this year will be full of exciting activities and new ventures.

You are well advised to be strong-willed in your views and opinions and be critical in your conclusions, for in 2019 you may become well known for something you do or stand out in a crowd due to the destiny changes that are taking place around you.

Throughout 2019 a variety of opportunity and change may attract you when you least expect it. This year will be full of business activity on the career and job scene as lucky Jupiter strikes up the band and marches you through a dynamic career year full of variety, contact and important communication with those who can assist you with your goals.

Expect extra pressures during this busy work period, when you really have your nose to the grindstone. You may encounter a few minor difficulties and obstacles from time to time; nevertheless, this will help to stimulate your great tenacity and persistence that aids in your success. You will excel by your own merits; your sacrificial spirit will cause you to study, work, and finally triumph over any employment issue that may arise.

The year overall will be beneficial and exciting on the work scene, you will be much wiser and more experienced by the end of 2019. There may be sudden achievements or strokes of luck in your profession or job; you will slowly conquer everything you set out to do but always with great effort and struggle.

Some will be interested in the study of metaphysics, science in general, possibly excelling in mathematics or physics. Law or commerce may interest some. A few may also demonstrate a great love of nature and will benefit from contact with the air and the outdoors and may consider a career on the land, establish a business in the building industry or associated trades, or become a professional sports person.

Librans will possess a great vitality throughout 2019 as you take on every obstacle as a personal challenge. You will have noble and firm principles, and you prove to be comfortable under applied discipline and authority. It is important that your family relationships and personal life do not become a burden through sacrifice and prevent you from achieving your career goals.

Travel may play an important role in your year. Some will be offered a sales or marketing position, or consultancy, where travel plays an important part of your daily routine.  For those considering a specified profession, your vocational choice points toward one of the following: agronomy, geology, forestry, systems analysis, accounting, law, politics, business administration, physics, chemistry, medicine, or any other science or profession where you can demonstrate your authority and tenacity. The best months to push for promotions, career or business changes are January, February, April, May, June, September and October.

This year will bring many new initiatives and projects, you will feel the desire to undertake bold new enterprises and venture along a new path. You will be energized this year; it is up to you to intelligently and carefully utilise this heightened zeal and drive in the best possible way. Take care you do not become too aggressive, explosive or argumentative with bosses, superiors and co-workers. This is a capable year for completing and achieving your objectives successfully, if you compromise.

Wonderful, loving Venus will transit Aries, Leo and Aquarius, your sectors of emotional experiences, romance and love affairs, during March, April, May, August and the last two weeks of December; during this cycle your relationship or marriage will encounter a period of happiness and good fortune. Singles will be attracted to a partner of their dreams who is balanced, gentle, calm and sensitive, with the view of making a permanent commitment or marriage.

Lucky Jupiter will also link with your romance sectors throughout 2019, adding a touch of happiness within your contacts.  Serious thought will be given concerning your personal relationships. A big decision regarding your personal and family life will be thought about as you venture into a delightful part of your emotional destiny throughout 2019. Increased romantic communication can be expected throughout this year—try to co-operate with others in every way to attain common goals and to advance your joint dreams and ideals.

Venus will also align with Mars throughout this year, making some Librans very sexy and fertile at the same time. Children may feature in your destiny, and some will decide to start a family or plan an addition.

With Venus clashing with serious Saturn in February, May, July, September and December, you or your partner could create a little emotional distance in your relationship. An elusive emotional problem may be hard to pin down or a promise may fall through. Relationships may have to go through a period of slight re-adjustment—watch for the sudden or unexpected. This could be the time to rid yourself of non-essentials, question and re-evaluate your life and tie up loose ends.

An interesting piece of gossip may have your ears in a flap this year. Don't jump to incorrect conclusions over emotional trivialities, you may find yourself barking up the wrong tree. Keep your emotions under control. A love relationship that begins in 2019 will be intense and exciting and will have a greater impact, for better or worse, on your life than other relationships. Keep in mind that you must compromise for the relationship to continue. 
Throughout this year you may feel restless, possibly rash, impatient with the ordinary and ache to do something wild, different and experimental with your love life. If someone tries to prevent you from doing your own thing you may explode, creating an emotional dispute. Personal relationships will have a touch of mystery about them.

A new love interest that begins this year is likely to be very pleasant, though probably not enduring. Between the months of July and August is a good time to talk and work out any misunderstandings you may have in your relationship.  Because you feel good about yourself and are warmly affectionate toward others, people react to you in the same way this year. As always, you get back what you give out.


For the first time in 12 years, Lucky and expansive Jupiter will influence the communications and travel sector of your horoscope. Expect to receive some benefits through meetings, conferences, seminars, correspondence, advertising, deals, buying and selling. You may purchase a new mode of transport this year or trade in your old model for a new one.

Lots of travel, both short and long distances, will keep you busy and your telephone will be running hot. You could be involved with major career changes or reshuffles and you could benefit in some way through these.

Home maintenance will be a profitable exercise this year; you and your partner may decide to renovate, re-construct, demolish and re-build a dwelling, thereby increasing its value. Some may decide to purchase a rural property or start a new business. Be extra careful with construction and trade matters between February and July; faulty workmanship or disappointments could be seen regarding home and building.

During this cycle, expect to see a flurry of activity on the home front with a few disagreements concerning your plans and activities. Business and trade problems can be expected for some—check all trade work thoroughly before you settle your account, otherwise you may be calling for legal assistance.

For those involved with sporting clubs and associations, 2019 puts you on a winning streak, with recognition and achievements guaranteed. Some very interesting social contacts will be made that assist you in your future development. Expect to attend many parties, official functions, and organised entertainment. A big event, social extravaganza or competition may require your expertise; others may look to you for guidelines on how to organise things.

Mercury, planet of good news, links with lucky Jupiter in February, August and September and you may receive a telephone call or official information confirming exciting news regarding a fabulous opportunity, a windfall, sponsorship, a loan or extended credit. A financial surprise can be expected for some—good luck may come to you in unexpected or unusual ways.  Your own initiative will help you display optimism and courage when it comes to personal and business matters.

This is a year of happy surprises, something from your past may re-surface and could make you rather happy or excited. Unusual or surprising opportunities can be expected in your business, social and personal life. This is a year to plan a colourful outing or holiday to a place of your dreams; you may meet some interesting people who will have a long influence in your destiny ahead.

Your attractive magnetic personality and energy will shine through at any social function you're invited to and you can sway or inspire others to trust your optimistic views on most subjects.

A person you meet this year will have important links with you in your social life and joint finances increase harmoniously. Confidential matters are subject to a change of plans; some may not be as agreeable as you would like. Be tolerant rather than over-optimistic. You are now commencing a positive cycle, and this is a favourable year for making an impression on others or asking for favours. Some will gain recognition though the entertainment industry.



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