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24 July to 23 August

Welcome to the Leo Stars for 2019

Your Leo Star Predictions for 2019 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2019, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Leo at a Glance


Leo symbol:  Resembles the lion's mane and symbolically this "king of the beasts" with its power, its roar and its regal bearing is identified with the Leo person

Traditionally:  The fifth sign of the zodiac; ruling planet, the Sun

Colours:  Gold, orange, yellow

Lucky gem:  Sardonyx, chrysolite

Classification:  Fixed, Fire, positive

Keyword definition:  Develops a powerful attitude expressing impressiveness, associated with an urge for authority

Characteristic key words:  Self-assertive, a born leader, overbearing, dominating, dignified, broad-minded, generous, outspoken, a good organiser with a strong sense of the dramatic and a love of pleasure

Physical appearance:  Broad shoulders, large bones and muscles, tall, strong upper body, thin waist, prominent knees, hair soft and wavy, usually light in colour. Head full-sized and round, grey eyes, ruddy or florid completion

Faults:  Over-bearing, fixed in opinions, intolerant, autocratic, conceited, pompous, bombastic, sensual, snobbish, self-appraising, patronising

Star sign compatibility:  Gemini, Cancer, and Libra

Star sign incompatibility:  Pisces, Capricorn, and Taurus

Signs to have fun with:  Sagittarius, Aries, and Virgo

Signs for passion:  Scorpio, Aquarius, and Leo


The Leo Personality

Many Leo people are artistic, creative and have a sense of style and presence. Hence Leos can be the most charming or the most obnoxious of the zodiac signs, depending on their early upbringing and education. There is no telling the Leo person. The world does not revolve around you, although Leos know otherwise. Leos are excellent and natural organisers, due to their air of authority and self-confidence. This is why Leos inspire the respect (and sometimes envy) of other people. Leos have the ability to see the overall picture of a project or situation and usually get to the bottom of an important issue or problem quickly and efficiently. Leo's exhibitionism may not be everyone's cup of tea, but those who can respond to it will be royally entertained. With faith in their own abilities, willpower and a flair for attracting attention, they are born leaders and almost always succeed, sometimes in the absence of any real or particular talent on their part. With the Sun (in reality a star) as their ruling planet, they are apt to shine in the political or entertainment fields, theatre and the arts, as well as in the world of fashion, and will naturally rise to the top of any field they choose to make their own. Although housework is really something that bores them, when they have to do it they generally end up making their home look wonderful because they have the talent for beautiful presentation. If they owned a specialty retail store, they would certainly attract customers through their ability to display quality in their produce or service. They have a heart of gold and will find in many instances their generosity or assistance will be greatly appreciated by the many who receive their support.


Leo in Love

When Leos are in love, they break down all barriers and really let themselves go. The love they invest in their partner will stop at nothing and they can usually make their lover their king or queen and convince him or her they are the luckiest person alive to have them. Leos can be extremely considerate and highly motivated when they are in love and there is nothing they would not do to make their partner happy. Leos make wonderful partners and can make their opposite number blush with pride, agonise from excitement, break out in anticipation or squirm from longing. Ideally the kind of lover they need is one who is generous, provides them with the luxuries they need and flatters them enough to be their number-one fan. The Leo woman can be the greatest sex symbol of the zodiac. Many actresses have a strong Leo influence, giving them a strong, extroverted, dominant air, in most cases backed by vital magnetism. They can also be very amorous, fiery, romantic and stylish in their relationships and with their self-assurance, drama and dignity combined; they can handle any emotional situation with high self-esteem.

Music and old-fashioned romance will never fade with a Leo woman and will always activate the hidden space within them, bringing out their true femininity. Romantic rituals and tranquillity may provide them with the time and inclination to relax the control they would normally exert. Although at times Leos can be extremely demanding and magnanimous and possess many idiosyncrasies, they will consider compromise in a relationship if it is to their advantage to do so. They do require lots of attention from their partner and certainly do not take kindly to emotional or sexual rejection. One thing is for sure, they can always turn a head of the opposite sex by their looks and the way they dress. In most cases they always like to look their best and have great sex appeal.


Health and Wellbeing

Leo governs the heart, bloodstream and back. Discord, contention and excess are enemies of the normally strong Leo constitution, causing it and the heart to suffer, as well as bringing on fevers, throat problems and certain nervous disorders. Other illnesses to which Leo people are subject concern the ribs, side and back. Some Leos will have trouble with their eyes, and with pleurisy and convulsions. Rest, space, solitude and peace are wonderful curative agents for them.


Career and Occupation

Leos can certainly have unpredictable changes in their destiny and/or profession. They will have great potential for success if they develop patience and perseverance. They need a job or profession that gives them security until they find ‘something better'; this new job will then take up all their time, making them frustrated. Suddenly they will abandon that secure job to start the search again for a new and more exciting challenge. Their destiny will be rich in experience and they will have a great ability to adapt themselves to most of the day-to-day situations they encounter in life. In order to bring out their best they need to find a balancing point in life. They are always looking at the big picture or aiming for their own business or an alternative profession.

In order to derive much satisfaction from their career, Leos must eventually become one of the leaders, or the person who is in a position of responsibility and authority. They are never happy playing second fiddle; however, they will continue to play in concert until a vacancy occurs for them to advance their position and responsibilities. Leos will in most cases look for career opportunities that offer security and a high level of personal success. Their enthusiasm and drive will get them where they wish to go as they are achievers and need the right occupation to get them there. They have the natural qualities of leadership and their powerful self-assurance can be fully applied to such areas as management, directorship, board chairperson, social organiser or overseer. Here their generous, sunny, warm-hearted, creative, artistic, reliable, strong-principled qualities can be naturally developed and encouraged. They certainly have a touch of showmanship within their personality, so they enjoy doing things on a grand scale, to create an impact on the things they wish to master. Essentially their self-expressive, energetic, assertive qualities of intenseness will always make them steadfast, with lots of spontaneity to keep others on their side.

Occupations that could suit Leos include accountant, journalist, commentator, orator, telephone operator, midwife, park ranger, naturopath, doctor, schoolteacher, travel agent, real estate agent, professional athlete, entertainer, artist, industrial chemist, government representative, projectionist, film camera operator, personal assistant, nightclub owner, resort operator, greenkeeper, naturalist, gymnastics instructor, casino operator, horse breeder, amusement centre operator, professional golfer, secretary, receptionist, restaurateur, hairdresser, make-up artist or perfume seller.


The Leo Woman

The Leo woman is romantic, loves to look good and wants the best in life. She enjoys entertaining and being the centre of attention. As a hostess she has the knack of putting people at ease. She is a person of intense emotions, possessing a powerful magnetism with the opposite sex and an amorous, fiery sexual drive. Leo women are high-spirited, commanding, affectionate, and at times impulsive, especially when it comes to enjoying themselves. Leos usually radiate self-assurance, confidence, warmth and generosity around their family and friends. You can always count on them to assist in times of need. Being a social person, the Leo woman is usually aware of other people's motives and is intuitively perceptive. Gossip is her second nature; she loves to have a chat about other people's business, and she can be an encyclopaedia of information about most things.

Leos love to counsel and advise people and are drawn to employment that brings them before the public, perhaps on the stage. They make good therapists and counsellors, although they may need counselling themselves from time to time, especially when under stress. The Leo woman has her likes and dislikes. She can be excessively generous and giving one minute, then demanding, volatile and selfish the next. Leo women make good executives, although they get bored with routine and details. They prefer an active round of daily affairs, communicating and organising the world around them. They can be complacent, self-indulgent and very lazy at times. When others point these faults out they are apt to argue, indeed, to become quite opinionated and dramatic in their own defence. Her faults notwithstanding, the Leo woman can be honest, fun-loving, trusting, self-conscious and a wonderful partner to have around. She has innate stability, especially in times of rapid change.


The Leo Man

The Leo man is very much an individual and likes to take control of life on his terms. He is charismatic, flamboyant, confident, assertive and outspoken. With his strong will, when he sets his sights on a target or course of action, he follows it through with determination and remarkable staying power. His strength of character and distinctive charm are hard to miss. He will display plenty of drive, ambition, initiative and get-up-and-go; he likes to always be the winner. The Leo man is stubborn and proud; he will not back down from an issue unless it is for the good of all. He can be impatient, moody, opinionated, selfish and even a little rude. He may display a fiery temper at times and can also be cranky and obstinate, making it impossible for anyone to say the right thing. Leos are bossy and dominating, but love and protect their own independence. They can be quite courageous, with a feisty spirit, and strive determinedly to overcome difficult conditions. They are irrepressible, and fun loving, with a humorous streak that can carry them a little too far at times.

Leo can be a generous man, with a kind hearted, magnanimous quality to him. He is bright, quick, resourceful, creative and incredibly enterprising. When others need help to get a big project off the ground, he will have plenty of bold, creative ideas to contribute. Success is a grand joy for Leo. He has confidence in his capabilities and will consider his success well deserved. Acknowledgements and respect from his peers will sweeten his happiness even more. Art and music are joys for this man. He will have some striking artistic talent or a deep streak of appreciation for the arts, and he will enjoy the richness and pleasure they add to his life. Leos also make great lovers, with their strong sexual and emotional drive.


Leo in 2019



Major Trends

Saturn, the planet of restrictiveness, stability and cautiousness, will continue to transit your sector of employment, services to the public, home matters and health. A few important situations will arise throughout 2019 that require deep thought and careful consideration. Matters concerning your financial security, real estate, property matters, banking, legal issues and all matters concerning the domestic front will need to be revised due to changing conditions.

During this year, your serious desire to make changes or improvements to your dwelling or another investment property will be strong. You may decide to sell up and move to a new location, or you may spend considerable time away from your present environment and explore new surroundings through your career or vacations.

If you find the present interest rates are boring a hole in your shallow pockets, then you may decide to unload your investment property and relinquish any financial burden that is presently around you. Unfortunately, with Saturn’s influence niggling your partner or spouse, he or she may oppose your plans, leaving you somewhat bewildered or in a catch-22 situation over important home and security matters.

Your restlessness will be somewhat agitating to you this year due to Uranus, the planet of sudden, unexpected and change, slowly in transit through the money sign of Taurus linking your personal earnings, wages, loans, overdraughts, expenditure and your general living standards.

You may find the family circle and all matters concerning the domestic front, including parents and elderly relatives, could conflict with your personal plans, spare time activities, hobbies and sport, especially in the months of January, March, June, July, August, October and November. Many sudden, unexpected surprises could be in store for you during these months as Mars activates a series of planetary aspects that really test you out.

Four eclipses will influence your destiny throughout this year, one solar on January 6, a Luna on January 21, a solar on July 2, and a Luna on July 16. Be prepared for many unusual happenings, especially with matters connected with personal and private affairs, legal matters, contracts, institutions and organisations, health, personal and family relationships, children, artistic pursuits, holidays, entertainment and speculative investments.

With lucky Jupiter in transit through Sagittarius, you may find yourself under severe pressure to finalise important personal and business matters and you can expect a variety of changes to occur with your partnership situation. If you are single, you may decide to marry and settle down, if you are already established in a happy relationship you will endeavour to make further improvements. If you are in a relationship that is not working out too favourably you may decide to involve yourself in an extramarital relationship, separate or divorce.

With Jupiter, the planet of expansion and overdoing things, grinding in the background of your entertainment world, you may be forced into unexpected legal matters concerning banking, taxation, contracts, and communication with people from a distance, mainly because of your extravagance. This is a year to reorganise and set in place all money matters and personal securities, loans, credits, superannuation, settlements, payment of debts, wills and estate problems.

A year to be positive and achieve sound and profitable objectives, especially those you have planned for some time. With Venus, the planet of money, assisting you at various stages throughout 2019 you will endeavour to channel and organise your ambitions better; they will be more realistic, which brings a good possibility of increasing your income or saving you from any serious loss.

Venus will transit your financial sectors during the following times: March 28 – April 20, August 19-September 14. Make the most of these cycles to advance your wealth. Pluto, planet of breaking down and rebuilding, will continue to slowly transit the sign of Capricorn and therefore you may be more ambitious, cunning, and eager to build your future security in your own way.

Throughout this year you will feel confident and on solid ground when making your decisions and you will be inclined to use your free will, being very much aware of opportunities ahead.

This year you will take notice of important issues you have not bothered about before. 2019 will be a year of adjustment to your true and basic interests and you will be interested in developing your whole personality, including your physical body and the characteristics of your temperament. This year’s planetary influences will reaffirm the power of your ego and increase your self-respect and vanity. The degree of your success will depend entirely on your own effort and initiative.

When the Sun crosses the zenith of your horoscope in April/May, expect a positive cycle of opportunity to enter your destiny, through achievements, worldly goals and activities. This will be a superb year to increase your popularity and you may make many new friends from different walks of life. Friendships from your past may be renewed, through reunions, get-togethers, talking and reminiscing about old times, you may even touch base with an old flame. Some old relatives and friends may even pass on and depart your company forever.

Young Leos may decide to fly the coup from the parental home and set up with a friend in an apartment or dwelling of your own choice. Strengthening your friendship bonds as well as your family ties are all very important to you this year. Exciting and happy news may reach you concerning a lifelong ambition, or cherished idea, so be prepared for a year of the unusual; the pace will be extremely fast.

Mercury may influence your intellectual and literary abilities in the months of September/October and you could excel in accomplishing mental tasks, due to your keenness of mind and your ability to understand things. It will be a reasonable year for any kind of study and for activities that demand mental concentration, however, other distractions may limit your seriousness about full time education.

If you are contemplating long distance travel throughout 2019, the months of February, March, April, June, July and August and October are favoured. Whatever you decide to do with your life this year, expect periods of challenge, personal growth and general good luck. Your biggest problem to overcome this year is procrastination, so be positive and look forward, not backward.


Your work and service sectors are ruled by Capricorn and Taurus, and this year’s planetary influences favour most business and career activities. However, you will be under severe stress at times to get things done. You will concentrate your attention on your business and your professional life and endeavour to expand your horizons in this regard and will have great success and satisfaction, providing you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

This 2019 cycle will also be a testing one for you with Neptune, the planet of confusion, in transit through your sector of finances; you may feel the need to break away from your present job and do something completely different or creative.

Some will be given the golden handshake after a period of disillusionment. However, if you are involved in insurance, banking, government, telecommunications, television, theatre, computers, media, sport, hospitality, service type industries or agriculture, you can expect a very fruitful year with a few surprises.
When lucky Jupiter moves into the sign of Capricorn, in early December, you may find that you will have reached your goals for the year and you may receive help from superiors and other influential people, in your rise to popularity.

It will be a happy year of growth with success and honour in your professional life. You will be recognised for your efforts and may be awarded some type of recognition or promotion, or you may decide or be offered to take up a new occupation with a bigger challenge. You will be more confident and will know that you can rely on the help of your co-workers and superiors when the going gets tough.

On the negative side, you could become somewhat careless or over-confident and outspoken, or you might take on more big projects that you cannot handle. Be realistic and moderate in your decision-making and you should avoid falling into false pride and arrogance when dealing with others. The expansion of your work will probably bring new tasks or extra travel, or it could include some type of educational activities that constantly keep you on the go in connection with your daily routine.

Any business or professional career you are involved in will prosper and you will have many new ideas about certain projects for the future. Your professional aptitudes and desires will be accentuated during 2019 especially in the months January, February, and July/August, when Mars transits your own sign.

2019 will be an important year for you, so work consciously and persistently on the achievement of your goals. This year will bring opportunities for career advancement and you will feel more confident and safer about demonstrating your own abilities. It will be a year of social growth as well as status and you should push your luck for change between January-April and July-August.

You will want to be your own person this year and will be inclined to be more egocentric and stubborn than at other times. 2019 also favours all activity related to your present job advancement, achievements and your position in life. You can achieve your highest goals, through career changes, promotions, self-employed business administration, and commerce.

Your creativity will excel, especially if you have some special artistic talent or expertise. You may decide to take up an interest in writing, music, art, theatre, interior design, and handiworks or crafts this year. Your creative ideas won’t be diluted with too much fantasy by Neptune but will be very explicit and capable of materialisation through a cottage industry you may develop. 

With the help of Jupiter in your entertainment sector for this year, 2019 is a year of concrete material success in these areas, when perseverance and stability is fundamental. You may take up residence interstate or overseas to improve your talents and fortune. Those looking for a new career should not hesitate to make the change.

The Solar and Luna eclipses will play a major role in the new directions and development for you this year and long-term effects can be expected. You will certainly see many improvements in your life from now on and many of these will come without much effort on your part. This year is full of surprises as you make various changes to improve your future security, even if you decide to retire.


Sagittarius, Aquarius and Gemini rule your sectors of entertainment, romance, partnerships and friendships. If you have been unhappy with your personal relationship in the past, you can rest assured throughout 2019, as Saturn transits Capricorn, mirroring on your sector of hidden desires, that you may find at times your friendships, emotional relationships and passions will begin to cool towards your partner or you may become more seriously involved with someone new.

Venus will connect with Mars and Uranus in the months of January, February, and this may start the ball rolling with restlessness. Throughout 2019 Venus will certainly have you itching for love, sex and affection. At the same time, you may become more concerned about the loyalty and quality of your partner and with the critical changes taking place around you this year, there may be a tendency to re-write your copy book where love and marriage is concerned.

Things that use to bother you in a relationship in the past don’t appear to bother you anymore. Things you have not thought about in the past will now take preference in the future. You will share profound deep emotions together that will be difficult to control, singles may even decide to break away from their old independent routine, settle down, marry, and plan a family. 

If you are single and don’t have anyone, you could attract a new relationship suddenly and unexpectedly, especially in the months of February, April, June, September and November. This person could be very different or unusual in some way and there may even be an age difference between the two of you.

For those already in a relationship, your connection with your spouse or partner will be especially important throughout 2019, depending of the quality of your relationship at this time. A positive union will continue to be positive and rewarding, but a relationship that is not a solid one could weaken even more and break up.
During this year you may feel a radical change in your emotions; due to a strong push and pull influence of Uranus in Taurus, there could be scenes of jealousy, fights or scandals.  There may be frequent disagreements because of the authority in the relationship, or the desire to dominate and possess each other. Your sex life may be out of sync with your partner at times, causing concern for the both of you.

With aggressive Mars in transit through your home and family sector by the last three months of this year, irregularities, rash behaviour and disagreements will be noticeable to those who are not enjoying emotional compatibility with one another. This year could produce a crisis or drama in this case, some will decide on a separation or divorce.

With much impulsiveness in your personality this year, there could be an attraction toward unstable, fleeting or extravagant romances. Your friendship ties will be even closer with those people you now consider to be your friends. You also might reunite with friends you haven’t seen in a long time, or you may re-join a group or club to which you have once belonged.

You can certainly rely on the same support you have always had from your friendships and you may prefer to spend more time in their company and less at home. The expression of your emotions throughout 2019 may arouse certain confusion or insecurity in people around you, especially on the home front.  Your emotional sensibility also could be hurt by envy, deceits or malicious comments from those you would least expect. 

You are now beginning a very different and special stage in your emotional life and you will begin to see everything in a separate way. You will remember many different experiences you have had in the past and you will be anxious and enthusiastic to experience new emotional exchanges for the future.

The fears or anxieties of people whom you see daily will affect your emotional mood quite frequently throughout 2019. One thing is for sure; the end of 2019 will change your emotional life completely for the better.


Throughout 2019, Pluto’s influence in your sector of work will certainly give you strength and power like you have never seen before. You will stand out and receive some distinction for abilities, work or your intellectual activity during this year and be amply rewarded for it.

Lucky Jupiter in Sagittarius may have you dabbling in stocks and bonds with a partner and substantial gains can be made with a little common sense and compromise with each other. You may also find this year a rather lucky year for windfalls and money being attracted to you through superannuation, settlements, insurance, legal actions, settlements, unfair dismissal, inheritance and speculative investments.

This is a speculative year for capital gains and you may decide to speculate with real estate or try out a new way of increasing your income through competitions, game or quiz shows, knowledge tests and examinations. This is a year you may receive recognition or receive a prize for something well done.

In the months of April, May, July, August, September or October you may be offered an opportunity of a lifetime or take that long-awaited trip overseas or change your career activities that would enrich your know-how and bring you prestige in the future.

This year favours the realisation of the majority, for yearnings and goals. Many of these changes and new opportunities will be influenced and supported by friends or influential social contacts to be successful.

Loans, legal contracts and agreements score well in the months of February, June, July and December and you may commence a huge well-planned and costly project that may takes months, even years to successfully complete on your own.

This will be an extremely positive year for sporting achievements, your competitive spirit will increase, and your judgement and coordination will become sharper with the influence of lucky Jupiter influencing your sports, recreation and creative sector of your horoscope.

Watch for the sudden or unexpected this year; you may, under unusual circumstances, receive a surprise or two. There is a strong tendency for you to gamble in business ventures, stock market, casinos, clubs, or on the racetrack. Be cautious, some Leos will be lucky in games of chance and in speculative ventures, others could lose heavily. 

During the final two months of this year you will lean toward the life of travel, pleasure and amusement and you may overspend so be extra careful. 2019 is a year of great success for children and family overall.




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