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22 May to 21 June

Welcome to the Gemini Stars for 2019

Your Gemini Star Predictions for 2019 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2019, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Gemini at a Glance


Gemini symbols:  The twin, the symbol resembling the Roman numeral II, symbolises duality, with never two minds alike. Communication is important to you and you can be extremely self-expressive. Mentally active, adaptable to most situations, needs variety and spontaneity

Traditionally:  The third sign of the zodiac; ruling planet Mercury

Colours:  Orange, mandarin

Lucky gem:  Aquamarine

Classification:  Mutable, air, positive

Characteristic key words:  Develops an adaptive attitude expressing variability, associated with the urge to adjust oneself to the environment and communicate with others. You suffer restless, impulsive, versatile, liking variety and change

Physical appearance:  Tall, slender, erect, quick, active, long arm and fingers, long face, nose and chin, hazel or grey eyes, quick sight, dark hair

Faults:  Superficial, lacking in continuity, two faced, diffusive, inconsistent, cunning, dissipating possessing nervous energy

Star sign compatibility:  Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius

Star sign incompatibility:  Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn

Signs to have fun with:  Virgo, Sagittarius

Signs for passion:  Taurus, Cancer


The Gemini Personality

Gemini people certainly enjoy life and usually have more than one career occupation or business going on during their lifetime. They are very versatile people who like to have several fingers in various pies. They become very bored if there is no excitement or challenge and this is why in most cases they flit from one thing to another looking for the ultimate but never seeming to find it. Gemini people usually have a sharp or twisted mind and they enjoy a good conversation with others that encour­ages their mind to be active. They adore all forms of communication and are happier when using their brain or verbally chatting the leg off a barstool.  Gemini people do not like housework or regular house­hold chores, preferring someone else to do that type of work. However, they will participate in household chores under sufferance. They are very good with their hands and many Geminis make expert pianists, artists, crafts person, jewellers, designers, osteopaths, sculptors or surgeons. Versatility is Gemini's middle name and they usually do not need to be told twice to do anything, as they are quick to learn and enjoy the challenge of doing things their own way, Gemini people need mental stimulation; reading a good book or breezing through the newspaper or magazine appeals to them. They constantly need to be in communication with others, whether it be verbal or by email. Geminis need plenty of mental stimulation but they do enjoy exercise routines, sport or just plain walking to stimulate the body and keep up their muscle tone. When they do get lazy they can turn to fat or end up with cellulite or vein problems with their legs.


Gemini in Love

Geminis have an ever-changing kaleidoscope of mood that can at times create problems with their sexuality, making them quite unpredictable and inconsistent. Their most-prized possession is their freedom; they hate possessiveness and can be no-strings-attached, independent people. In lovemaking they can immerse themselves in the world of fantasy and fulfilment as they explore a variety of sexual techniques, while having fun at the same time. Gemini's tend to be interested in total body sensuality rather than focusing just on genital sex, and this is why they enjoy a full-body massage, followed by continuous stimulation during intercourse. Their partner can easily get the impression he or she is making love in a threesome.

At most times their mind works overtime, racing ahead of their body, and, being a person of two minds, they seldom accept the reality in front of them. Their body may be in the bedroom but their mind is always somewhere else. As long as they are the centre of their partner's atten­tion they will move mountains for him or her however if they feel slighted or taken advantage of, they will either blow their stack or walk out. They tend to pick losers in love; this is why many Gemini's marry more than once. They like to get two for the price of one in their lover and they need a partner who can sit up all night having a good conversation or gossip and give plenty of variety with love as well. Sex for them at times can become mechanised and offer little more than nervous release. This is why sex and love are synonymous for them; they just become a means to an end.


Health and Wellbeing

Gemini governs the lungs, arms, hands, nerves, bones and arteries. The Gemini constitution appears to be strong but their health quickly breaks down when nerves are affected by worry, overwork, or constant shock of domestic issues. Sciatica and neuralgia can be a problem. There is often catarrhal trouble with the nose and bronchial tubes, while asthma, pneumonia and diseases of the lungs generally need to be guarded against. Women may have trouble with their fallopian tubes or an erratic flow of menstrual blood. Weight can be a problem for many Geminis, mainly because they do not know how to maintain a balanced daily diet. Many Geminis loathe cooking on a daily basis and would rather eat out or have others cook for them. Junk food, biscuits, cake, chocolates and sweets are a Gemini's downfall. Stammering and very quick speech are also associated with this sign.


Career and Occupation

Geminis need an occupation that uses their mind or hands, it is essential for them to be always on the go at work; the busier they are the happier they will be. Otherwise they will become bored with their daily routine. Total business is a way of life for them and they will enjoy any occupation that gives plenty of challenge, variety and change. Meeting deadlines or finishing a job quickly will be easy for them and they don't mind working under pressure and in most cases can handle a fair amount of head-on stress. They make good managers, as taking control and directing other staff members is second nature to them. They also possess good workplace and organisational skills. With their communication attributes they may prefer to seek a career direction as a journalist, writer, sales repre­sentative, secretary, receptionist, teacher travel or hospitality consultant, drivel; taxi operator courier or retail manager Geminis will be found in almost every type of job, versatility being their middle name. Most Gemini's will travel a lot in their life and will encounter a few financial ups and downs due to their attitude toward money. Geminis never seem to stay in one place or live too long in the same home, due to career inter­ests. They dislike working in closed places and must always have independence in their job. Some Gemini people feel best being in touch with nature, especially with a career on the land. Sometimes their imaginative ideas will not be realistic or very practical. Their inspiration and sensitivity can also lead to success in music, singing or poetry. Many Gemini's start a career or profession and then suddenly find they make a complete change in their profession or destiny in general. They will always be looking for new horizons to bring harmony to themselves.

Gemini career choices may be one of the following: veterinary medicine, botany, ecology, medicine, psychology, social work, nutrition, biology, the military, nursing, the priesthood, car dealership, printing and publishing, insurance or stockbroking, broadcasting and television, truck or cab driving, librarianship, manicuring, market gardening, police work, teaching, computer operation, weather forecasting, secretarial work, positions as a nanny or chef, acting, and any other profession where Geminis can express their sensitive, helpful and communicative spirit.


The Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman has a fantastic imagination, together with lively wit and exhilarating charm. She is always young at heart and has a bouncy, refreshing personality. She is hard to pin down, due to her changeable moods and of-the-moment feelings. She does not like to be housebound or restricted to a daily routine. Change and variety are important to this woman; she can always totally immerse herself in people, projects and experiences at any time of the day or night. When a Gemini woman gets bored or disinterested in something, an automatic compulsion button in her metabolism takes charge, and she will escape confinement and responsibilities in order to do something completely out of the ordinary, without blinking an eyelid. Gemini women never feel they are guilty of anything; it is always every other person who is at fault. Geminis usually dress well and catty themselves with assurance, realising the importance of good appearance. Gemini women are full of complexity due to their dual nature. Sometimes they can be their own worst enemy. They are hyperactive, impulsive and manipulative, and love to bum the candle at both ends. No dare or challenge will pass them by. Gemini women in conversation have the ability to jump from one subject to another, due to their quick intelligence. They make formidable debaters and will seldom lose an argument. They are always in a hurry to get things done. Even in sexual activities with their prospective partners they like to get into it and get it over with as quickly as possible.

Geminis always have other things to do and are never without something to challenge their daily routine. Because they are forever searching and squandering their time on superfluous pursuits, they seldom feel satisfied with their-overall life. Gemini women are highly-strung and nervous, always anticipating the unexpected. When they are in the mood they love to entertain and party on to the small hours of the morning. They are talkative, ever ready to express their views, whether others agree or not. Their versatility can make them totally unpredictable at times; they delight in finding different ways of doing things. Gemini women are outgoing, adventurous, broad-minded and freedom loving. They are game players with people and life.


The Gemini Man

The Gemini man is a very communicative character; with a warm, friendly, personable charm. His sense of humour is beyond reproach and he is an irrepressible fan-loving spirit-He is articulate, with many interests and talents. His versatility will amaze you. You will find him easy to talk to, open, intelligent and informative. Gemini men can be spontaneous, elusive, independent and freedom loving; they need plenty of space to do then-own thing. Geminis hate to be bored and will always have many things happening in their lives, as they crave variety and change. A Gemini is changeable in his moods and inconsistent at times, which leaves others feeling unsure of their position. He can be quite a flirtatious person who does not like to be possessed or restricted in his actions. Many Geminis want to strike while the iron is hot; they can be impulsive and tend to bite off more than they can chew. They love a challenge and enjoy starting new projects or jobs. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to wander off in the middle of something through sheer boredom. Geminis can be impatient, snappy and flippant, especially if you point out their faults; they believe they are right, even when wrong.

The Gemini man is an optimist at heart. He will bounce back from rough patches with a resilient, buoyant spirit and look forward with confidence to a bright vision of the future. He is a positive man, and his energy will be a powerful, fortifying and regenerating influence. He is an opportunist too; he can always see the possibilities in a situation or opening. Geminis are flexible men, progressive and adaptable to new conditions and trends. They go with the flow, love life and are admirable for their range of skills and experiences. They are bright, alert, observant and inquiring; they make very good mediators. Due to their logical approach to life, difficult tasks or problems are easy for them; their inventive, enterprising way of finding solutions will amaze their peers. Never try to trick a Gemini man, because his ingenious, intuitive powers and investigative mind can be quite penetrating when he is solving a complex issue. Geminis are ardent, impulsive, playful lovers who will say all the right words at the right time to get their own way when it comes to sex. They can be experimental and have a great freedom of emotional expression that can be intense and exciting. Long, drawn-out bedroom games are really not their forte; they love to get into the act fairly quickly, as if it were their last hurrah. Geminis love parties, social outings, or opportunities to meet new people and have a good time. Geminis can be fun to be around due to their enthusiasm for life.


Gemini in 2019



Major Trends

With Pluto, the planet of breaking down and rebuilding, in the zodiac sign of Capricorn throughout 2019, you will experience a deep motivated change within yourself and a positive mental outlook concerning your future needs for greater emotional and material security. You are now realising you are getting older and will need, in the future, increased financial leverage to do the things you like doing best.

You will also experience a major change with many of your friendships and those you associate with daily.

Saturn, the planet of thrift, economy, discipline and limitation, will also transit Capricorn through your sector of finances, banking, loans, investments and legal. During this year you may decide to make major changes in your living standards, sever those friendships and habits you do not need any more in your life, or you may look for new environments that you feel more comfortable with.

With Saturn’s influence in the zodiac sign of Capricorn this year, you will find your link with various social activities and organisational groups will also change dramatically as you move on towards a new era in your destiny and relinquish those things you do not need or that clutter your life. If your incomes, savings and general financial trends over the past two and a half years have been a little topsy-turvy, you will now realise something has to be done to rectify your current situation.

If you have been doing it a little tough in the past few years, 2019 will now increase your determination to ease the tension and give you a greater opportunity to participate in a variety of new interests without having to worry too much about your overall financial security.

Lucky Jupiter will transit the zodiac sign of Sagittarius, your sector of partnerships, joint incomes, earnings and your attitude to financial affairs, until December 3, 2019, giving you a nice boost in your joint money department when required, or you may increase your income through a second job or new investment opportunity.

From December 3, Jupiter will move into Capricorn, increasing your communication with banks, financial advice and travel plans. Nebulous Neptune will continue to transit Pisces, your sector of career, business activities and interests, hobbies and social interests, enhancing your skills and making you more creative.

From January to June, you may feel the need to confront the actual structuring of your mind and your intellectual communication with others, especially children. Your everyday mental attitude will change this year, including your habits and ways of acting and listening around others.

When Jupiter commences a delay aspect during April 10 to August 11, you may have opportunities to meet people who will assist you in all important negotiations with business matters, banks, finance companies, taxation, joint financial interests, legal, probate, estates, investments and any money owed to you by others. If you wish to borrow a large amount of money or repay a loan, this is the year to negotiate and action your goals. You may decide to buy, sell, improve, or invest in a dwelling or apartment, even if you are not planning to live there permanently.

Throughout 2019 Uranus, planet of the sudden or unexpected, will influence the secretive part of your horoscope and health sector; you must be careful to ensure everything you do including any agreements is confirmed in writing—do not accept verbal promises as a cemented opportunity, you may be severely disappointed if employers or others have second thoughts.

Uranus will certainly change your attitude concerning your present direction, profession, current work responsibilities, friendships, interests and activities. Throughout this busy year, you will be determined to change everything and everyone around you including members of your family, friends, neighbours and work associates. Watch your health and the health of family members; hospitals, clinics, dental and surgical will influence your destiny in some way.

Others will also see a new you emerge, as you reshape your personality and do things you have never done before. You will action many important long-term decisions about your life’s direction and your overall destiny this year.
Impatient Mars may at times cause you a few frustrating moments of not being able to do what you would like to do, or because of extra responsibilities that are placed upon you through your daily routine.

Be particularly careful of any aggressive or adverse actions and attitudes in the months of January, March, June, August, November and December. During this year you will become very aware of your true situation and vocation and will begin to question your motives and work slowly and patiently to achieve your chosen goals.  It is important that you don’t develop negative or pessimistic thoughts in reference to your future possibilities, because this would only complicate your actual position more. Remember this is one of your most important and progressive turning years of your life as Uranus will now spend the next few years reorganising your strength and weaknesses and your general destiny direction.

You will have a great desire and many new opportunities this year to encounter a new life. If you can afford to retire from the work force and do your own thing, you could not pick a better year. Your desire will be more profound, and this energy will come from your most inner self, which will make you more ambitious and tenacious than you ever were before.

Throughout this year, you may receive many benefits through the transformations in your daily routine, as well as speculative opportunities, which may surprise your family and friends. Be careful not to become irresponsible and careless with day-to-day matters, for you could make a serious mistake and upset others at the same time.

This will be a very positive year overall with incredible changes that benefit you in the long run. Children may feature very positively in your year, their development and health may astound you, or they may be on a run of good fortune and happiness through education or career.


Scorpio and Pisces rules your sector of profession, career, work, duties, service rolls, responsibilities, daily routine, fellow employees, and the conditions you work under. For the past few years, Uranus, the planet of surprise and the unexpected, has been influencing your hopes, wishes and desires, causing much unsettledness with your everyday direction and responsibilities. For the next seven years, you will find Uranus will cause a mass of change in your destiny and some will retire, others will decide on a more conservative business or career direction.

Disruptions or uncertainties at times will be seen, which may have you very insecure or uncertain about your overall career directions. If you are not working, you may decide to start a new career or retire or commence a small business for yourself or do something you have always wanted to do.

From April you will gradually experience an easing of pressure as the burden of added responsibility and worry begins to lift. During August to December, Venus will influence your work and employment sector—a change of pace, bringing you more settled conditions and an opportunity to venture into new directions with your chosen work goals. You may feel a little hesitant about making change, but once you jump out of the old working frying pan, there will be no way you will ever jump back into the fire, as you secure more suitable employment for yourself.

Don’t be afraid to apply for or make as many changes as you can throughout this year, for that fear of insecurity may be still running ramped in your sub-conscious mind, for no reason at all. Good fortune will be with you throughout 2019, rest assured this will be a positive year, with many new job opportunities made available to you.

You may be attracted to the following career positions: journalism, financial investment, government service, law, medicine, social welfare consulting, hospitality, travel, information technology, media, sales, horse breeding, farming, arts, metaphysics, or self-employment. You will also become more adventurous with what you wish to do with your life and you may consider a move from your present abode to a place of greater harmony or near coastal areas.

Studies, further education or training may be in the offing to advance your career or personal prospects and you should not hesitate to take advantage of them. This year certainly favours large-scale business activities, easier communication with those in authority such as bosses, superiors, and co-workers and makes 2019 a very productive time.

You may find you will have many new contacts from all walks of life entering your destiny throughout 2019. Someone from far away may enter your life this year with the view of assisting you with a directional change in your destiny. This person could also become a mentor, friend or associate in your life for many years to come.

If you are unhappy with your present position and wish to look for a job with a difference, or perhaps start a new business venture in a partnership, January, February, April, June, July and October are excellent cycles for interviews, negotiations, signing work place contracts and achieving your highest goals. Travel opportunities in connection with your work, or long-distance daily communication with people interstate, or in foreign lands is a strong possibility this year.

You may, throughout 2019, run into people in your workplace or surrounds who are stubborn, procrastinating, indecisive or insecure, causing the occasional one-to-one personality clashes, or acrimonious ego disputes. Be patient with others throughout the year, you will certainly be in complete control with everything you do and will have the last say over matters of importance. Always show a positive attitude, even if you feel down and out. You will win over others.


Sagittarius and Aries rule your sector of friendships, love, romance, partnerships and marriage. In January, Venus and Mars will start your 2019 off with a wonderful energetic romantic and friendly boost. New romantic attractions and offers will be difficult to refuse and compatible partnerships and friendships will keep you very preoccupied throughout this year.

Expect your love relationships and friendships to expand and if you are not involved in a serious or permanent partnership, rest assured; you will have a wonderful opportunity to enlarge your emotional experiences.

During April, May and November, stand by for a thrilling time of intimate one-to-one encounters with the opposite sex as Venus picks up emotional speed. You may find during this year renewing old loves and friendships will play a large part in your destiny and your communication with others will be more interesting and alive.

You may refresh your existing partnership or an old relationship through a rejuvenation of love and affection towards each other. Uranus in the constructive sign of Taurus will certainly boost your emotional chances and help motivate interesting relationship changes to gain that extra emotional empathy you need.

Since Jupiter refers to foreign places and persons, you may encounter a new relationship with an age difference or you may form a close friendship with someone from a radically different background or from a different country. You may have to expand your views, understanding, or cultural activities simply to deal with him or her.

Every new relationship you meet this year will teach you more about life than you have dreamed possible; you may feel very excited, footloose and fancy free, and your sexual expression will be packed with excessive energy.
Love explodes in many directions for you this year. Watch for the sudden or unexpected; at times you will not be in control of your emotions.

You may decide to travel on the spur of the moment with someone, somewhere quite different, exotic, or overseas to experience the world of romance and fantasy. This will be an adventurous year for love, romance and friendships, don’t be at all surprised if you find yourself in places or situations you never thought you would be.

For singles, you will certainly enjoy the comings and goings of many new relationships; some will fall madly in love for the first time or decide to tie the marriage knot. Caution is advised in the months of March, April, June, July, August and September—you could be exposed to deceptions, betrayals or deceits. It is important that you proceed with caution and that you don’t idealise or take people at face value, it will be easier for people to influence and convince you in a negative way, to gain emotional pleasures.

Minor problems and conflicts in your home environment could alter the peacefulness during these months also; problems from your emotional past that haven’t yet been resolved may surface again, so attend to them without delay.

Don’t expect too much cooperation or approval from your family about certain ideals and plans; they may oppose your ideas, or disapprove of your need for change.  During 2019, you will find that pleasure, romance, and happiness will go hand in hand and you may receive the support and collaboration of friends or people in high positions who can assist you. Expect a wedding invitation with a difference.


Libra rules your sector of luck, speculation, investment, gambling, entertainment and all forms of fun times. During September and November, Venus and Mars may attract a few wonderful surprises your way and you may even strike a windfall with money.

Lucky Jupiter will spend most of this year in your sector of partnerships and joint finances and incomes and you will certainly have your share of opportunities coming your way with your partner or close friend.

Throughout 2019 expect moments of luck, good fortune and happiness and an expansion of your assets. Now you can take life a little easier, without the thought of something going wrong. Money and personal security are gaining momentum and help is on the way over an old personal problem.

You need to achieve a balance between your desire to work hard and do it all, and the need to take care of your own physical and mental health. Sport, hobbies and outdoor interests may take your fancy, bringing you gains, prizes and good fortune. Monetary luck gets a nice boost through being at the right place at the right time. Parties and get-togethers attract you. Say yes, to all invitations as your contacts this year could be out of this world.

It's a good year to engage in speculation or gambling, if you are aware of over extension. January, February, May and June may start the financial ball rolling with a touch of good fortune; this is an excellent time to negotiate a salary increase and you may receive a promotion. From July you will certainly have your finances jumping in all directions and you may be offered a golden handshake, receive a gift of money, a lottery win, an inheritance, or an unexpected windfall. Real estate gains are favoured throughout this year.


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