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22 June to 23 July


Welcome to the Cancer Stars for 2019

Your Cancer Star Predictions for 2019 are shown below. It includes major trends in your horoscope, such as romance, love and friends, your career and professional endeavours, financials and luck, and your wellbeing and nutrition.

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May good fortune, health and happiness greet you throughout 2019, but most importantly, make sure you keep up a positive attitude when the going gets a little rough. Remember, times are changing and you will experience some major changes from this year onward.


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Cancer at a Glance


Cancer symbol:  Resembles the human breasts, symbolising the desire to nourish and protect. Cancer also suggests the crab's claw, the in-drawing and clinging nature of this creature, with its exterior protective shell and soft interior.

Traditionally:  The fourth sign of the zodiac; ruling planet, the Moon.

Colours:  Ochre, yellowish-orange, silver, green.

Lucky gem:  Pearl, moonstone.

Classification:  Cardinal, Water, negative.

Keyword definition:  Develops a defensive attitude expressing sensitivity associated with the urge to protect and to nourish.

Characteristic key words:  Highly sensitive, resourceful, protective, patriotic, loyal, sympathetic, imaginative, sentimental, moody, reserved, hoarding, artistic.

Physical appearance:  Average height, stout figure, round face, full cheeks, short nose, attractive grey or light blue eyes, pale complexion, wide chest, small hands and feet, flowing hair.

Faults:  Very touchy, moody, inclined to self-pity, timid, untidy, unstable, easily flattered, too clannish, sensuous, bearing an inferiority complex, overly emotional.

Star sign compatibility:  Capricorn, Scorpio, Virgo, and Leo

Star sign incompatibility:  Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Aries

Signs to have fun with:  Libra, Gemini

Signs for passion:  Pisces, Taurus, and Scorpio


The Cancer Personality

To describe Cancerians one would have to say they are the most sensitive sign of the zodiac. They have a wonderful big heart with a great deal of softness when it comes to family and friends. Personal and material security goals are important to them and, once they decide on a particular course of action, they usually follow it through to the end and tough it out if they need to.  Although they can be very career-oriented, they are probably suited to master their domestic duties and cope with housework and running the domestic front. They will always want a comfortable home of their own and will work long hours to achieve this. Nothing will please them more than to be financially and domestically independent; they have the instinctive knack of knowing where everything is, if and when other people ask. Their natural desire to care for others makes them a valuable asset in fields such as teaching, childcare, nursing, housekeeping, hospitality and health. Being such protective and basically conservative people, they could also do well in matters relating to managing other people's money and assets, business and administration. They seem to have a wonderful inner strength when the going gets rough. Although they are born worriers and appear to make many mountains out of molehills, they seem to know intuitively that everything will work out to their advantage in the long run. Psychologically, the primitive urge in them is to protect and nourish.


Cancer in Love

Cancerians can certainly astonish and delight their partner with their love and emotions. Although they give the impression of shyness on the exterior of their personality, the internal aspect possesses a delightful package of surprises and that highly physical sexual side to their character appears to throb with the lust of desire. This combination will be very hard for any member of the opposite sex to resist. Cancerians are very desirable people and they can deliver a great deal when they become involved in a partnership; they are extremely sensuous in the basic sense. What they want they usually get, if not today then next week, and their possessive side will not let go once they get what they want. Their insecurity with love can at times make them rather selfish and jealous, and they like to rule the roost and have things moving on their terms. They must learn to love without trying to own the people they love and, above all, they must become skilled as to when a relationship needs freedom or independence. When they fall in love, they fall hard, but they are also cautious and at times put the brakes on, as impulsiveness makes them very uncomfortable.

Cancerians take love very seriously and need to be pampered by their partner, then slowly seduced. They will not tolerate a rushed affair, as they like to be fussed over, cuddled and wooed. They certainly don't have the style of a roll in the hay or a one-night stand; love is more important to them than a casual affair. Fantasies are part of their character and they can run some hot sex scenes in their head; however, they need a partner who will supply them with both emotional and material security, who is also a steady, reliable lover and definitely not inhibited.


Health and Wellbeing

Cancer rules the breast and stomach, lung and heart membranes, eyes, bone marrow, bladder, liver and pituitary gland. Giving way to excessive emotion and sensitivity often causes Cancerians to suffer from gastric or stomach troubles. Pleurisy, dropsy and all water and inflammatory diseases are associated with this sign. Vitality is not overly strong at times; therefore they should eat much pure, well-cooked fresh food. Fatty food and stimulants should be taken in moderation. Alcohol and drugs of all kinds should be avoided.


Career and Occupation

Cancers' spirit is a combination of adventurer and seeker of stability. They will be very ambitious and will work hard to reach their goals. Cancerians could excel as directors of a corporation, while also participating in the technical operations, including law. In other words, they will be versatile and able to excel in several different areas, giving them a broad scope of expertise in their field of business or profession. If they become a factory owner or interior designers they will know every aspect of their factory or place of work. If they are creative craftspeople, they will also sell their own products; if they are actors or musicians, they will be their own manager. If Cancerians work for another person they will rarely agree with the boss. Their sense of authority will often conflict with rules or methods imposed by others. Cancerians must learn to trust their own initiative and to work in a persevering way to turn their ideas into reality. There will be money in their future and they will show their love for it. A Cancer career choice could be to become one of the following: manager, accountant, craftsperson, computer programmer, baker, designer, decorator, architect, broadcaster, author, publisher, law enforcement officer, member of the military, doctor, mechanic, postal employee, railway worker, schoolteacher, newsagent, taxi driver, hairdresser, typist, transportation worker, nanny, hospitality worker, housemaid, palmist, actor, public servant, landowner, self-employed tradesperson, second-hand dealer, fire-fighter.

he main point is that Cancerians will learn to do many things and will develop themselves in many different ways, becoming effective as employees as well as employers. Once they decide on a profession, career or job, they will give it all they have and can be quite a perfectionist if they wish to. Their reliable and caring abilities will give them much satisfaction in any job that requires care of and attention to others. They may even enjoy all aspects related to food and nutrition and would make an excellent naturopath or dietician, or a superb chef or restaurateur. Many Cancerians prefer the land and make wonderful farmers, market gardeners or food store wholesalers and retailers. Being such careful and insecure people, money will always be an important issue with them and much joy could be achieved working in the fields of finance, investment counselling and business administration. They will always possess a wonderful inner strength and determination when it comes to setting career goals and they will be recognised by their bosses and superiors for their successful achievements. In most cases they will always finish what they start and are unlikely to be swayed by those who endeavour to change their course of action. They certainly are suited to working with adults and children.


The Cancer Woman

The Cancerian woman has a very special quality of character. She is emotional, changeable, fascinating and very loving. Home and family matters are important to her; she may also resist major change in her daily routine. Cancer women can be unpredictable, possessive and reluctant to let go of a situation. Their psychic awareness is often spot-on and, in most cases, they are fully aware of things before they happen. Cancerians need emotional and financial security; they can be extremely dramatic, self-indulgent and quite selfish. Cancer women love to have familiar things around them at home: photographs, collector's items, old books and antiques. They are very protective of family and friends and always seem to attract other people's problems. They find it difficult not to worry about others when, in actual fact, they should keep their nose in their own backyard. For when Cancer women worry on goes the weight, through overindulgence with food.

Cancer women are overly protective of their siblings, to the point of smothering them. Drama is Cancer's middle name, and not a day goes by without something to worry her or a downright emergency. The Cancer woman lives in a state of continual anxiety, making mountains out of molehills. Gardening or pottering around the home relieves her of daily tension. It is important for her to take regular exercise or play some form of sport to reduce the waistline and lower the stress. Cancerians are known to be manipulative. Nothing is too mundane or insignificant to launch her imagination into the fourth dimension. She can be very thin-skinned, petty, secretive and vengeful at times. Cancerians are also vulnerable to criticism and aggression when they are uncomfortable with a situation, especially when around people who lack social conscience or personal sensitivity. Cancer women are packed with a highly sexual, sensual side to their personality, which the opposite sex finds hard to resist. In fact, the Cancer woman is a very desirable partner who commits herself fully to the person she loves. Sex is something she lives and breathes. With her mysterious deep personality she always creates mystery in the way she walks, loves and smiles. If a Cancer woman loves you, she is yours for life.


The Cancer Man

The Cancerian man is deep, complex, emotional, intuitive and reserved. He takes life seriously. When he sets his heart on a goal he is capable of dedicated follow-through. Security, both emotional and material, is important to the Cancer man; he is very practical in these matters. Settling in and putting down roots to nurture and raise his family in a safe, sheltered environment is one of his primary objectives. He will pour loving, devoted energy into this high-priority goal in his life; the home and family will be a source of infinite joy and fulfilment for him. Cancer man can be stubborn; if you push him he will dig in his heels and make things difficult. Cancer withdraws into himself; needing privacy. He also needs to retreat when hurt. Cancerians can be moody and, at times, even stormy, restless or touchy, and you may not be sure how to approach them. They can also be somewhat negative, depressed and defeatist in attitude.

The Cancer man can be sexy. His loving nature is sensual, intense and sometimes very possessive. Never cross a Cancerian; they have a memory like an elephant and will always remind you of your past escapades. Home comforts are important to the Cancer man; his home will be his haven, a cosy refuge of peace, comfort and warmth, and a place to store his knick-knacks. Some Cancerians are hoarders of old goods; they don't like throwing things away. These men love a touch of luxury and appreciate the best, although they hate to spend their hard-earned cash. Some have champagne tastes on a beer income.

Socialising is a joy for the Cancer man. He is an extremely gregarious person and loves to circulate and catch up with his friends and acquaintances. When frequenting his favourite cafe, hotel or club he will usually sit at his favourite table or stand in his favourite corner. Compliments give him a buzz; they provide his morale and confidence with a pleasant lift. Peaceful, harmonious relations are a profound joy for him. Indeed, he places great value on harmony. Cancerians are true friends with both men and women. They are light hearted, with a great spirit, and respond to positive energy in others. Showing and receiving kindness gives them much pleasure. Prestige, status and position mean a great deal to them. Cancer men make good in any career that brings them before the public.


Cancer in 2019



Major Trends

Throughout 2019 you may experience a major adjustment in your thinking and future planning. You could also intuitively feel restless and a sudden urgency to participate in several new beginnings or experiment with new methods either at work or in your daily routine. During this year you will radically redefine your relationships to your career, home life, place of abode, investments, incomes and securities.

Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected transformation, will spend the next seven years in the zodiac sign of Taurus, bringing you some wonderful unexpected opportunities and relinquishing all those things you do not need in your life anymore. You may feel a little unsettled as this year progresses and at times you may wonder if you are making the right decision over various matters. Rest assured, any major decisions you make this year are bound to be the right ones and you will be happier once you have made them.

Saturn, planet of stability, restriction and serious thought, will transit your sector of partnerships, and this could be a year that has an important and perhaps a restrictive influence, at times balancing your career and your relationship responsibilities. This is the year to throw out the past and look forward with confidence.

Conditions under which you have lived and worked in the past can now be changed permanently and happiness is assured. Don’t be at all surprised if you decide to make a major change in your life path such as a change of direction, home, business or career due to certain restrictions that have been placed upon you in the past. This will be a very significant testing year and at times you may find the pace heavy-going with some delays and frustrations concerning personal or business projects, especially in the months of February, June, July and December.

During this year you will experience the consequences of the preparations you have been making for the last few years. You will have an opportunity to take on greater responsibility in your life and your daily routine will certainly have you undergoing certain pressures that you have not dealt with before.

With Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in transit through Sagittarius until December 3, 2019, expect to broaden your mind, expand your consciousness and awareness through service activities, education, literature, law, philosophy, or scientific thought. You may also find yourself more involved with travel this year or you may have greater contact with distant people and places, foreign countries, imports and exports, overseas contacts and correspondence.

Aggressive Mars will stir up a dynamic flow of opportunity during the months of January, April, May, August, October and November and you would be advised to accept every new development that comes your way during these months. You will certainly have your nose to the grindstone during this year and many a long day can be expected with added responsibilities, new projects, trends and interesting ventures.

You will not have time to sit around this year as deadlines and daily pressures will be rife. You may have an opportunity to become involved with service type industries, travel, publishing, printing, media, Internet communications, legal matters, real estate, or new types of investments, or you will approach expansion and growth from a very pragmatic point of view.

Throughout 2019 you may experience a kaleidoscope of contrasts, different circumstances and, at times, changing fortunes. You will have a strong desire for more freedom of action in your daily routine as you press on with your chosen goals. Many surprises at your work place or on the home front can be expected throughout this year and you may decide to use part of your dwelling as a working office or commence a cottage industry from your base of operations.

Your enthusiasm will be in top gear as you endeavour to break down barriers and look for needed space, greater freedom and movement. At times throughout this year, you may feel a little restricted, or held back for some reason or another. Anyone or anything that stands in your way may cause some minor clash and friction. You are not willing to accept limitation and restriction at any price and you will also rebel against any undue, or negative authority shown by others. 

If by nature you are a calm and quiet Cancer, a change in your personality will be very noticeable, as you become more daring and determined.  If you already are extroverted and nervous, you should be careful not to go to extremes. It will be a good year for taking stock of things, relinquishing those superfluous matters, especially useless or outworn ways of doing things. Out with the old, and in with the new, will be your motto, immaterial whether it hurts you or not.

This year favours success and expansion with personal projects and you may decide to participate in some form of new venture just for the sake of challenge. Joint travel and long-term important partnership matters may dominate much of this year especially during the months of February, April, June, July, August and November.
Close personal and business relationships, travel and social entertainment is favoured throughout 2019. You and/or family may decide to relocate to somewhere different, reorganise your daily routine, start new beginnings or address certain issues that have been holding you back from achieving many of those important goals you have been thinking about for some time.

Some of your cherished hopes, wishes, aspirations and the things you long for will be obtained this year through better planning and fortuitous circumstances. From late November through to the end of December you will find many of your daily pressures are starting to ease. Lucky Jupiter will commence its transit through the sign of Capricorn and mirror on your own sign for a twelve-month period giving you more control over your life; you may see your way clear of long-term debts, frustrations, insecurities and restrictions that have been holding you back for some time.

This year may see you breaking away from certain routines and obligations and seeking greater security and opportunity in fields of endeavour that are more suitable to your life-style. Happiness and good fortune will always travel with you this year, regardless of the circumstances, and you will always be at the right place at the right time, so do not hesitate or procrastinate, otherwise you will be sorry you did.


With lucky and expansive Jupiter in the zodiac sign of Sagittarius until December 3, this is an excellent year for all forms of communication, organising, conducting meetings, interviews, debates, travel, conferences and attending to important correspondence. If you wish to begin that new project you have been thinking about, especially those that involve dynamic business activity or some speculative risk, this is the year to do it.

You will feel full of vitality and vigour to confront life and take up the commercial challenges that confront you day-by-day. You won’t enjoy sitting down monotonously wondering where the next volley of opportunity is coming from, or spending time in one room for a prolonged period slogging away at your daily routine laid done by others. You will need to find an outlet for your increased dynamic energy and you will search until you find your goal.

One possibility would be participating in new challenges, directions, creative activities, sport or some work that requires physical effort and positive thinking.

Throughout this year, you may become more aggressive, impulsive, and impatient with your daily routine and you will at times be prone to overreact to the smallest things. It would be wise to be more aware how you react to business and career situations that trigger off your negative side. This behaviour could affect your day-today business relationships and bring about conflicts with people who don’t agree with your way of thinking.

Your overall confidence will be strong throughout 2019, especially in the months of January, April, May, June, July, and November, and you will defend your ideas with great vigour. You may at times throughout this year feel dissatisfied with your daily routine and will attempt to change it in some way; your behaviour probably will be more abrupt and less patient than at other times and your reactions at times may be unexpected and more violent than usual, especially around bosses, supervisors and work colleagues. Watch your nervous system throughout this year, since there is a strong tendency to suffer stress and it would be advisable to delegate some of your workload or daily routine duties if you can.

You may wish to cut off many of your work or social connections if you feel that they limit your freedom in some way, or if they are not in accordance with your new needs. It is important during 2019 that you are permitted to pursue new experiences in your career, sever relations with those who are prejudiced, or break traditions that were limiting your work freedom. Your rebellious nature will show itself, and it is guaranteed to leave you a clear path.

Most of the events and problems this year will appear suddenly, and it is advisable that you respond in a constructive way. Take care to moderate your reactions to events so that you won’t lose control over your actions. During this year you will put your life in order, your energy will be used in a practical manner and your efforts will be rewarded positively. Your increased concentration will be very objective and realistic, which will enable you to advance in a concrete way and on solid ground.

During this year you will review your work habits and decide to discard those that are negative. Throughout 2019 you can expect a tremendous change in your employment direction—your professional success and work recognition is favoured. If you are not employed, you may decide to start a new job with excellent financial opportunities.  If you work for someone else, you will be promoted, given greater authority, power and economical improvement.  If you are independent or self-employed, you will have an increase in your clientele and business, thanks to your good professional know-how and Jupiter’s transit through your sector of deals and service contracts.

You can count on the aid of close friends, bosses, superiors, upper class and powerful people to assist your career advancement if you continue to show a positive attitude towards your duties and responsibilities. There will be many new opportunities to advance your business and career interests, providing you take the initiative. You may be attracted to jobs this year associated with service type industries, administration, law, politics, personal assistant, publishing, tourism, public relations, hospitality, theatre, media, interior design, health and beauty, nursing, childcare, real estate, public service, defence forces or self-employment.

Your ambitions and principal goals will thoroughly fill your mind and you will have the necessary energy to achieve them.  It will be important that you are confident in your own decisions, ideas and intuitions, because success will only come if your trust yourself, increase your confidence and stop procrastinating. Action is your key word for employment this year, so go to it with confidence.


With Venus streamlining your horoscope in the months of February, May, June, July, October and December, you will feel very much in a loving and romantic mood towards those you associate with. During this year you will be more emotionally intense, romantic and dreamy and with Venus and Pluto connecting positively in February your sensitivity will increase and you will be attracted to the world of lusty feelings.

Your imagination will also increase considerably, which could bring true moments of poetic or musical inspiration to your romances. If you are not in an existing relationship, this year could attract someone into your life who will really have emotional compatibility and meaning. You will also be very sensitive to issues or problems centring on your home, especially those involving the opposite sex.

You will have a helpful attitude toward situations that come up and will even be willing to make sacrifices of yourself in order to restore harmony among your family, friends and loved ones.

With Venus and Mars connecting in January, this will set the stage for you to expand your love life and your desire to give and receive will also be increased. If you are involved with someone and don’t receive the amount of affection you need, you may find yourself being attracted to another relationship where your emotional needs would be deeply satisfied. If you don’t have anyone special in your life at this time, you will search until you find someone.

Throughout 2019, try to be objective and analyse any emotional situation before you make any important decision about your romantic life. If you do not do this, you may find yourself in a world of emotional chaos and you could end up the loser. Singles will experience important changes in relationships and may commit to a long-term relationship throughout this year.

Your love life and actions could be more public throughout 2019 and you may find yourself in some precarious situations regarding your personal relationships, especially if you are already in a relationship and having an extramarital relationship. Guard against giving others a reason to gossip about you. On the other hand, you will receive much support from friends and the women in your life.

From time to time this year, jealousy and possessiveness may cause you problems with relationships, together with concern over joint financial interests. Uranus may float certain marital or personal relationship secrets to the surface when you least expect them, causing embarrassment, distrust, and serious complications.  Stormy disruptions, disagreements, separations and even divorce may be experienced by a few, with legal complication over property and or financial settlements.

The last two months of this year generates toward comfort and life’s pleasures, as Jupiter moves out of the zodiac sign of Sagittarius and into Capricorn mirroring on to your sign. You may also wish to get away from all the controversy around you this year and find spiritual enlightenment through further education, training, or the study of metaphysics. This change of inner attitude may assist you in your emotional reckoning for the future.
Others will comment that you look more beautiful and attractive this year and this stems from your desire to improve your personal looks and improve your image. You may wish to change your hairstyle, make-up, buy a new wardrobe or start a new health and fitness program and this will also improve your body.

Your personal magnetism will also increase, bringing romantic situations of conquest and seduction. Your sexual drive will enhance, your needs and wants will be greater. You may attract a partner who has an age, culture or background difference, or you may renew an old emotional relationship.

You are looking for adventure and excitement with the view towards future happiness this year and you will certainly get what you are looking for.


If you are in line for any type of inheritance, legacy, settlement, claim, or benefits, this is a year you may receive it, although there may be a few legal or official matters to resolve first. Throughout 2019 you will have a reasonable year of realisations and monetary growth thanks to lucky Jupiter transiting your service and growth sectors. Be careful, however, in the months of January, February, May, July and October, with cash flow, budgets, savings, business and home expenses; there will be a tendency to be rather extravagant during these months.

You will realise the importance of saving and planning throughout 2019, the more financially organised you are, the better everything will be. This will be a reasonably good year for real estate or stock market investments. If you are planning to redecorate or change residence do your financial homework thoroughly as your income or economic status may rely on a new job, contract, or your spouse to help bring in some cash flow.

You will feel confident and safe in working on a project with somebody close to you whom you can rely on and trust.  You will probably receive all the financial support and assistance you need for banks and lending institutions, but caution should be taken before signing long-term contracts—read the fine print carefully. There is also a possibility of getting involved in some type of litigation due to over-commitment or a sudden adjustment in your earning.

You may use part of your savings or income from your spouse as aid for your own stabilisation. For those entering retirement years, you will have a burning desire to alleviate as much superfluous debt as you can and concentrate on building a healthy future retirement fund. Your financial security will be on track, so don’t worry, 2019 is a settlement year full of achievement.




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